What Dan Crenshaw Thinks About Vaccine Passports

Taken from JRE #1630 w/Dan Crenshaw:


    AILTON MONTEIRO31 seconde geleden

    Take the vaccine if you want, but you cannot obligate someone to do something they don’t want to do it. If you believe you are protected with the vaccine, why are you worry about me not taking the vaccine. Dr. Fraudci is a fake doctor he doesn’t know where he stands.

  • Richard Trahan
    Richard Trahan16 minuten geleden

    Wow this guy actually sounds like he really gives a shit about America and wants what's best for everyone.

  • The Great News
    The Great News17 minuten geleden

    Next: put this chip, cause we want to know about you from inside out... or no PASSPORTS!

  • Mansa Musa
    Mansa Musa21 minuut geleden

    7:30 come on joe

  • Jae 622
    Jae 62234 minuten geleden

    The schools should have never closed.....Hell most things should have never closed. C19 is the biggest psyop to hit the American public....

  • Z33 Garage
    Z33 Garage41 minuut geleden

    " papers please"

  • Alexander Perez
    Alexander Perez43 minuten geleden

    He's gotta remain strictly political. Lol many countries have required shots previously even jobs and certain activities. I understand not wanting to get a shot and you should have that right. Don't expect every country whose medical infrastructure isn't as advanced or capable to reject you for protecting their own.

  • Morgie Lastname
    Morgie Lastname49 minuten geleden

    Joe, if you can have Dan Crenshaw on, you can have Sam Seder on.

  • Charlie Day
    Charlie Day51 minuut geleden

    This guys missing half of the big picture...

  • bobby witcher
    bobby witcher53 minuten geleden

    i thought dan was in recovery for his eye?

  • Michael Kerns
    Michael Kerns53 minuten geleden

    The problem is Joe still thinks of conservatives as 1950s thinking when in reality conservatism has changed to be much more of the classical liberal ideals, not all, but a lot.

  • AndrewJiuJitsu
    AndrewJiuJitsuUur geleden

    2 mins in and we can tell he

  • Skullface360
    Skullface360Uur geleden

    Also the “they have so we must take from them because they took from you.” No Rogan, it is corporations and ultra rich who pay ZERO in taxes that we want to take pitch forks and torches to. I want the average family making $200k and under left alone, they should pay less taxes, not corporations or ultra rich counting the millions to billions they make per week.

  • Ghawkphd
    GhawkphdUur geleden

    - Warning! This was forewarned and now is becoming a reality! Everyone must pay very close attention to what is happening as we speak! -- Medical Apartheid at a global scale -- -- It's been over a year and the empirical science and data is very clear. Basically we've been duped -- plain and simple -- "The Vaccine was Not brought in for Covid -- Covid was brought in for the vaccine. Once you realize that, everything else makes sense" -- Dr. Reiner Fullmich -- Crimes against humanity Lawyer. -- For anyone that has not figured it out yet - It's ALL about the PASSPORT! - Keep the world paralyzed with fear until the passport is implemented globally and then free civilization as we know it, is gone FOREVER!! ... Just like that! --- The end of Freedom and Humanity in Israel. It's no longer a conspiracy when it's become reality. DON'T think we aren't Next! -- nldron.info/work/video/jn-qnpXDmpOybp8 -- Final Warning... - nldron.info/work/video/cJ2WoNnZh6fDnHk

  • Skullface360
    Skullface360Uur geleden

    I would love to tattoo “I’m a liberal” on this guy’s forehead and watch him slowly go insane. Liberals are not all bad people who want socialism, communism, blah blah blah. Unfortunately if you want sensible anything these days you are a “liberal.”

  • J A
    J AUur geleden

    word salad!

  • Jake Norman
    Jake NormanUur geleden

    Kinda funny how Joe just keeps talking about the need to get out of these bubbles and critically think, and Crenshaw just can't help but keep bringing it back to "well the Left sucks tho..."

  • Kenneth Magerman
    Kenneth MagermanUur geleden

    Dan Crenshaw does all the things he talks down about other people on.

