The Advice GSP Gives to Young Fighters

Taken from MMA Show #107 w/Georges St-Pierre:


  • majomszex92
    majomszex92Uur geleden

    I love how he mentions champions get figured out, atleast how to avoid being finished. And then there is Khabib, nobody even came to close to having an answer.

  • Sven Nevermore
    Sven Nevermore2 uur geleden

    He is really good in analyzing and has high IQ in Mma fight.

  • Emanuel
    Emanuel2 uur geleden

    If I had one day to train with GSP, I would be like a kid in a candy store.

  • Angelo Rodriguez
    Angelo Rodriguez3 uur geleden

    Joe I wish you asked him if he could take Jon Jones?

  • Paul
    Paul uur geleden

    GSP is such an intelligent guy

    MEANZWORLD TV3 uur geleden

    I'm not a huge MMA fan, but I can listen to GSP talk about it all day. Very humble individual. He represents Canadians very well.

  • Brodie Schroder
    Brodie Schroder3 uur geleden

    What a smart cookie

  • Miguel Rodríguez Delgado
    Miguel Rodríguez Delgado4 uur geleden

    Will the full interview be on NLdron or just Spotify?

  • Victor Rangel
    Victor Rangel5 uur geleden

    Definitely the best of the best in the top 3 All time in MMA

  • Nicholas Morrissey Kepha
    Nicholas Morrissey Kepha6 uur geleden

    I wanted to reply to you about GSP's advice to Conor, but couldn't find the video on the JRE page. So, I will post my reply here. Success can be subjective. As for GSP saying Conor isn't hungry, or you saying that, GSP has a net worth of about 30 million dollars. Conor I think has hundreds of millions of dollars (publicly 148 million). I don't think GSP is "hungry" either. The "fight community" both loved and hated Conor. I think it wasn't Conor's wealth, but actually attaining most of his goals, mellowing out and not fighting with anger. I also never saw him as going to be some old beat-up MMA teacher either. So, I imagine he has already attained if not all them, almost all of his goals with MMA. Does that mean he is unsuccessful? Not possibly the greatest fighter of my generation? "Not hungry"? I don't really think so. I'd say, the most successful and not angry would be better put. GSP seems a very wise fighter but I'd have to see a bit of hypocrisy there. Maybe it is semantics. To me, I think Conor doesn't really carry the same anger. I think if he feels it is necessary to find some spiritual meaning to continue getting punched in the head, he might for a few more years. I am guessing that one of the last things on his check-list for MMA will be going out with a bang. I don't think we will see the likes of Conor for quite some time once his is finished with MMA.

  • Christopher
    Christopher6 uur geleden

    So basically, take your ego as much out of it as possible.

  • J Murphy
    J Murphy7 uur geleden

    Haha so funny with hair

  • Jhhhjbv Kkjjj
    Jhhhjbv Kkjjj7 uur geleden

    True goat 🐐

  • Canadian Prepper
    Canadian Prepper8 uur geleden

    GSP while sparring---"You dont have any fight coming bro... You need to relax" Sparring partner------- "This guy is scared of me, I must hit him harder" GSP----"OK I must answer back" Sparring partner---- Dies

  • Brian M
    Brian M9 uur geleden

    Come back to youtube man! this is the place to be and GSP should make a channel too, his knowledge should be kept somewhere

  • the youtuber
    the youtuber10 uur geleden

    Is just me, or they look alike sooo much

  • Gabbo
    Gabbo10 uur geleden

    I miss full episodes of JRE on youtube... spotify sucks.

  • Lamar Scrotum
    Lamar Scrotum11 uur geleden

    George “would you like to play a little bit?” St Pierre

  • 2021 News
    2021 News12 uur geleden

    he’s sounds asian

  • Jazzbuh
    Jazzbuh13 uur geleden

    GSP is that legendary Pokémon that keeps evolving and hasn’t reached its final form yet.

