The Future of Meat Consumption

Taken from JRE #1624 w/Mark Sisson:


  • Arthur Valaer
    Arthur Valaer7 uur geleden

    I'm vegan and those advanced mock burger patties are too much. Much prefer basic beans and veggies based patties.

  • C C
    C C10 uur geleden

    With all the guns purchased recently, steak and hamburger might be the new Boston Tea Party haha

  • Rowyn Marler
    Rowyn Marler11 uur geleden

    vertical farms are the way to go

  • Matt Dias
    Matt Dias14 uur geleden

    This is important.

  • Etheric Synchronicity
    Etheric Synchronicity17 uur geleden

    Joe has been on TESTOSTERONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY FOR 9 YEARS NOW... hey Joe, what happened to your own testosterone Mr Meat is good guy? wasn't enough testosterone in there for your 5'6" body? Guess who has 13% more testosterone than meat eaters??? Non meat eaters do, but you keep on pretending otherwise if you cant handle the truth. Ok, Josephine? this guy gets triggered as soon as anyone mentions meat... its been that way for years.. .Joe lives in an echo chamber of people that agree with him.. He doesn't want to hear anything that triggers him

  • jigrodrigues
    jigrodrigues20 uur geleden

    James Hetfield looking rough

  • Jeff Xanders
    Jeff XandersDag geleden

    We all know where the problems come from - beurocratic waste and corruption - the mad chase for money. I dare you to talk about the solutions.

  • James Healey
    James HealeyDag geleden

    Fruit, Veg and Meat.. Its simple guys.. If you can hunt your own game meat even better. 🍖😊

  • BadgerBJJ
    BadgerBJJDag geleden

    Fact is, we eat too much meat. Too much processed shit, and we’re getting fatter and fatter. The real problem is our appetite outstrips what could be produced, so we’re depleting the soil, destroying wildlife, over fishing the oceans... on and on.

  • Jf C
    Jf CDag geleden

    You should have Jean-Martin Fortier, from "La Ferme Des Quatre Temp". He speaks English very well and is in my opinion the foremost expert in the movement of small scale agriculture

  • Larry Maloney
    Larry MaloneyDag geleden

    Who pays Joe Rogan to pimp meat? He never stops. Joe talking about nutrition is a joke. For a real discussion, Joe should grow a pair and face of with a medical doctor who knows plant-based nutrition. No-ball Joe should talk with John McDougall, Michael Klaper, Caldwell Esselstyn, or Micheal Greger, all medical doctors who reverse heart disease by removing meat & dairy from patients' diet. Grazed animals are as unhealthy as caged animals. Joe is a joke.

  • Gewish Worm
    Gewish Worm2 dagen geleden

    A good book on this topic is called 'The omnivores dilemma' by Michael Pollan. He goes in depth on everything from why corn and soybeans are the most grown are the most produced crops to how factory farming affects wild life and topsoil.

  • Tino Gomez
    Tino Gomez2 dagen geleden

    I just retired and started growing tomatoes. Tasted like store bought shit. I remember and parents home grown were amazing tasting. I guess it's due to genetic modification.

  • Tino Gomez
    Tino Gomez2 dagen geleden

    Meat and eggs are so good here in Mexico. It's more natural grass fed.

  • Sara
    Sara2 dagen geleden

    Ya, the monochromatic crops are grown to feed the factory farmed animals.

  • Jared M Johnson
    Jared M Johnson2 dagen geleden

    3d printed meat is nonesense...

    UFOMARC22 dagen geleden

    The problem with wild game is the incidences of prion related wasting diseases, such as CJD are very much prevalent! Something that the hunting states aren’t telling the public. There are many hunters that test their meat before consuming. Trust me, you DON’T want any of these wasting diseases horrible way to go and the disease lies dormant and doesn’t manifest for 30 to 40 years!!!😇🌟🖖🏼

  • S Walters
    S Walters3 dagen geleden

    Mark Sisson looks great for a 67 year old man.

  • Jaandugu
    Jaandugu3 dagen geleden

    Yeah... “meat production is bad, but have you heard of monoculture?” How are animals fed then? It is simply less efficient, want less monoculture? Then reduce meat production. Want better methods applied? Expand sustainable agriculture.