  • Travis Decker
    Travis DeckerUur geleden

    Not getting a vaccine because I already had COVID and it has a 99.98% survival rate. There is literally no scientific or logical need for a vaccine.

  • Alex
    AlexUur geleden

    Dan Crenshaw is a neocon hack

  • David Barron
    David BarronUur geleden

    “Conservatives are good at finding solutions...” Doing nothing is not a solution.

  • Dave Miner
    Dave MinerUur geleden

    Classical liberalism is a political ideology and a branch of liberalism that advocates civil liberties under the rule of law with an emphasis on economic freedom.

  • Yellow Snowman
    Yellow SnowmanUur geleden

    Crenshaw exposed himself a long time ago as a RINO. He talks a decent game but he's pro authoritarian, pro foreign conflict, pro gun restriction, pro amnesty. Crenshaw is a Bush-Romney-Obama RINO.

  • TheVerucAssault
    TheVerucAssaultUur geleden

    The radicalism of the Progressive movement has pushed me out of the Democratic party. I used to be an independent voter but reregisterred as Dem to vote in the primaries. What a waste we of time. Now my information has been sold to 60+ dem organizations and they call and text constantly for elections. Every time they do I let them know they have driven me further away. I dont want to be harassed or swayed. Leave me to my peace. I digress. I look up everything I can on people before I go vote. Parties do not matter to me, the persons abilities and integrity are what matter to me. If they appear to be suckling the teat of their greater party overlords, they are going to lose my vote. I don't want to add another cog to that corrupt system. Consider green party, libertarians, and independents, folks.

  • Marc E Marc
    Marc E MarcUur geleden

    Only issue with Crenshaw is he won’t ever point out the conservative issues

  • Zachary Muzichuck
    Zachary MuzichuckUur geleden

    It’s like saying you can still be against aids, but do have too wear a ribbon

  • Timothy Parsons
    Timothy ParsonsUur geleden

    I wasn't woke until this dude shook me all night long. 🏴‍☠️

  • Robert Chase
    Robert Chase2 uur geleden

    It's like being on the left side of the house, walking out that door and following the sunshine so far.. when you see home again, you're walking in the door on the right side of the house.

  • lifestyle126
    lifestyle1262 uur geleden

    Have you thought about future viruses and epidemics that can happen due to global warming and glaciers that are currently melting? Ice from past ages that can contain viruses that may be more aggressive than covid-19? Maybe it's clever to have a global test to prevent us from harm in the future. However, I think it's also clever to be aware of our human rights and privacy at times like these, and figure out what kind of systems and scientific facts that actually are legit.

  • Mo Rell
    Mo Rell2 uur geleden

    Use this same argument of meritocracy. And put it against the new conservative voting laws there enacting. It falls completely flat, so for him to say that conservatives are the ones asking whos rights are these infringing on is fundamentally bs.

  • Bob kat
    Bob kat2 uur geleden

    Go get them Dan...

  • Brintin
    Brintin2 uur geleden

    Joe could not be more wrong here. Not everyone wants the best for everyone. There are evil, selfish, egotistical psychopaths running companies, countries and political parties. Joe needs a reality check. This isn't Mr. Roger's neighborhood.

  • Maximus Esco
    Maximus Esco2 uur geleden

    Crenshaw is apart of the world economic forum and is somebody that cannot be trusted.

  • Maximus Esco
    Maximus Esco2 uur geleden

    Crenshaw is really tight with Klaus Schwab and if you know who that is that’s the president of the world.

  • DamesNotDead
    DamesNotDead2 uur geleden


  • Island Gaming
    Island Gaming3 uur geleden

    Came here because I thought Big Boss was on the show. Disappointment.

  • Wayne Maurice
    Wayne Maurice3 uur geleden

    Theres many countries you can't go to without having an injection far malaria etc. This is no different. Yet no one gave a fuck then.

  • Jared Anderson
    Jared Anderson3 uur geleden

    The only thing conservative about Dan is his desire to conserve his last functioning eyeball...

  • Yooper
    Yooper4 uur geleden

    Censorship of points of views that are legitimate is the new normal. Facts over feelings.

