Why Jim Breuer Quit SNL

This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1621 with Jim Breuer. open.spotify.com/episode/7bbJslK5lnJrA7ZN4Zfy9r?si=e9b12475194941b5


  • Merrick Decker
    Merrick DeckerUur geleden

    I wanna know who Jim blew a basket on in the writing room.

  • Ignatius Jackson
    Ignatius Jackson5 uur geleden

    Adam McKay and Tim Herlihy?

  • theprophetkato
    theprophetkato10 uur geleden

    the toxic work enviroment at snl shows on the screen... its sucked for years.

  • Matt Trussell
    Matt Trussell10 uur geleden

    OH MY GOD, Jim created Drunk Uncle I think

  • Luke Richardville
    Luke Richardville11 uur geleden

    Goat boy.

  • Dorian Marquis
    Dorian Marquis13 uur geleden

    This is one of many reasons the SNL elite (producers....veteran writers/actors) produced garbage, for DECADES. They live in a bubble....and their incredibly-biased, socio-political sketches also reflect that bubble. It seems everyone is trying to impress someone with their level of "wokeness". In the very, VERY rare occasion I watch a sketch on NLdron.....I stop the video, half-way through the sketch. Like, "They think THIS heavy-handed, political rant is 'FUNNY'?" 🙄

  • The Unknown Psycho
    The Unknown Psycho14 uur geleden

    I believe Mike Myers were one of those shady SNL guys. Ive always notice he wasnt ever close with the other cast members

  • A Mostly Reasonable Guy
    A Mostly Reasonable Guy15 uur geleden

    Mainstream comedy hasn’t been funny since the Chappelle show, and even that was like a light in the darkness.

  • Tony Espelage
    Tony Espelage16 uur geleden

    Half Baked is pure genius to me. I can pick it up anyplace and just start watching. It makes me happy.

  • cjm081
    cjm08117 uur geleden

    He's way too funny for SNL.

  • djduuhfhf jdjj
    djduuhfhf jdjj18 uur geleden

    Jim cant finish a thou.......

  • Shane Mack
    Shane Mack18 uur geleden

    People who act that angry are usually weak

  • Dr Longus
    Dr Longus18 uur geleden


  • Patrick Harrigan
    Patrick Harrigan18 uur geleden


  • Patrick Harrigan
    Patrick Harrigan19 uur geleden


  • NotChristianRich
    NotChristianRich20 uur geleden

    “ILL KNOCK YOUR F-“ Joe: Woah:)

  • Connor Morgan
    Connor Morgan20 uur geleden

    He’s talking about Chris Kattan, right? This totally seems like a Kattan move

  • Rodney Kingston
    Rodney Kingston20 uur geleden

    I have no memory of this guy from SNL. Did he create any great characters?

  • Robert Kelly
    Robert Kelly20 uur geleden

    Stopped watching SNL decades ago unfunny left wing filler.

  • Jay Saldivar
    Jay Saldivar21 uur geleden

    82ND I'll say it... snl is a joke... literally...

  • rls725
    rls725Dag geleden

    It was Kattan that stole the bit- on a Howard Stern interview from years ago Kattan says Breuer "thought I stole a bit from him"

  • Paul Boegel
    Paul BoegelDag geleden

    The ending of SNL always makes me cringe, the B.S. hug fest.

  • Whovianize
    WhovianizeDag geleden

    Jim seems like he’s done more than just weed....seems like meth from feeling paranoid and crazy, etc....and the weird arm movements and sleeve thing....seems like meth. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Mike P.
    Mike P.Dag geleden

    Because its a really shit place to work

  • Harry Mills
    Harry MillsDag geleden

    I've been in a sorta similar workplace environment. Your idea gets shot down at one meeting. A month later, someone else brings up the same idea, and "Gee, what a great idea!" It was great relief getting the hell outta there.

  • Charles Ncharge
    Charles NchargeDag geleden

    SNL, and network television in general are dinosaurs, and they're on their way out. Guys like this will always have a platform.

  • Kellie Tweddle
    Kellie TweddleDag geleden

    This guy talks for 15 minutes and doesn’t say a damn thing. What the fuck, he doesn’t complete a sentence or a thought.

  • CJ P
    CJ PDag geleden

    Breuer was never funny, he truely has never been ready for primetime. GOAT boy need I say more, I quit watching because of Breuer.

  • A Mishel
    A MishelDag geleden

    Jims rage and anger is frightening.

  • jx
    jxDag geleden

    edibles suck

  • Eric Tolfree
    Eric Tolfree2 dagen geleden

    That's why the original cast was violent and was willing to punch someone who would say that that to him.

  • Velocity Girl
    Velocity Girl2 dagen geleden

    He sounds drunk

  • zenlensjunk
    zenlensjunk2 dagen geleden

    Why anyone still watches snl ???

  • Zero Point
    Zero Point2 dagen geleden

    He does not seem like he’s that nice. Maybe it’s just me.

  • RC Ellis
    RC Ellis2 dagen geleden

    B/c he's unfunny. There...I saved you 15 minutes.