  • Meitti
    Meitti3 dagen geleden

    Part of the reason we have meat livestock is that they're like protein factories that turn otherwise useless grassy lands into useful meat for us. We'd basically have to do something similar with lab grown meat for it to be as cheap and efficient as animals grazing in the wilderness. Basically like huge vats of living tissue straight out from The Thing, where tons of hay grounded to dust or goo gets poured in every day.

  • rahul Rathi
    rahul Rathi3 dagen geleden

    7:39 seems like joe , Study well in His school and college . #Great

  • Bob W
    Bob W3 dagen geleden

    You need to have Dr Grant Woods on . From growing deer TV

  • chicagobudoka
    chicagobudoka3 dagen geleden

    I won't eat soy or bug burgers. But I'll be glad to throw the elites that want to force this on us in the ovens.

  • Lance Speaks-Mundy
    Lance Speaks-Mundy4 dagen geleden

    When you clear out farmlands to build highways buildings etc this is what you get as far as lab meat Farmers long ago predicted this im sure. You'd think the government would prioritize Food but 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • XfStef
    XfStef4 dagen geleden

    Yet again I find it incredible how many complete morons downvote the truth.

  • nBasterd
    nBasterd4 dagen geleden

    developing anti-biotic resistance from factory farmed meat is a massive issue im mostly carnivore, but I do understand Bill Gates`s agenda

  • Bahsaq Tibagh
    Bahsaq Tibagh4 dagen geleden

    Honestly Joe is one of the dumbest people on this platform right now.

  • Valverdeno1
    Valverdeno14 dagen geleden

    People need to realize that there’s no point in saving the environment or animals if in the process we humans are being robbed of our health. As a human being I choose a human beings wellbeing over an animal’s. That sounds harsh, but if I choose the wellbeing of an animal over my fellow human being I’m being cynical. We all came to be due to our ancestors working together and hunting animals to survive. We were also hunted. There wasn’t any choice to be made. Now we are supposedly smarter but now seem to be undecided between an animals health or our own.

  • Southern California Gardening
    Southern California Gardening4 dagen geleden

    more wise words joe❤️

  • nick richard
    nick richard4 dagen geleden

    joe where is episode 331?

  • Nick Good
    Nick Good4 dagen geleden

    That's the stupidest think I have heard Plant based = liver problems People only eat meat from prehistoric times because they had to no other food choices Meat is the worst thing humans Can consume GOD gave us the perfect food choice 🎣🐟

  • Growth Mindset
    Growth Mindset5 dagen geleden

    To whomever is scrolling: sending you good vibes for the rest of the day or night. Thank you for reading!

  • Carol Smith
    Carol Smith5 dagen geleden

    The way to go to feed the world is: STOP MAKING MORE PEOPLE

  • moon dancer
    moon dancer5 dagen geleden

    if u'r spraying the crops so much that the deer won't eat it, that should be ur clue. We don't need chemicals, unnatural pesticides. Just another lie perpetuated by Monsanto. Fence it in and sprinkle some silica on it. Natural and keeps bugs off. And there's plenty of natural fertilizers.

  • Laboratório da Mente
    Laboratório da Mente5 dagen geleden

    COME BACK TO NLdron PLEASE. It’s sad that you aren’t here 😢😢😢😢😢

  • emptyinsiderecords
    emptyinsiderecords5 dagen geleden

    Woody Harrelson narrated film "Kiss the Dirt" is an amazing documentary about this situation and fully explains how we can escape the problem along with helping the environment. Watch it...please

  • Joshua Brown
    Joshua Brown5 dagen geleden

    The problem i think after being vegan for nearly 4 years is that scale like you said which requires factory farming and big pharma to get involved is what causes diseases. We all need to eat wild animals. We do need way more variation of plants in our environment. We need polyfarming implemented country wide. We can clone and bring back large fauna over 100 years time by creating limiting and non hunting national land just as we do forests that would require hunting licenses and such. We need natural food. If we could all make sure that we only eat the necessary amount of animal protein and eat the rest plant proteins and vitamins in our diets. Not only our health, but landscapes and wildlife would flourish.

  • S 23
    S 235 dagen geleden

    Joe should have Lierre Keith on to discuss her book the Vegetarian Myth

  • Sofia HT
    Sofia HT5 dagen geleden

    it's just too many of us and all of us wanting all we can have

  • Austin Dillard
    Austin Dillard5 dagen geleden

    60 Seasons of farming life left. That's a terrifying thought. Pair that with dwindling bees for pollination. The future looks scary unless they find a solution.

