The Media Keeps Trying to "Debunk" Wuhan Lab Theory

Taken from JRE #1629 w/Eric Weinstein:


  • sledgenwedge
    sledgenwedge2 uur geleden

    Very simple it's politically motivated it was released because of political strife in Hong Kong, and the fact that prominent basketball Stars open their mouth during a trade War drawing more attention to Hong Kong and its plight than China wanted ,shortly thereafter Coronavirus. Thinly veiled biological attack and bought and paid for people at The Who ,at least that is my theory on it

  • True Crypto
    True Crypto5 uur geleden

    Why would a country unleash a virus that can also kill them...? Make no sense .

  • Jackson ramsay
    Jackson ramsay10 uur geleden

    Covid came from a lab !!!

  • Check Zombie
    Check Zombie12 uur geleden

    I am wondering what kind of people are in that 1k dislike

  • Adam O'Shea
    Adam O'Shea15 uur geleden

    At this point it does not matter that it came from a lab.

  • I identify as Flat Earth
    I identify as Flat Earth23 uur geleden

    This video still up?

  • Max
    MaxDag geleden

    They are don’t want the public to know know that it’s connected to the Obama administration and Fauci

  • Renee Santiago
    Renee SantiagoDag geleden

    TRUMP is always proven right in time! TRUMP/DESANTIS 2024🇺🇸🇺🇸

    FRAYNETRAINDag geleden

    It’s like asking the soviets to investigate Chernobyl and then believing them

  • AK Massifier
    AK MassifierDag geleden

    For a smart guy, Joe sure is ignorant when he wants to be. C’mon bro.

  • Nerf Oreos
    Nerf OreosDag geleden

    NYT and Time are legacy media.

  • Hunter klemz05
    Hunter klemz05Dag geleden

    Fauci funded 3.7 million to Wuhan lab

  • Jonathan Bewley
    Jonathan BewleyDag geleden

    Read the whole article JOE!!!!!!

  • Mary Smith
    Mary SmithDag geleden

    Saagar Enjeti is pretty good. Krystal Ball sucks.

  • Davidd 444
    Davidd 444Dag geleden

    The PRC wants us to see them as good and benevolent, how dare the media say the opposite 😆

  • id3m
    id3mDag geleden

    Very likely that soon Spotify is going to delete this one as well for promoting "conspiracy theories", like the Alex Jones episodes + 42 others. Hello big data censorship.

  • go1for7broke51
    go1for7broke512 dagen geleden

    The problem is the Chinese own more than half of our media. It’s like people cannot fathom that the Chinese just tell WaPo or NYT or whatever what to write, that’s communism 101 and there are myriad of examples of the Chinese doing it but for some reason that’s too “conspiracy” to address.

  • Mean Bean Comedy
    Mean Bean Comedy2 dagen geleden

    Woah, Eric looks rather lithe! Hombre Delgado! 😎😏😉

  • M.C Ellen
    M.C Ellen2 dagen geleden

    Awesome to know that Joe would be able to get along with and talk politics with my Conservative parents. And my Independant self. But my sister? Nope. No. Noooooo. To the no-no. She, herself, the beast she is... is very rude, in-your-face, and will deny your facts even in the face of evidence.

  • Russian Bot
    Russian Bot2 dagen geleden

    You're telling me Chris Redfield broke this story???

  • graylobo133
    graylobo1332 dagen geleden

    Yes Joe, trump is and was a PSO>

  • Bradly Miller
    Bradly Miller2 dagen geleden

    Does anyone actually think what would happen if somehow the stolen election was proven without a doubt. I mean like Biden bragging how he did it on video. Could you imagine the carnage? Almost all these conspiracies come out as true now a days. Lab virus, nursing home deaths, hunter laptop. It just never ends