  • Nick MaGrick
    Nick MaGrick2 dagen geleden

    this all explains why SNL is so shit for the past 10 years or so

  • Nick MaGrick
    Nick MaGrick2 dagen geleden

    the government is watch you... and me... and everyone else, all the time. Constantly, nonstop. They arn't always paying attention, but your always being recorded and monitored for your information to be used against you in the future if you ever become a threat. I hardly think its paranoid that the government is watching you now. Its paranoid to think the government cares about you enough to pay attention to what your doing though.

  • Sures Yadob
    Sures Yadob2 dagen geleden

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  • Zak Wylde
    Zak Wylde2 dagen geleden

    He was talking about Chris Kattan

  • NeverOddOreveN
    NeverOddOreveN2 dagen geleden

    SNL hasn’t been funny in 15 years

  • Charles Ramsey
    Charles Ramsey2 dagen geleden

    Has anyone laughed when watching snl in the last 15 years

  • brad fultz
    brad fultz2 dagen geleden

    Top 10 stern show guest

  • jdoncbus
    jdoncbus2 dagen geleden

    Not surprising, two to three years following Breuer's departure from SNL, the show decided to abandon traditional comedy and became predominantly political satire. I also notice that Adam McKay was the head writer during Jim's final season, interesting.

  • No Touchy
    No Touchy2 dagen geleden

    SNL has always been a pit of slithering stickbundle canadian socialists. it's genuinely harmful to one's intellect to ingest SNL without heavy skepticism.

  • Brian Clingenpeel
    Brian Clingenpeel2 dagen geleden

    Tell me some more lies about how Spotify is not censoring you Joe. I really used to like this show, but you are the poster boy for a sellout. Choosing to take a big check instead of standing up for The principles you claim to hold. Really disappointing

  • More Cowbell
    More Cowbell2 dagen geleden

    I have a couple of friends that I've known for +15 years and they are actors in hollywood, mostly bit parts, not anyone 'famous'. They both said that if you let people walk on you, then it will never stop. So that's Hollywood but it sounds like NY / SNL is the same shit.

  • Gr8ness Humility
    Gr8ness Humility3 dagen geleden

    As early as the Chevy Chase Bill Murray feud happened in SNL history, I believe every word Jim said here.

  • Gr8ness Humility
    Gr8ness Humility3 dagen geleden

    And with all that back-biting SNL remains consistently unfunny.

  • MyCareer23
    MyCareer233 dagen geleden

    Jim is a really cool guy, one of the best storytellers out there hands down

  • Special Ed
    Special Ed3 dagen geleden

    Good for you brother

  • James Deppeler
    James Deppeler3 dagen geleden

    They hide the new episodes on Spotify. Searching JRE just turns up old ones. Anyone else experience this? Jamie, you read these?

  • Larsanator
    Larsanator3 dagen geleden

    Goatboy was my fav Jim Breuer character!

  • Mr. Allie
    Mr. Allie3 dagen geleden

    That studio looks like an office in hell.

  • RaininMortars
    RaininMortars3 dagen geleden

    SNL is way overrated!... just going thru the motions. Even a blind squirrel can make a funny skit every once in a while..

  • WWPattonDo
    WWPattonDo3 dagen geleden

    Snl is complete trash. Hasn't been funny or relevant in 30 years.

  • 1972mrkleen
    1972mrkleen3 dagen geleden

    I feel bad for Jim & the cast members from way back but I can't help but smile to know these douchebags on SNL now are being tormented this way😆

  • Fluffy Bunny
    Fluffy Bunny3 dagen geleden

    I can't wait to see Jim's freakout in one of them out-of-context Joe Rogan video mashups.

  • Prometheus Rising
    Prometheus Rising3 dagen geleden

    I hated brier when he was on SNL.think he's funnier now

  • miguel lopez
    miguel lopez3 dagen geleden

    Olive juice 🧃

  • miguel lopez

    miguel lopez

    3 dagen geleden

    Wow 🤩

  • Big K
    Big K3 dagen geleden

    Yeah seems like he's let that all go. lol

  • Brett Dillon
    Brett Dillon3 dagen geleden

    The thumbs down are obviously people who work for SNL lol.

  • AlphaPlays
    AlphaPlays3 dagen geleden

    SNL fucking blows. It has for a couple decades. I actually feel bad for people that watch it and can't recognize the insanity behind the smile. I did not have to watch this episode to know what goes on. But thank you Jim and fuck those guys.

  • jon sebastian
    jon sebastian3 dagen geleden

    No wonder the show stinks.

  • johnnyjoey
    johnnyjoey3 dagen geleden

    At the surface, this may look like anger management, but it’s Jim having integrity versus a bunch of low lives!

  • Akyra Warren
    Akyra Warren4 dagen geleden

    Jim Breuer is THE MAN. He just did a show at the comedy club that I work at and gave THE BEST message about not listening to the news and just love and support another.

  • Joe T
    Joe T4 dagen geleden

    Is he made of rubber?