  • D F
    D F5 dagen geleden

    Yes, how agriculture is done is bad and regenerative agriculture is much better BUT you still don't need to kill the animal. Whether your care for the animal or not it is true.

  • redneckdave
    redneckdave5 dagen geleden

    If u want to see how animals should be raised look at joel saltin

  • CarniAshley
    CarniAshley6 dagen geleden

    6:45 the figure of remaining crop years for top soil isn't true. Robb Wolfs book sacred cow (I believe) said that's not actually based on anything, just something that's been repeated to the point now that people believe it to be fact. (I'm on your side, just lets all know the facts)

  • Markus David
    Markus David6 dagen geleden

    cool shirt Joe, where can I can get one?

  • Juliana Lung
    Juliana Lung6 dagen geleden

    Please get Dr. Zach Bush on the show! He's a pioneer of regenerative agriculture and helped to create the documentary 'Kiss the Ground'. He is incredible!

  • Маша Калашникова
    Маша Калашникова6 dagen geleden

    What book are they talking about?

  • tim lee
    tim lee6 dagen geleden

    Why are keto deserts bullshit?

  • tim lee

    tim lee

    5 dagen geleden

    @Andrew Brock yeah but has he had every single Keto dessert? I mean I’m in Australia, so not really sure what whole foods is, but I’m pretty sure not all of the Keto deserts are bullshit or that Rogan knows what kero deserts are on offer over here, I mean I usually find most of what rogan says to be bullshit with maybe a pinch of truth to it, this just sounds like another one of those occasions , he’s just so glib and he rarely nuances anything.

  • Andrew Brock

    Andrew Brock

    6 dagen geleden

    because they have sugar alcohols in order to make them sweet but not carbs because it goes right through you. he's not talking about homemade stuff made with whole foods

  • Michael Alber
    Michael Alber6 dagen geleden

    Forgot to mention a lot of corn is GMO and has the herbicide built into it.

  • R P
    R P6 dagen geleden

    Vertical agriculture and clean meat are the future. Ya’ll are going to look like slave owning dinosaurs to our ancestors.

  • Mike Sticha
    Mike Sticha6 dagen geleden

    its not the meat that taste good its the spices and the marinate that make it tasty.

  • Dylan Harris
    Dylan Harris6 dagen geleden

    My question is , are impossible burgers equally as harmful for people who haven’t eaten nearly as much meat throughout their life?

  • Andrew Brock

    Andrew Brock

    6 dagen geleden

    yes, equally neglible

  • Joel Weston
    Joel Weston6 dagen geleden

    blows my mind that allot of people still think fat is healthy lol

  • And I

    And I

    6 dagen geleden

    It is dum-dum, what's unhealthy are sugars

  • Giorgi Chachua
    Giorgi Chachua6 dagen geleden

    grow crops in labs where they will be monitored in nutrition absorption and not "sptay and pray". land whicjh will be feed up form will be more than enough for cattle. with this both will be clean product, but nobody wiil do that because it's not cheap.

  • Tony Haven
    Tony Haven7 dagen geleden

    James Hetfield is super smart

  • Bill McChode
    Bill McChode7 dagen geleden

    You've misinterpreted, he's acting like you need to create brand new land for farming plants instead of meat when it would mostly just replace land we use to farm food FOR THE ANIMALS TO EAT. Monocrop agriculture is already used to FEED THE ANIMALS and all the issues you mentioned about little animals dying in those crops and fertiliser and all that is still happening right now to FEED THE ANIMALS🤣🤣🤣🤣. The argument is that you could just feed people with the land you use to feed animals because converting grain to meat and then eating that is more inefficient over the lifetime of the animal than just eating eating vegetables yourself. P.s I think if you really want it you should be able to eat meat a handful of times per week not all day everyday 🙃

  • Sara C
    Sara C7 dagen geleden

    Why is it taking this long for spotify to be on my smart tv & have a comment section ? Why are they throwing away millions ?

  • Victor Kuhn
    Victor Kuhn7 dagen geleden

    Just give me a pill that tastes like meat and gives me all the nutrients I need for the day

  • Bill Wang
    Bill Wang7 dagen geleden

    You’re watching two people who aren’t experts in a field giving you their expertise on the subject

  • Miss Spell
    Miss Spell7 dagen geleden

    I will eat... cat with a sign of ranch idgaf lol I tried to go vegan and I was pregnant and that shit tore my body up.