  • player one
    player one2 dagen geleden

    I think the media cover up of this angle of the virus is much deeper than they disagree with Trump sure that's a part of it but I think the highest level of media and probably some government officials no that the virus was 90% probably made in a lab but they have to suppress that information from the public because if the average or the average person in the world thought that this virus was made in a Chinese lab by Chinese scientist even only for research purposes and it escaped from their lab at least half the population would suggest the idea that this was a deliberate and knowing attack by the Chinese government to weaken the rest of the world and this alone could either start a war or bring the cold war between China and America out in the open so the reason they don't want anyone to know this is so they don't have to fight China and they can keep lining their pockets with Chinese business deals

  • RecentR
    RecentR2 dagen geleden

    Anthony Fauci spoke alongside other experts at a symposium in 2012 about the highly dangerous research on “functional gains” in H5N1 viruses. Scientists in bio safety labs use different technologies to either increase the transferability of the virus, or its lethality, or both. Experts from Cambridge and Harvard are more specific about how the safety precautions in the laboratories can no longer keep pace with the increased dangers of newly crafted viruses:

  • David Karlsson
    David Karlsson3 dagen geleden

    The tactic to call something debunked without any evidence whatsoever is something they have done for a while now just to bury it.

  • Garrett Horsch
    Garrett Horsch3 dagen geleden

    Joe the election wasn’t fair 🤣🤣. Maybe they rigged it maybe they didn’t but they (they meaning media, big tech, and other organizations like amazon) suppressed information and banned people like the new york post and yadi yadi we know the story. So no this wasn’t a free and fair election. If it was then those people wouldn’t have suppressed the information. After the election when all of this terrible stuff came out to all of the public like 1 or 2 in 6 biden voters said they would have voted for trump if they had known that info according to a poll. I am not even a trump supporter but this scared the shit out of me when I was watching it all happen. In fact pretty much every single claim Trump made in his 4 years of presidency was scoffed at by the leftist media and big tech companies. Then less than a fucking month after Biden won they let all of that information out and Trump was telling the truth on all of it with a little bit of boasting from Trump obviously. This shit made me so damn angry. The fact that Trump got as many votes as he did means that had we actually had real journalists in this country then Trump would have won in a landslide. Somebody needs to put a stop to these bastards regardless of if you are right or left.

  • Dude Outside
    Dude Outside3 dagen geleden

    Joe: I saw the news. Bret: I AM the news...

  • Tha Weezl
    Tha Weezl3 dagen geleden

    Furin cleavage

    GC SNIPE3 dagen geleden

    Two cult conspiracy theorists, praising two grifters. Jesus, Gen X sucks. Hopefully history will be done with these clowns soon.

  • Will Conqueror
    Will Conqueror3 dagen geleden

    Nice to see Eric Weinstein again.

  • Olly Cunningham
    Olly Cunningham3 dagen geleden

    A friend of mine made the moderna jab, he said it’s not a vaccine, and it’s poison, he also said the virus was made in a lab

  • Olly Cunningham
    Olly Cunningham3 dagen geleden

    A friend of mine made the moderna jab, he said it’s not a vaccine, and it’s poison, he also said the virus was made in a lab

  • Richard Sorenson
    Richard Sorenson3 dagen geleden

    Spoitfy is not youtube and youtube is not spotify. Sorry rogan

    JARED CORTES3 dagen geleden

    Y’all, research Event 201, you’ll thank me later

  • Trailer Wager
    Trailer Wager3 dagen geleden

    So NYT is corrupt, too?

  • the psymyn
    the psymyn3 dagen geleden

    Eric "Didn't mean to cut you off" Weinstein

  • guybrush threepweed
    guybrush threepweed4 dagen geleden

    Joe Rogan logic. I go to a restaurant. I might get food poisoning. So prove that I won't get it or else I won't pay for the food I just had. Qunts

  • Dan Richardson
    Dan Richardson4 dagen geleden

    Joe was really annoying on this podcast.

  • T.E. Litt
    T.E. Litt4 dagen geleden

    Please do not use M F**ker, some folks have little grandchildren lurking around. Pretend your babies are near! Thank you!