  • Charles Smith
    Charles Smith5 uur geleden

    Darn Joe. Your fast. Nice spin. I got get back in shape.

  • Charles Smith
    Charles Smith5 uur geleden

    The estimate worth of Crenshaws wife is $700,000. Look it up.

  • Charles Smith
    Charles Smith5 uur geleden

    Your so wrong. Utopia means a place of perfection.

  • Charles Smith
    Charles Smith5 uur geleden

    Can I see your papers.

  • Charles Smith
    Charles Smith5 uur geleden

    Please also address the continually missing 1 trillion dollars every year from budget.

  • Charles Smith
    Charles Smith5 uur geleden

    So what's the difference between now and fueldelism???

  • Charles Smith
    Charles Smith5 uur geleden

    I beg, begging. Read the labor laws. An employer can make you work 6 days a week. They only required to let you eat lunch once per day. If you don't confirm, they can fire you, you can't get unemployment. That's the current law.

  • Charles Smith
    Charles Smith5 uur geleden

    My opinion. Only grifters are the polititions. 80 % of public are so sidetracked with making a living/taking care of their family, that's time consuming. They don't really have time to investigate what ever party they voted for is actually doing. Crenshaw just confirmed that, HE DON'T KNOW. HE'S IN POLITICS. So they , polititions, slowly pick your pockets of deserved rights, use of taxes, and future well being.

  • Skate donut
    Skate donut6 uur geleden

    Also I had covid a year ago and get tested weekly. I don’t think you can get it again once your body has completely fought the virus off.

  • Skate donut
    Skate donut6 uur geleden

    Even if you got the vaccine they want to enforce you to still wear a mask.. so what’s the point of even getting it if they don’t leave people alone.

  • Kris Vango
    Kris Vango6 uur geleden

    utopia and dystopia exist always simultaneously is just negative/positive perspective on any situation, future, idea.

  • Chain5'9s
    Chain5'9s6 uur geleden

    Joe "You shouldn't give Free Money to the People" Rogan

  • Charles Smith
    Charles Smith6 uur geleden

    1:21 ouch

  • FunwithFlags
    FunwithFlags6 uur geleden

    Crenshaw is s toolbag

  • Héctor Rodríguez
    Héctor Rodríguez6 uur geleden

    Crenshaw has definitely been influenced by Jordan Peterson

  • somedvl
    somedvl7 uur geleden

    am I missing something here? isn't this a world wide issue? wouldn't vaccine verification just be giving people freedoms and privileges back that have already been limited???

  • Nixer Doyle
    Nixer Doyle7 uur geleden

    Once you start politicizing a public health issue, you cease to be someone I listen to.

  • Bailey
    Bailey7 uur geleden

    Cause there's good deeds And there is good intention They're as far apart As heaven and hell - Ben Harper

  • Dinky Dot
    Dinky Dot7 uur geleden

    Dan is so full of shit, anyone who looks at his voting record not what he says but what he does will tell he is a damn fine democrat. Red Flag Dan is as two-faced as it gets in Washington

  • Al Ex
    Al Ex8 uur geleden

    I bet 3k people who disliked didn’t even listen to it

  • Bryan
    Bryan8 uur geleden

    Joe before Spotify: Tax the rich. Joe after: Back to the fields peasants!

  • MrSmiles9000
    MrSmiles90008 uur geleden

    I have always said that the purpose of the right is to give individuals the means and incentives to excel and climb the capitalist mountain to financial success, and the purpose of the left is to provide a safety net when individuals fall so they can pick themselves back up and try again. If either side gains too much power, the system collapses. If the right gets too much power, people fall between the cracks. If the left gets too much power, the government owns you and there's no incentive to climb higher because the more you make, they more they take and give to those cant or wont contribute. What has made this country so great is we have both systems in place and when properly balanced we thrive. Basically the right gives you the ability to take care of you and yours, and the left gives the government the ability to take care of you and yours. What covid has done is given local governments the authority to "take care" of its people by giving way more power over the individual than it should have, and as long as said local governments can keep up the narrative that the virus is the invisible boogeyman waiting to kill you, and the only way to protect you is to surrender control and let the government take care of you. Such control leaves no room for individuals to strive and thrive when the only doors open to you are the ones the government opens for you.