  • K Sdizz
    K Sdizz7 dagen geleden

    Impossible burger is GMO soy, roundup and canola oil mostly. One of the most trash foods you can eat

  • brian dufur
    brian dufur7 dagen geleden

    I’m starting to grow my own crops

  • Juicebox Destroyer

    Juicebox Destroyer

    4 dagen geleden

    Good for you !

  • Ataraxia_Atom


    5 dagen geleden

    Same, my greenhouse is 90% up for this year

  • Remus Veritas
    Remus Veritas7 dagen geleden

    My favorite part is when Joe screams "Spotify is totally free" 12 times in a row

  • jon e depth
    jon e depth7 dagen geleden

    The animals soul is what makes it so good

  • Erik Amundson
    Erik Amundson7 dagen geleden

    Alternative protein made from plants is absolutely future. Cell based meat is probably even more important. It DOESN’T lack the nutrients. It’s here. More than 3 billion dollars of VC funds were invested into plant based and cel based alternatives last year. Regenerative agriculture is absolutely bullshit and has been disputed over and over.

  • musoangelo
    musoangelo7 dagen geleden

    And as the planet approaches 8 billion people, the GQP in congress is fighting science and truth. It doesn't bode well for humanity's survival.

  • Jake Fuck
    Jake Fuck7 dagen geleden

    Joe "Please cite this study I want to read it" Rogan

  • G White
    G White7 dagen geleden

    The Great Reset is not a conspiracy theory Joe it's a conspiracy fact.....SHILL !

  • Off The Grid Living
    Off The Grid Living7 dagen geleden

    Factory farming all feeds a 3rd of the world through exports and also part of subsidizing food for 3rd world countries through our large exports we provide.

  • Spencer Clough
    Spencer Clough7 dagen geleden

    come back to youtube traitor

  • Galaxy Being
    Galaxy Being7 dagen geleden

    A long time ago somebody said, "Quick, name one problem today that isn't directly or indirectly because of too many people? Time's up!" For example, you really can't do "heritage farming" like Joe's talking about when you've got billions of mouths to feed. A.O. Wilson once said when asked how many humans Earth can realistically support. He said 250 million. Ouchhh.

  • Jesse Warshak
    Jesse Warshak7 dagen geleden

    L meat and dairy

  • Cream Crystals
    Cream Crystals7 dagen geleden

    I totally like their point of view; and I eat both meat and meat substitutes but they miss the same point a lot of meat eaters do - you’re not supposed to pound back meat subs for every meal everyday... it’s a treat! We’ve just lived for so long that a lot of people outside of a plant based life don’t understand that because they eat animal products at every meal.

  • Dillon Bilan
    Dillon Bilan8 dagen geleden

    Nooooo shitttttt

  • 4TheRecord
    4TheRecord8 dagen geleden

    I prefer the comments section here than I do on Spotify.

  • Sumit Shrestha
    Sumit Shrestha8 dagen geleden

    Funny thing Joe talks about corn as an example of Mono-culture. This whole corn industry supports factory meat farming. So basically the corn monoculture and factory based meat are same

  • Admiralty86
    Admiralty868 dagen geleden

    It's a land-use, co2, animal rights issue. Also if it takes 100 yrs to master this lab-meat we have to get to work right away.

  • Leo Pold
    Leo Pold8 dagen geleden

    This is like listening to two headless animals with lips and vocal chords grafted to the asshole.

  • Reverse Dealer
    Reverse Dealer8 dagen geleden

    Answer: huge farm sized high rise buildings growing whatever we want. Solar powered. Outside of major cities.

  • Ma Si
    Ma Si8 dagen geleden

    If people dont shit on the soil, 3ating wild animals isnt regenerative.

  • Lubomír Galatík
    Lubomír Galatík9 dagen geleden

    The reason why their arguments are stupid is simple... scale. Currently 85% of agriculture is focused on meat production and it produces around 15% of total global calories intake. To produce even that amount of meat (which wouldn’t do with the increasing demand the world over) in this idyllic way of local small farms where animals would roam free, you would need 2 planet earths completely covered in grass and that is including the oceans. So no, this lime of argument gets us nowhere.