  • jay antonovic
    jay antonovic4 dagen geleden

    No the most powerful country on the world did nit bio attack the world so they can take over complete economys thats a conspiracy theorie weirdos 😂😂😂

  • Swag on 1000 Jameson
    Swag on 1000 Jameson4 dagen geleden

    FUCK Spotify

  • Ben Louw
    Ben Louw4 dagen geleden

    "Fuck Mushrooms" - Eric Weinstein - mathematician, economist, managing director at Thiel Capital

  • Eric Joseph
    Eric Joseph4 dagen geleden

    Has Joe been wearing the same hoodie sweater for multiple episodes?

  • Luis Lopez
    Luis Lopez4 dagen geleden

    This whole podcast I was just so lost once Eric got into the second sentence in his answer to all of Joe’s questions like what shrooms or dmt is he on shits so good he doesn’t tell anybody 😂

  • Slambrew
    Slambrew4 dagen geleden

    The manufacturing of consent to go to war with China is coming along nicely...

  • eddy lucas
    eddy lucas4 dagen geleden

    My job is giving us 80hours time paid off if we get vaccinated and we get sick

  • JamesScottGuitar
    JamesScottGuitar4 dagen geleden

    If the date of initial release goes back to Sept or Oct of 2019, isn’t it then possible that our initial exposure to it is a variant?

  • nick richard
    nick richard4 dagen geleden

    joe where is episode 331?

  • Alex
    Alex4 dagen geleden

    Dude, why won't Joe ask Richard Wolff for his source. Wolff claimed very early on it was a joint US/Chinese research lab. There's your narrative resolution.

  • Indigenous British
    Indigenous British4 dagen geleden

    NYT and the rest are all bought and paid for by the's that simple.

  • Joshua Merwine
    Joshua Merwine4 dagen geleden

    It’s crazy when you actually realize, president trump was right. About everything

  • Joshua Merwine
    Joshua Merwine4 dagen geleden

    We all know the truth!!!!!!

  • Laura B
    Laura B4 dagen geleden

    preach joe rogan, Preach! lol

  • Ghost waker
    Ghost waker4 dagen geleden

    We already know it is a manufactured virus , and in original state couldn't be transmitted !

  • Azula
    Azula4 dagen geleden

    I don't even like Trump, and the notion that the election was "free and fair" is a joke. What many people don't realize, is that most states already have mail-in voting that is actually verified. Like the DMV, there is a process to signing up to this that verified you are a citizen that is allowed to vote, and that you live in the state you claim to live in. What Democrats did was they sent out ballots to every single person regardless if they can vote, or even live full-time in a state, and just told people to fill it out. Then when they got the ballots back, they just checked who was voted for and counted it. They didn't verify the vote was legal. Thing is, Democrat voters had an entire year into the pandemic, to sign up with the verified mail-in voting system that we've had for decades. So this claim that the Pandemic prevented people from voting is a joke. You literally had 12 months to get this sorted. Never forget that at midnight election day, Trump was up over Biden 10-14% in several states, only for Biden to not only close that gap, but to the be up 6-9% over Trump the next morning. If the Left actually cared about free and fair elections, and were confident nothing wrong happened, then why were they against us sectioning off all the mail-in votes - and then re-counting them specifically, and verifying each ballot was tied to a citizen who could vote in that district? Literally all we had to do, is take away the mail-in ballots, and then verify each of them. That would have put an end to any questions, and would have given every citizen confidence that the election was done fairly. Instead Democrats refused to do this claiming "we need evidence of election fraud to do this". Literally, every state already has verified mail-in voting. We've had it for decades. That is not what was done during this election. So yeah, we should verify each vote - regardless of who won the election. The problem is the left has twisted the narrative, and stated this is about conservatives suppressing the vote by being anti-mail voting. But that isn't true. As i said, VERIFIED mail-in voting has been a thing for decades. What people are against, is that Democrat states sent every person a ballot, and accepted each ballots vote regardless if the vote was legal. That is the issue.