  • C Marin
    C Marin16 uur geleden

    *GSP advice to young athletes* " I am not impressed by your performance"

  • Daniel Z. Harris
    Daniel Z. Harris16 uur geleden

    thank the great Nipsey Hussle for coining and modernizing the phrase “its a Marathon not a sprint” 💪🏽

  • slipknotsk8ter89
    slipknotsk8ter8917 uur geleden

    "Are you intoxicated?" GSP to his sparring partners

  • God Hates Math
    God Hates Math18 uur geleden

    I knew he was secretly one punch man. When he fights he goes bald

  • Dustin
    Dustin20 uur geleden

    I remember not being a huge fan of GSP when started becoming big, but not because of who he was, but because I was just a big Matt Hughes guy. However, that quickly changed. GSP is such a humble, respectful, and driven fighter he sits at the top of my 'goat' list. Just a great dude

  • Scott Simon
    Scott Simon20 uur geleden

    LAST 🤬💩

  • Joseph One
    Joseph One20 uur geleden


  • Alejandro Gomez
    Alejandro Gomez20 uur geleden

    You want to be a world champion? Look at how hard people like Elon Musk works. You gotta turn into that. Conor wasn't joking when he said "this is an obsession".

  • Kenzo Poe
    Kenzo Poe20 uur geleden

    Who else is not able to watch the JRE on Spotify? Since yesterday, I can watch anything else on Spotify except for JRE. It just says "Playback Failed"

  • EJM
    EJM21 uur geleden

    I'm currently in my mid 20s, been training for a decade to one day be pro and champion, in addition already working my career job. If I ever get the opportunity, I will fight professionally, and once I retire, I'll go back to my career job.

  • Ninety Ten
    Ninety Ten22 uur geleden

    so many people need to hear this. i’m tired of telling people to chill out during sparring because they think they need to knock me out to get better

  • Oaxaca Flocka Flame
    Oaxaca Flocka Flame23 uur geleden

    Gsp is the coolest.

  • stringsnare
    stringsnareDag geleden

    This was a real talk for many different careers.

  • max sorento
    max sorentoDag geleden

    GSP is the GOAT

  • Chris Oyola
    Chris OyolaDag geleden

    I trained regularly with amazing boxers some top 10 in the world and Olympians from Eastern Europe. They told me they fight for real four times a year and that is when they get paid. It is a pure stupidity when people are sparring as if it was a real fight. Fight camps sparring is focused but never crosses the line of fighting to end someone. Can't stand some gym cultures where they try weed out people by trying to hurt them in sparring. While I respect Mayweather as a boxer, I do hate how he tries to make viral all these gym wars. He is continuing the poor culture in gyms where people get hurt and learn nothing.

  • Lucifer
    LuciferDag geleden

    40 + more podcasts deleted by Spotify

  • Adam Chapman
    Adam ChapmanDag geleden

    GSP is the best guy for MMA he doesn't talk shit just fight.

  • Big Boy Pants Golf
    Big Boy Pants GolfDag geleden

    Is GSP the nicest guy ever or what?

  • itsGdublan
    itsGdublanDag geleden

    George saint pehair

  • dorsandotcom
    dorsandotcomDag geleden

    real montreal legend here

  • Nimo Kali
    Nimo KaliDag geleden

    The background of this studio sucks! Freaking restaurant. Looks like ass.

  • Paul Merjudio
    Paul MerjudioDag geleden

    I’m new to UFC, about three years watching it, new events and past events. I still haven’t watched any GSP fights.

  • Weyal B
    Weyal BDag geleden

    I needed this.

  • konstantin stemmermann
    konstantin stemmermannDag geleden

    GSP, love the guy............but that haircut...........just NO!!

  • Franzus Gütlus
    Franzus GütlusDag geleden

    This is my concern for Kevin Holland. He has no time to play and improve between fights. His fights are too close to each other.

    REAPING WAYSDag geleden

    Good Smart Person

  • Seetsa Molapo
    Seetsa MolapoDag geleden

    Funny how I'll probably listen to the whole thing when it's broken down into shorter clips

    KING DARTHROGDag geleden

    GSP came to my brunch kitchen in Montreal with his grandma, I made him crème brûlée. Even in a green knit sweater he is terryfing.

  • Mike Boechler
    Mike BoechlerDag geleden

    Muhammad Ali said the same thing when kids asked him about being a great fighter he told them to stay in school and study work have something to fall back on fighting is a dangerous sport and is either people only for people who need it

  • BakedandHectic
    BakedandHecticDag geleden

    "Dont fap 3 months prior to fightnight,and you will succeed"

  • Guannan Hou
    Guannan HouDag geleden

    him training with Freddy and Tony Ferguson. I bet he told that to Tony.