  • Sly Carlo
    Sly Carlo9 dagen geleden

    Same thing happens when you cut/bail hay. A fawn will stay where it’s mother left it even if it’s right in your way. Most of this conversation is painfully uninformed and doesn’t discuss any of the real issues with the American food system, which is cheap imported meat. We import billions of pounds of meat from animals killed in countries like Australia, Mexico, and Nicaragua. This is what you’re eating at fast food restaurant or how you’re getting that roll of hamburger so cheap. Some of these animals are fed with growth hormone that can be found present in the meat even after fully cooking it which is now being linked to the rise in ovarian and breast cancer in women. Just invest in your food chain and help support your local producers.

  • Canadian Raven
    Canadian Raven9 dagen geleden

    This is a really lame sort of critique of vegan or plant-based alternatives. There is such a thing as whole food plant based eating, too. This feels very... Basic and not in depth or accurate. Biased, too.

  • Tony DeHaven
    Tony DeHaven9 dagen geleden

    I don't have enough patience to finish this drink you have to simulate it to sell your level buds drink the fruits and vegetables find a way to do that this other stuff synthetic hokey pokey also work your body to bring your mind back to your brain use your body as a liaison you don't need any other person equipment because it breeds inflammation and that decreases muscle mass ketosis and unhappy feelings put you in bad mood breathing exercises always in good mood you just have to be disciplined to align the body correctly using stretching exercises the definition of exercise is

  • Tony DeHaven
    Tony DeHaven9 dagen geleden

    I never want to see you in person Joe cuz I don't need to because you are good at asking people questions but bro you don't know how to fight

  • Tony DeHaven
    Tony DeHaven9 dagen geleden

    You guys don't have enough common sense to know that anything made in a lab and you're thinking about eating it you guys are idiots

  • Tony DeHaven
    Tony DeHaven9 dagen geleden

    Got to keep it 99.9% pure all stardust anything synthetics not good Joe and your buddy look at me look at you I'm O negative all right brain you're not it's hard not to swallow

  • Tony DeHaven
    Tony DeHaven9 dagen geleden

    Good job Joe

  • Chris Broussard Is White
    Chris Broussard Is White9 dagen geleden

    Joe keeps getting fatter and fatter

  • Frog Farmer
    Frog Farmer9 dagen geleden

    Fuck that. I'm a Meat Eater

  • Globalist Scam
    Globalist Scam9 dagen geleden

    You won't have a choice. Uncle Bill is in control. The microbiologist Ralph Baric, the world's leading coronavirus scholar, one of the greatest experts in the construction of synthetic viruses, author of the famous 2015 chimera of which Leonardo news spoke, speaks for the first time in Italy in an interview granted to PresaDiretta : “ You can engineer a virus without leaving any trace . The answers you are looking for, however, can only be found in the archives of the Wuhan laboratory ".

  • erik kjaer
    erik kjaer9 dagen geleden

    I think veal is gross to the way its made and just the flavor and such ughh

  • Brandon Hurst
    Brandon Hurst9 dagen geleden

    Joe rorgan needs to actually visit a farm

  • dj enty
    dj enty9 dagen geleden

    I like meat, especially smoked crispy bacon

  • T Rope
    T Rope9 dagen geleden

    Rob Wolff's a hack n snakeoil salesman, wtf would anyone wanna read his book? hes just trying to sell ya more pointless shit

  • Ace
    Ace9 dagen geleden

    You can not eat those things and still be healthy on a vegetarian diet . Beans lentils eggs cheese all vegetarian natural proteins

  • Bhuvanesh s.k
    Bhuvanesh s.k10 dagen geleden

    Lab grown meat are in infancy... They will get there soon enough...

  • Andrew Lee
    Andrew Lee10 dagen geleden

    Keep telling us about clean eating while you keep mainlining HGH, Joe 🤦‍♂️

  • M0rvidus M0rvidus
    M0rvidus M0rvidus10 dagen geleden

    I'm a white liberal outraged by meat eating. But I've also enjoyed expanding the non-white world by the billions with our 'development' programs, and I'm sure they won't be eating meat with the industrial farming methods we provided.

  • VK
    VK10 dagen geleden

    Joe, please no scamdemic bedwetters please...real men only

  • Payton
    Payton10 dagen geleden

    There’s not enough room on the planet to let the animals roam

  • Dawid Misztela

    Dawid Misztela

    7 dagen geleden

    There are more animals than ppl. How much space does the human occupy? Very little. Imigine all the people in one place. It's not a big space.