  • Michael Swenson
    Michael Swenson5 dagen geleden

    The key to understanding if it came from the lab is to ask if it was a deliberate release, rather than a natural or lab accident.

  • Nathan Pitek
    Nathan Pitek5 dagen geleden

    These type people are getting closer and closer to getting beat up

  • LJ Santora
    LJ Santora5 dagen geleden

    Tell us about how Fauci fits in with the Wuhan lab??

  • Dark Knight

    Dark Knight

    3 dagen geleden

    I believe he was part of funding it or something.

  • B.Alexander Johnstone
    B.Alexander Johnstone5 dagen geleden

    And they wonder why at least half the country doesn't trust them. The left thinks they're on the side of angels and can do anything. There's not even another side to any issue. After all, why legitimise racist, sexists, bigots homophobes etc? And what is not justified if Trump is Hitler 2.0?

  • altadata cosmology
    altadata cosmology5 dagen geleden

    I fucking hate this episode and it's because of Joe, he keeps interrupting the guy because he is not describing for the audience that are only listening.... This is bs, you can also see the video on Spotify

  • Cypheye
    Cypheye5 dagen geleden

    Hope Spotify drops him this is ridiculous

  • Cypheye
    Cypheye5 dagen geleden

    Joe accuses The NY Times of debunking claims without any facts and he proceeds to spread his conspiracies as if they’re the truth with no proof what so ever. Also the “CDC guy” has his own issues with misinformation In 1992, the Defense Department investigated him after he was accused of misrepresenting the effects of an experimental HIV vaccine, the study of which he had overseen. On the basis of this data, in 1992, the U.S. Senate gave a $20 million appropriation for a private company.

  • The Gator
    The Gator5 dagen geleden

    Idk man some scientists are just like “no way it was man made” and others are like “yeah there’s no reason it couldn’t be man made”

  • George Jefferson
    George Jefferson5 dagen geleden

    The “fortifying” quote is them admitting to election meddling without anyone caring, while they ironically scream and cry about imaginary voter suppression.

  • Roe Jogan

    Roe Jogan

    2 dagen geleden

    @Sissy I think he meant that in their minds it was justified, not that it was actually justified

  • Sissy


    3 dagen geleden

    But "with a guy like DJT you can almost justify it", says Joe. Please explain to me why it's ok to cheat to defeat the people's choice, ever. And JB is proof positive that the Deep state is running the government. DJT is far from perfect as a person, but did a great job as president IMO. His greatest blunder was not firing the bulk of the DOJ/FBI the first day.

  • Barry Harding
    Barry Harding5 dagen geleden

    Because that would 100% link it to Fauci but he's great reset man and they protect their own.

  • Brian Woods
    Brian Woods5 dagen geleden

    The times article literally said they fixed the election through law suits and changing election laws using the pandemic as an opportunity.

  • faivish belchstein
    faivish belchstein5 dagen geleden

    Fauci admits he wouldnt tell the nation that it would be years because "he thought they couldnt handle it". That alone.

  • faivish belchstein
    faivish belchstein5 dagen geleden

    October 2019...the Military Olympics was held for 140 nations in ...WUHAN CHINA> Is it not shocking that you have the worlds fittest right in your presence. WHy not experiment on your nations enemies.