  • blitzmonkey
    blitzmonkey8 uur geleden

    I'd sip dah booze through the eye socket

  • Miekkajakunnia
    Miekkajakunnia9 uur geleden

    HEPA Laws make it where the government can’t do the vaccine passport

  • Stl Mar
    Stl Mar9 uur geleden

    I call bullshit Rogan! Definitely tax the Rich

  • Joshua White
    Joshua White9 uur geleden

    I’m here for the majority of this country who wants to rise up, revolt and over their this tyrannical government beginning with the Democrats and rhinos. The Democrats have been infiltrated and compromised. They don’t even try to hide their corruption anymore because they know we the people won’t do anything about it. They completely hikacked and rigged the election and used foreign countries to steal votes and the election. And we haven’t made them answer for it. Why? Because they have us believing we don’t have the power to. They Just look at us citizens as a source of income. They want to push us into poverty and socialism where they control everything. That’s why they want to disarm us. We are way stronger than them. We outnumber them..and if we did start a war, half the military would be on our side..and the ones who weren’t on the citizens side wouldn’t use big guns or weapons on us because it would start world war 3. Other countries would get involved.

  • Smokey 420
    Smokey 4209 uur geleden

    Yeah, people don't travel by car anymore. LMFAO

  • SwingDancer61
    SwingDancer619 uur geleden

    The remark about people on the left not caring about the cost is something I've seen in talking with people. I mentioned the deaths from unemployment to my brother-in-law and he's first response was to talk about unemployment benefits and later to claim that deaths from unemployment should be added to the deaths caused by covid.

  • David James
    David James9 uur geleden

    should be retitled "what dan crenchaw thinks about losing metric tons of votes by exposing his attempted manipulation"

  • Don Archivo
    Don Archivo10 uur geleden

    meanwhile diabetes and candida auras is more dangerous

  • NotMyRealName
    NotMyRealName10 uur geleden

    If 80% of people get the vaccine then there is no need for vaccine passports. I can see maybe on international travel. I know my country is insane and they probably will require tourists coming in to show proof of vaccine otherwise it will be quarantine. Actually, tourism isn't even allowed right now.

  • The Blind Ref
    The Blind Ref10 uur geleden

    Wrong airports, yup they're back 2

  • Crookedfoot
    Crookedfoot10 uur geleden

    He's been corrupted too, listen to him try to dodge the question about travel restrictions so he can be for it later.

  • Etu Molden
    Etu Molden11 uur geleden

    Why do white people think that they brought the enlightenment when all their philosophers studied egypt and indian scholars and philosophy. Yall were sleeping with sheep and living in caves while Africans already had wonders of the world.

  • BRJ M
    BRJ M11 uur geleden

    Not a fan of this guy

  • Luke
    Luke11 uur geleden

    amazing how many people including these two do not even know what true classical liberalism is

  • Matthew Whitman
    Matthew Whitman11 uur geleden

    He's pro war on drugs, but thinks people shouldn't have their rights infringed upon. LMAO!

  • H
    H11 uur geleden

    Passports for vaccinations exist in other parts of the world tho. I don't know if it is an inherently left vs right thing.

  • Craig West
    Craig West12 uur geleden

    I would expect a hardened veteran to launch an AT-4 at Vaccine Passports. Mr. Crenshaw sounds like Mike Lee Jr., a vaccine passport is a declaration by government to its free society. Save the fuk'n Socrates for Harvard, we don't have time for that now.

    YAlX SÅVÅGE12 uur geleden

    I am fully aware of utopia’s being impossible. But not getting closer is completely our fault. When we do things selfishly and with only money oriented decisions. Then we lose. As a whole we lose. That’s why so many people are disenfranchised, too many of us don’t care about others.

