Will GSP Comeback and Fight Khabib?

Taken from MMA Show #107 w/Georges St-Pierre:


  • Ian Villegas23
    Ian Villegas2318 minuten geleden

    Bro he’s no done lol!!! Bust out the check books, break out the red panties!! Or not?

  • FEVEN 7
    FEVEN 7Uur geleden

    his accent tho

  • AguyNamed Nick
    AguyNamed NickUur geleden

    I wish this man would come back and silence all u Khabib simps out there😄

  • Jim
    JimUur geleden

    Rogan vs GSP in the love cave

  • Timothy Turner
    Timothy TurnerUur geleden

    Dana didn't want this year's ago. Sure don't now.

  • Link to the Past Metal Detecting
    Link to the Past Metal DetectingUur geleden

    Gsp is a has been

  • fantastic fez
    fantastic fezUur geleden

    Khabib owns a championship like the UFC in Russia he should do an exhibition fight with GSP there to promote it and it will break the PPV record for the next century. If you do it khabib i want a gift because this is a great idea

  • The Heart Break Kid
    The Heart Break KidUur geleden

    Khabib born at his prime ,,,,,☝️ GSP N THE EAGLE million dollars fight 🥊

  • kelzang Dawa
    kelzang Dawa2 uur geleden

    GSP is playing a mind game. He is baiting Dana and Khabib for the BIGGEST payday. Khabib is no match for GSP. He is too good and well-rounded. Not only he can defend Khabib's takedown, but he will also counter and KO him.

  • Tiago
    Tiago2 uur geleden

    What is with Joe and two watches?

  • Shaydak G
    Shaydak G3 uur geleden


  • Moloko Rasefate
    Moloko Rasefate3 uur geleden

    Glover Texeira is something else aswell

  • Terence Flynn
    Terence Flynn3 uur geleden

    GSP is like a character in a ridiculous comedy film. He’s a loveable, sensitive, gentle French guy who would save the day and beat all the bad guys up at the end. He should be in a film like Pineapple Express.

  • T.J. Rycraft
    T.J. Rycraft4 uur geleden

    if this happens just .... ughh!

  • TheGrim 1
    TheGrim 14 uur geleden

    Joe Rogan 💪

  • jaconline
    jaconline4 uur geleden

    In a fantasy fight who'd you think would win. Prime GSP or Prime Khabib?

  • AlbaTech
    AlbaTech5 uur geleden

    When is khabib coming to your show??

  • Rick Kan
    Rick Kan5 uur geleden

    Gsp looks so much thinner

  • Jack Yeh
    Jack Yeh5 uur geleden

    The scared disease bacteriologically puncture because leek substantially steer mid a aback point. rough, ruthless headlight

  • Victor
    Victor5 uur geleden

    hoho haha

  • Doug Stanhope
    Doug Stanhope6 uur geleden

    He’s 40 .. he ain’t coming back lmao

  • Lallijohns LalliJohns
    Lallijohns LalliJohns7 uur geleden

    I am not saying GSP is better then Khabib, but if there is somone to beat Khabib i think it is GSP. And for you new mma fans, go watch old GSP fights.

  • Solid _fire93
    Solid _fire937 uur geleden

    Osu GSP !

  • Have Music Will Travel
    Have Music Will Travel8 uur geleden

    GSP...always a class act

  • Nick Sos
    Nick Sos9 uur geleden

    Why didi GSP call out Khabib? He can make the fight. Khabib will only fight GSP in tihs era.

  • Trevor LeVasseur
    Trevor LeVasseur10 uur geleden

    Love this guy

  • Trevor LeVasseur
    Trevor LeVasseur10 uur geleden

    Gsp next bond

  • Junky Bates
    Junky Bates10 uur geleden

    If you've ever met GSP in real life you will think a couple things...one is...i can kick his ass...not a big guy...and the other is what an incredible person...him just looking nodding hello to you makes you feel good...he makes everyone around him feel good...and you cant kick his ass...lol...what a good guy...we all need to strive to be that good of a human

  • ddj 420
    ddj 42010 uur geleden

    How do you stay connected to the UFC? The fight have become boring. The judging is pathetic and the referees are not very knowledgeable.

  • RonaldReaganJr
    RonaldReaganJr10 uur geleden

    Only GSP can have a late 90s boy band hairstyle and a French accent and be a killer.

  • Hamid Bennafla
    Hamid Bennafla11 uur geleden


  • Ben Meneley
    Ben Meneley12 uur geleden

    Im a lefty, and when all the kids would play baseball, i loved pitching cause all the kids in my small town where used to Righthanded pitchers

  • Plumber Mike
    Plumber Mike12 uur geleden

    Gsp and bib are both legends

  • DNA N
    DNA N13 uur geleden

    GSP looks like Macklemore's brother with that hair

  • RonaldReaganJr
    RonaldReaganJr13 uur geleden

    After watching this entire episode I have a sneaking suspicion that GSP trained in karate at some point.