  • Bo lu
    Bo lu5 dagen geleden

    The election was stolen, joe is such a wimp

  • baron white
    baron white5 dagen geleden

    Is Russia & China's "hierarchy", USA's biggest threat? Or its citizens? For sure its hierarchy. Thus potential for war is from hierarchies & not from family oriented people of lesser pyramid positions. Meaning the military should take out hierarchies, but they defend them instead, lame. Are top rich individuals in general, really hoarding all that style, just to walk around the mall with it / the parking lot? Or to make hotel peasants do their dirty work for them? Or to have boat parties with fake unenlightened humans at best? Is that all they can muster? Even if a person is rich, to just watch tons of people at their boring jobs & believe that's okay, seems wack to not speak out. Is conformity with taxed time really better than creativity with free time? Population wise. Has the system even built 1 god darn thing, that gifts the public with anything at all automatically? (or tries to aim in that direction at least?) Some trees do just grow themselves, without human intervention, has society learned anything from that? As a model for how to regulate. Why is it, that people who are pro-ladder-systems, never good at having a solid solution on how to deal with tyrants? How is a few hard workers maybe not getting rewarded enough (even tho donations are a thing - I mean look at streamers), a worst problem than in-direct slavery? - The debate of equilibrium. Would people wait to revolt still, even if their was 1 world wide trillionaire? Must we really wait till then, to find out. Also after they over throw that world wide 1 trillionaire sales man. They do realize the only way to get his or the next guy's (who takes his place) hooks out of everything, is to demolish the dollar bill design or anything similar to it. Plus eradicating all roles of status globally. So the dollar bill game is gonna fall apart one way or another. Because repeating itself, won't be a viable option. Sincerely, a concerned citizen, ahead of his time

  • Francisco Octavius
    Francisco Octavius5 dagen geleden

    I honestly could listen to this dude speak all day. He doesn’t rush his thoughts and everything comes out so methodical. Must be some damn good weed.

  • Troy d
    Troy d5 dagen geleden

    Did joe really just say “with a guy like trump you can justify some horrible horseshit”!?. This guy is part of the fucking problem. This JRE run has been amazing until now my brothers. I’m out. Stay woke gentleman

  • Josh Pridemore
    Josh Pridemore5 dagen geleden

    Can u guys upload the full episodes again.

  • Not Applicable
    Not Applicable5 dagen geleden

    did these two, who I respect, really claim the lying, manipulating, self righteous rigging of the election (which means it’s cool for just about anything...???) is totally cool as long as they don’t like the opposition?!? Deadass serious I’m mad confused lol

  • Steve Corkery
    Steve Corkery5 dagen geleden

    I’d love to see the Planet Lockdown interviews being discussed on the show. Especially David Martin’s interview regarding patents surrounding coronavirus by the CDC that apparently shouldn’t have been granted

  • X1990 AGR
    X1990 AGR5 dagen geleden

    Ok ok I’m not a dish I’m a maaan I’ll buy the damn soap just stop the commercial 💀

  • SkeetSystem
    SkeetSystem5 dagen geleden

    This podcast was so frustrating. I would have liked for Eric to get into more theoretical physics and Joe just wants to talk about "cancel culture" and political talking points from the news cycle. Stale.

  • Chuck
    Chuck5 dagen geleden

    If you want to defeat communism, you have to also destroy capitalism. China has figured out that you can bribe any american company or politician and our money is now our weakness.

  • Mahmoud ibn Emir
    Mahmoud ibn Emir5 dagen geleden

    New York Times: "Using the term China virus is racist." Then in the same story mentions the South African variant, the British variant, the Brazilian variant and the Japanese variant...

  • ortcloud99
    ortcloud995 dagen geleden

    Yes the virus leaked from the lab, but the problem is that we were funding them to do the research. . In October 2014, the federal government declared a moratorium on gain-of-function research to weaponize viruses related to influenza, (MERS) and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). As a result, the research was outsourced to China's Wuhan Institute of Virology, which is currently at the center of scrutiny for the Covid-19 pandemic." Fauci funded the gain of function over in china because it became illegal here. But shouldnt Fauci be questioned why we are doing research on it in the first place.

  • ftlbs928
    ftlbs9285 dagen geleden

    I don't like "Drunkard Joe Rogan" as much as Stoner Joe Rogan in Cali! Joe is argumentative & combative with Weinstein WAAAY too much for my liking. LAY OFF THE BOOZE, JOE!!!

  • Brian Slack
    Brian Slack5 dagen geleden

    Remember when everyone said Trump was a racist? Come to find out he was a year ahead of everyone. Election driven plandemic.

  • Mary Collins
    Mary Collins5 dagen geleden

    Thank you.