  • notbohnhere butcantleave
    notbohnhere butcantleave12 uur geleden

    Bah...Pick one go to Spotify or NLdron

  • Sam Hartwig
    Sam Hartwig12 uur geleden

    Just take the damn shot....ffs......I want this shit over, stop the debates.

  • VG Stellar
    VG Stellar12 uur geleden

    We already need certain vaccines to travel. This isn't new.

  • Horatio Trismegistus
    Horatio Trismegistus12 uur geleden

    *I am still pissed at Joe for throwing P R O J E C T V E R I T A S under the bus.*

  • Raymond Siddiqi
    Raymond Siddiqi12 uur geleden

    "How do the rich get rich", by selling their souls to big Silicon Valley startups like Spotify apparently. Alex Jones warned us but his episodes are deleted from the platform now.

  • Andrey Matveyev
    Andrey Matveyev12 uur geleden

    7:42 but its still not even 50% of it was a year ago, actually 1,5 years ago. 7:48 I don't know what the numbers are actually are ... cheap way to win an argument Joey

  • Vicky Orr
    Vicky Orr12 uur geleden

    Oh gosh paranoid? Before covid going to another country you are required to get vaccinated and have proof.

  • Zukito_PR
    Zukito_PR12 uur geleden

    So dr faucci never said “there is a 93% chance”? The real truth is that radical conservatives are what are destroying our economy by letting these big companies make more tech that will keep us quiet, while liberals give us cold hard cash

  • FromQnz2King
    FromQnz2King13 uur geleden

    Crenshaw is a deepstate shill

  • Lamtitude
    Lamtitude13 uur geleden

    Finally someone that sees more than black and white. There are so many people that share the political views of both parties other than the radial left and radial right. People are much more complex than “I guess I have to vote for him because he’s pro gun and pro life.” or “He’s anti gun and pro choice.” All I want from a President is honesty, intelligence, and to have the country’s long term best interests in mind. It’s too bad that we can’t ever seem to vote in a candidate that even has one of those qualities let alone all three of them.

  • Nitro Shortbus
    Nitro Shortbus13 uur geleden

    When tbere's almost a 100% recovery rate, I would rather get sick tben be injected with any DNA altering procedure, they have reclassified as a vaccinne.

  • Mike Slinger
    Mike Slinger13 uur geleden

    Joe on politics is always painful to listen to

  • R DiRe
    R DiRe13 uur geleden

    The left can’t let go of Covid? I wasn’t aware it would leave without the left holding onto it. Idiots in both sides of the aisle for sure but the right trying to ignore Covid doesn’t help either.

  • Idania Arroyo
    Idania Arroyo13 uur geleden

    We want what is best for our families. ID2020

  • DeepFriedPenguin Poop
    DeepFriedPenguin Poop14 uur geleden

    I live in Nevada, kids have not been killing themselves on any "mass rise"...

  • T. L.
    T. L.14 uur geleden

    Dan is a good dude.... a real dude.

  • Candace Jones
    Candace Jones14 uur geleden

    I am a liberal, or at least I was. I own a business. In Canada, we are in yet another lockdown. I am not a depressed person by nature but I have been going through a pretty severe depression for the last few months. I feel deceived by my government, I do not know what to believe anymore. I am beginning to feel hopeless. I am not suicidal but I am wondering how many people are? People who are older and alone in their home. Young people who were already having a tough time finding out who they are. How is not being able to touch each other really affecting us? It appears as if the media and our leaders feel they are not doing their job unless they are instilling fear, dividing us, and regulating us to death. Trying to be positive, but we are all getting fed up. Not a fan of Dan Crenshaw. He does not answer Joe's questions and has a warped perspective on reality. I am liberal leaning and have no desire to control society.

  • Knut Baardsen
    Knut Baardsen15 uur geleden

    Thumbs down for who the guest is not what hes saying. What a bum.

  • Timothy Bucci
    Timothy Bucci15 uur geleden

    Rogan's questions seem a bit passive aggressive or like he doesn't trust what he is talking about or something... I dunno what I'm talking about.

  • David Dreyer
    David Dreyer15 uur geleden

    Ben Crenshaw is no rocket scientist!