  • JMG
    JMG13 uur geleden

    Joe rogans body is like a midget from wizard of oz

  • Rich Bunnell
    Rich Bunnell13 uur geleden

    Sure. We can put this fight on the same card as Jon Jones vs. Chuck Liddell. Now let us all stop talking about this nonsense. GSP was KO’d by Matt Serra. Bye.

  • Rob Charette
    Rob Charette14 uur geleden

    GSP is the most real dude ever in MMA. Great fighter and seems like a very good dude. Respect.

  • Apphen Vkeo
    Apphen Vkeo14 uur geleden

    In many ways the way GSP talk, is like Bruce Lee but with a different accent.

  • Sheik
    Sheik14 uur geleden

    That Khabib thing. That's a monster or an animal they are referring to?

  • Jack Bean
    Jack Bean14 uur geleden

    respect GSP soo much..

  • Great Okonkwo
    Great Okonkwo15 uur geleden

    I can listen to this guy for a long time.

  • Cristiano Alejandro
    Cristiano Alejandro15 uur geleden

    GSP would annihilate khabib if they fought at WW no question

  • Jayden Conn
    Jayden Conn15 uur geleden

    Thank u for finally calling mask stupid joe. I'm proud

  • KYLE Y
    KYLE Y16 uur geleden

    "HELL NO" and that's coming from a real bad ass. Mad respect!!!

  • Add one
    Add one16 uur geleden

    the pressure is on Khabib, he can never call him self the GOAT so long as GSP is around and hasn't lost to Khabib. GSP has nothing to prove the ball is in Khabibs court.

  • Add one
    Add one16 uur geleden

    haven't listened to a full episode of the JRE since he went over to Spotify .

  • Brandon Uwanawich
    Brandon Uwanawich16 uur geleden

    Gsp man handled bispring who walks around 200-210 khabib would get destroyed tbh and I love the eagle

  • Hi-Tech
    Hi-Tech17 uur geleden

    I always thought GSP was bald lmao

  • Clay Decoursey
    Clay Decoursey17 uur geleden

    Stay retired. U seem very happy

  • Hamo Uzbrdica
    Hamo Uzbrdica17 uur geleden

    Khabib is not the MMA GOAT but he is the GOAT of all combat sports, no one has competed in as many of combat sports as Khabib was champion in.

  • Hamo Uzbrdica

    Hamo Uzbrdica

    8 uur geleden

    @Apphen Vkeo Here is why, I think he doesnt have enough to say he is GOAT in MMA, but outside of it he is a two times world combat Sa-mbo champion, two times NAGA champion, two times Army hand to hand champion, Pankration International champion, European wrestling champion etc. He has been a champ in so many diffrent combat sports.

  • Apphen Vkeo

    Apphen Vkeo

    14 uur geleden

    Khabib is the MMA GOAT. But of ALL combat sports is debatable.

  • Lucid Magic
    Lucid Magic17 uur geleden

    An intelligent man who knows when it's time for the final bow... Not waiting for others to wander why he's still around, better to have them ask why you left early... Valid for everything in life!

  • Blood Trail
    Blood Trail17 uur geleden

    Im an old Sac town boy. Used to box in the police athletic league. Freddy Roach is a fuckin inspiration, I aint seen him in awhile. To know GSP has him in his camp is no surprise to me, He fought his ass off and helped me stop the shit coming my way. Thanks rogan.

  • Orwell 84
    Orwell 8417 uur geleden

    Or perhaps he could play van damme in a movie who's playing van damme in blood sport

  • Agent Double Og
    Agent Double Og18 uur geleden

    Imagine Joe With them Locks Man ID pay too see that shit

  • ceerw buty
    ceerw buty18 uur geleden

    GSP with that Rick Flair Drip haircut makes me so happy for some reason

  • Charles_74 Gnarl
    Charles_74 Gnarl18 uur geleden

    Greatness recognizes Greatness...👏👊

  • Nasar Mohammed
    Nasar Mohammed18 uur geleden

    Joe Man, get Khabib Nur;)can’t spell rest of his name) on.

  • Son Gohan
    Son Gohan18 uur geleden

    I hope GSP will Fight against khabib because 30-0 with a win over GSP would make him to the No. 1 pound for pound fighter of all time

  • Phil
    Phil18 uur geleden

    khabib would butcher gsp

  • ceerw buty

    ceerw buty

    18 uur geleden

    in there to commentate no fights ,hell it could be even chicken tapper .

  • HkFinn83
    HkFinn8318 uur geleden

    Joe turning everything into a g-damn self help seminar

  • Drogon Targaryen
    Drogon Targaryen19 uur geleden

    The GOAT

  • Henk Vrijhoeven
    Henk Vrijhoeven19 uur geleden

    If GSP wants to provide for the next 4 generations, he should do it. It would be greater than ali vs. Foreman. We all want to see it, but if he wants to left alone, let him. The man is already a legend.