  • Jake Scruggs
    Jake Scruggs5 dagen geleden

    i hate the instakart commercial omg i wish she would go the fuck to sleep

  • Heavygusto
    Heavygusto5 dagen geleden

    There was apparantly this one random guy, with hundreds of random people.

  • Colin Colin
    Colin Colin5 dagen geleden

    This guest is so full of himself.

  • Heavygusto
    Heavygusto5 dagen geleden

    This dude is the partisan crypto-something jimmy fallon.

  • Heavygusto
    Heavygusto5 dagen geleden

    They're covering for China but it's more to keep the supply lines from nuking each other than anything to do with socialism.

  • Arjan
    Arjan5 dagen geleden

    Joe Rogan and the JRE including this episode will soon magically disappear, get shamed or go to jail. There is now a modern war, its not about land, but about information, truth and mental controll by will. Mark my words......

  • Rj dibbs
    Rj dibbs5 dagen geleden

    Mom can

  • MrEriksson007
    MrEriksson0075 dagen geleden

    Joe didn't know Elon's rockets land themselves??? Tell me about China now... Nah I'm good

  • Shitdick Kikeburger
    Shitdick Kikeburger5 dagen geleden

    It's almost like these failing news organizations are getting funded on the sly by American's greatest enemies i mean how else and why else would they have no viewers yet push Chinese propaganda constantly. It needs to be made a law that any foreign influence in our media is removed and all involved arrested for life for treason. I'll bet you the fake news epidemic goes away real fast.

  • EoinStRandy
    EoinStRandy5 dagen geleden

    Spotify premium have ads on his podcast,,,,,

    SORIANOTRON5 dagen geleden

    Eric Weinstein quite possibly the driest JRE guest of all time. Epic.

  • Buffer Zone
    Buffer Zone5 dagen geleden

    Joe. Please try debunk Agenda 21

  • Gabriel Dore
    Gabriel Dore5 dagen geleden

    It’s awful when people just assume they are right in a subject like this. Although it’s even worse when they pretend to actually know anything about the subject and start to proclaim arguments they read on twitter. Glad Joe and Eric are bringing this to the table, people just can’t be that sure about something as complicated and messy as this

  • Jayson Lavallee
    Jayson Lavallee5 dagen geleden

    Wow, could Joe talk over him and be any more rude during this episode? So worried about “listeners” some of us wouldn’t mind learning something

  • andyottito1
    andyottito15 dagen geleden

    "There's no part of the mainstream that looks at all credible to me anymore" Man, I probably would have agreed with this a year ago somewhat, but honestly, I 100% believe this now. They want us misinformed, glued to our computers and tvs, eating Impossible meat and vegetable oils, taking the vax no questions asked. If you do question the narrative or the mainstream news networks, then you're simply labeled a Conspiracy Theorist and anything you say in not credible.

  • redneckdave
    redneckdave5 dagen geleden

    To make sure the election was fair joe u r fuckin brainwashed they stole the election

  • CM
    CM5 dagen geleden

    We can't be certain that it came from that lab, but gee whiz, is it suspicious. China will probably never admit the origin because that's politics, and well, apologizing won't bring back so many people or give back time people I know suffered, unable to function for some weeks. But I'm still angry at China, even if it was accidental. The irresponsibility in admitting there was a problem early is terrible. I was watching this virus before most Americans knew about it. It had reminded me to buy more masks. I started wearing them after getting the flu in Japan (considered polite there, and indeed it is right to avoid getting your office sick). I was going to get some for such times but had to admit--just in case this was serious. The masks were selling out fast, which gave me some concern. Chinese New Year festivities started and no word. Then talk of it arrived here, and then the talk of racism, ect. It's very odd, how quick people and organizations are are to protect China. They have us by the pee-pees and we can't do anything about it, I fear. But don't be afraid to criticize China, choose products from elsewhere when possible! We've made terrible choices when it comes to them and we have to undo some of it.