  • Charles Johnson
    Charles Johnson4 dagen geleden

    SNL hasn't been funny for decades now. Stopped watching.

  • Josh
    Josh4 dagen geleden

    Alright who's gonna make an edited version of it looking like Jim and Joe got into a horrible argument and Jim loses his shit at Joe... 👌🏾😂

  • Robert Lee, Countertenor
    Robert Lee, Countertenor4 dagen geleden

    SNL hates anything funny It's like holy water on a demon Jim and Norm were holy water Made everyone else look like shit Yes, Will is funny for about 2 minutes But cheerleaders only gets u so far, then it's stupid

  • Josh
    Josh4 dagen geleden

    Y'all must've never watched the David Lee Roth episode. 😂

  • jmreeves89
    jmreeves894 dagen geleden

    This dude is disgustingly high...

  • Ken Brown
    Ken Brown4 dagen geleden

    Tina fey Amy pohler and Andy samberg were the last funny people on SNL

  • Critical Thinking
    Critical Thinking4 dagen geleden

    Rumor has it you're still selling out and deleting videos guess you're controlled as the rest of them

  • Daryan Saunders
    Daryan Saunders4 dagen geleden

    You see the leather pants don’t you!!!!! Lmfao!!!!

  • Ivan The Cheese
    Ivan The Cheese4 dagen geleden

    SNL should have been canceled years ago

  • Erik Gomez
    Erik Gomez4 dagen geleden

    That’s why SNL is such shit

  • Kenneth Roldan
    Kenneth Roldan4 dagen geleden

    Jim's talked about this before and drops McKays name in other podcasts.

  • Stuart Otis
    Stuart Otis4 dagen geleden

    I would (and have) fuck up anybody that ever tried to take food off my table. You just have to stand up for yourself or people will walk all over you for the rest of your life, Jim.

  • ariel colon
    ariel colon4 dagen geleden

    Every work place toxicity comes from the Top down

  • z borg
    z borg4 dagen geleden

    Jim, admit it, you were not a minority, so they wouldn't let you become the "cool one."

  • bsedhs
    bsedhs4 dagen geleden

    Sounds like he has really let go of it.....

  • Lana Garrison
    Lana Garrison4 dagen geleden

    Snl fucked over so many talented people in the 90's. Jim was too cool and punk rock for snl. Poor Victoria Jackson. They did her so wrong. Something tells me that one of the shitty writers was Conan O'brien. Snl truly steals the souls of so many talented legends. Lorne and the writers needed the talent. They played politics to make the comedy legends feel like they were the hoe's and Lorne and the writers were the pimps.

  • Ay yo
    Ay yo4 dagen geleden

    Is this the guy from half baked

  • Matt Grimes
    Matt Grimes4 dagen geleden

    I like how desperate Spotify is now having Joe do a 30 sec spot after every clip to pimp their platform nobody followed Rogan to. I used to listen all the time, now rarely even watch a clip. They can ban all the shit they want, most of the listeners are done with Spotify.

  • Dan Sawicki
    Dan Sawicki4 dagen geleden

    SNL hasn’t been funny in like 25 years.

  • mr420
    mr4204 dagen geleden

    I like mad tv more

  • Bart Swarm
    Bart Swarm4 dagen geleden

    Adam McKay? I like his stuff but he seems like the type of guy that's 2 faced

    LIAM LIAMESQUE4 dagen geleden

    I like my Sanchez extra dirty

  • Snorri Erickson
    Snorri Erickson4 dagen geleden

    so is the film A Night At the Roxbury???

  • zengalileo
    zengalileo4 dagen geleden

    Nobody even knows who Jim Bruer is or was.

    CRYPTO OTPYRC4 dagen geleden

    You got to love Jim's energy!!😂

  • George MiLo
    George MiLo4 dagen geleden

    Any competition for air time in primetime media is exactly like this. Lorne saying something like “if you ever want to do something I’m your producer” was the last drop of urine in the bucket. LOL

  • Cole B. Ryan
    Cole B. Ryan4 dagen geleden

    SNL is nothing but leftist propaganda.

  • 06XTOR
    06XTOR4 dagen geleden

    SNL sucks because it's nothing but libtards over there now.

  • WheatBread
    WheatBread4 dagen geleden

    SNL's a propaganda machine. Lorne Michaels is a dirty creep.

  • Motel America, illegals eat free
    Motel America, illegals eat free5 dagen geleden

    Goat boy!

  • HoldenNY22
    HoldenNY225 dagen geleden

    I didn't know he was Saturday Night Live. What Season- What Year and how long was he on?

  • HoldenNY22


    5 dagen geleden

    I listened to the Whole Video and I got my answer.

  • Lazer Wolf
    Lazer Wolf5 dagen geleden

    I thought I couldn’t hate SNL more. Well, here we are.

  • Joseph Curry
    Joseph Curry5 dagen geleden

    Does anyone even watch snl anymore? I haven't watched since 90s

  • Jed Carter-Smith
    Jed Carter-Smith5 dagen geleden

    No wonder snl sucks so much.