  • Omar Elahi
    Omar Elahi19 uur geleden

    You don’t play fighting. Damn. Truer words haven’t been said

  • FightWorld
    FightWorld19 uur geleden

    For GSP to say that about Khabib says a lot. Khabib doesn't just win he dominates breaks your will and makes you feel like you don't even belong in the octagon with him. That's levels 🔥

  • Scott Simon
    Scott Simon20 uur geleden

    LAST 🤬💩

  • absoluttchamp
    absoluttchamp20 uur geleden

    George Skunk Pierre

  • Karim Hussein
    Karim Hussein21 uur geleden

    🐐 Recognizes 🐐

  • Its Griz
    Its Griz21 uur geleden

    Man he’s my idol

  • Joe Schmo
    Joe Schmo21 uur geleden

    I’m never going to get used to GSP with hair.

  • awreckingball
    awreckingball21 uur geleden

    God damn sleeping pill.

  • Farjan Billah
    Farjan Billah22 uur geleden

    First time hearing GSP talk in an extended interview, I fucking love him wowowowo

  • Bradley Hasse
    Bradley Hasse22 uur geleden

    GSP needs to put his ego aside and fight khabib

  • drive 2786
    drive 278622 uur geleden

    islamophobia joe looks high as a kite here :) ............funny he saying that about the mask but when covid first hit an ufc got impacted .same islamophobia joe says he isn't going in there to commentate no fights ,hell it could be even chicken tapper .

  • Ernesto 93
    Ernesto 9322 uur geleden

    Georges Saint Hair can expect Dana to $how up between his next sparring rounds

  • Reynan H. De Luna
    Reynan H. De Luna23 uur geleden

    We really don't have a money to buy my brother's medicine every day because I don't have to pay for the delivery fee and other charges to get what I won from the federal and government organizations? I won and I have the right to get it to help my family and my four children

  • j n
    j n23 uur geleden

    Two of the greatest humans and the greatest fighters in the fight game ! Let's get it on!

  • CC C
    CC C23 uur geleden

    Thought that was Abby Wambach

  • Majno0n Rulings
    Majno0n RulingsDag geleden


  • animalsarefood
    animalsarefoodDag geleden

    Please stop with this bs about gsp vs khabib. Gsp is 40. Does anyone think khabib would come back at 40 to fight the next big star that happens to be around then? Don't think so.

  • Max L
    Max LDag geleden


  • Francis Woodcock
    Francis WoodcockDag geleden

    Gsp has evolved to super saiyan level. That's why he has blonde hair now. 🤣😂

  • Rene Munoz
    Rene MunozDag geleden

    He’s the goat, but he looks like a hair stylist at my moms salon.

  • JRY17
    JRY17Dag geleden

    GSP shouldn't have said that Dana's gonna stalk all your gyms now lol. Yo he's training with Freddie Roach rigjt now.....so is Ben....think GSP is working with Ben at all going into the boxing match?

  • Usamah Patel
    Usamah PatelDag geleden

    Dana needs to cut a good check for this fight. He can make it happen if he really wanted

  • Usamah Patel
    Usamah PatelDag geleden

    Love khabib and gsp

  • Chidori92
    Chidori92Dag geleden

    This begs the question: "Just how good is GSP's barber?"

  • Trav Wright
    Trav WrightDag geleden

    Georges is the goat

  • Valentin Ghita
    Valentin GhitaDag geleden

    What dissapoints me the most is khabib being way younger then gsp and only really recently retired and he asks gsp to cut weight to lw division... are you serious? you probably weight more then gsp mate... but you are younger and you can cut much much more weight then he ever did... so if you want to beat one of the goats considering you have the age advantage and prime advantage (khabib claerly is in his prime, i really doubt gsp is in his prime) you probably should make this fight at middlewight division, so neither guy cuts too much weight / or doesn't cut weight at all. TL;DR : Khabib should fight GSP in mw or ww div, not in lw...

  • pknoblock1993
    pknoblock1993Dag geleden

    I legit thought GSP was Megan Rapinoe in the thumbnail 🤣

  • Lexander Santana
    Lexander SantanaDag geleden

    0:07 why is joe leaning on the desk with his stomach so hard?

  • Carissa Jessop
    Carissa JessopDag geleden

    G.S.P is the g.o.a.t....A true champion in and out the ring.

  • theWOLF
    theWOLFDag geleden

    Averages: it's the biggest crossover in the hist... GSP and his hair: nhahahaha

  • saywhat?!
    saywhat?!Dag geleden

    it would be very interesting to listen to GSP and JCVD conversate with each other.. .. in english.

  • b b
    b bDag geleden

    Gsp would win.

  • Kraterlandschaft
    KraterlandschaftDag geleden

    GSP vs. Jake Paul. Make it happen, Dana.

  • Hemi Heritage
    Hemi HeritageDag geleden

    GSP with hair is just weird

  • Shawn Hollywood
    Shawn HollywoodDag geleden

    Fuck Spotify

  • Jack Smith
    Jack SmithDag geleden

    GSP seems so happy. You love to see it!