  • Timothy Norris
    Timothy NorrisDag geleden

    Awesome fucking hair dye your almost 40 years old come on man

  • afaruqi
    afaruqiDag geleden

    The greatest Canadian export ever... 😍

  • D. SQ
    D. SQDag geleden

    53 seconds in. This is the second clip of GSP's I have watched and it's time and it's absolute gold. I have to listen to the whole thing, now. I have to listen to this man. 😂

  • Alexsandar Iskandar
    Alexsandar IskandarDag geleden

    These guys are not champions of anything important in my eyes, UFC is a company that handpicks fighters. It's not like all fighters in the world all get a shot. And also being a champion in the UFC is the same thing as being as being a champion in Bellator, OneFC, etc. Except for the fact that UFC is a much bigger company.

  • T Wang
    T WangDag geleden

    When did GSP start looking like Macklemore ?

  • Dito Raditya Y.
    Dito Raditya Y.Dag geleden

    We you think of World Champion, GOAT, Legend, you think of GSP

  • Omar Moreno
    Omar MorenoDag geleden

    You need a fade rush

  • Bull Investor
    Bull InvestorDag geleden

    Now do Joe rogan telling Brandon Schuab that he is trash and should retire for more than +2.0 million people to see.

  • Vincent Lope
    Vincent LopeDag geleden

    GSP asking you to “ play a little bit “ still sounds low key terrifying

  • JoondaGoon
    JoondaGoonDag geleden

    If he tells them that n they don’t get motivated then fighting isn’t for them

  • Blumbo tough
    Blumbo toughDag geleden

    Need a Matt Hues...

  • Blumbo tough
    Blumbo toughDag geleden

    Come back to you tube Joe

  • Sam Sammy
    Sam SammyDag geleden

    A man with no ego can move mountains, and GSP is that man

    DAVIDDag geleden

    karate dudes are always the most humble

  • عبداللطيف
    عبداللطيفDag geleden

    The raw truth is that men like GSP will be successful no matter what they do. They approach life and sport with a playfulness a curiosity and in the end, laser-sharp focus.

  • Luke Kelchner
    Luke KelchnerDag geleden

    GSP might actually be the thing that makes me switch from Apple Music to Spotify...

    DEFCONDag geleden

    6:28 GSP to water bottle "hold on I'm talking brother"

    DEFCONDag geleden

    4:54 GSP: Fuck around and find out

  • Jonathan Garcia
    Jonathan GarciaDag geleden

    Seeing gsp with hair is like seeing a whole other person

  • Chronic Facial
    Chronic FacialDag geleden

    "In the 5th your ass goes down. Say it."

  • Sam Owen
    Sam OwenDag geleden

    "He's not fighting to win anymore, he's fighting to not lose"

  • Zor Huaj
    Zor HuajDag geleden

    is there a way to stream JRE episodes ? fuck spotify

  • Aaron Wood
    Aaron WoodDag geleden

    Hearing GSP speak is like hearing a grandfather give his own wisdom down to his grandchildren. He's such a humble guy and one of my favorite fighters of all time and not just b/c he's a legendary athlete but because of how humble he is. I always wanted Anderson Silva and GSP fight in a superfight but it's a good thing they didn't b/c they are just two old dogs

  • Derick Mielke
    Derick MielkeDag geleden

    The pixels only in proximity of gsp's body get distorted when he moves however rogan doesn't get affected? Also gsp in recent years is a huge depressant he is the opposite of a role model with the way he chooses to speak

  • Omar Espinoza
    Omar EspinozaDag geleden

    GSP in the MCU should be able to morph into a giant GOAT 🐐 and his balls are 2 infinity stones

  • N Gabriel
    N GabrielDag geleden

    The less egotistical fighters are the most successful! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • J C
    J CDag geleden

    I didn't know GSP still had hair he truly is a GOAT.

  • Beef
    BeefDag geleden

    Hell naw I aint quitting

  • babbafuc
    babbafucDag geleden

    Why is Joe a drunk now? Illegal weed in Texas can't be it, he is rich right?!

  • Jared Borellis
    Jared BorellisDag geleden

    Naruto comes up to GSP like imma be Hokage one day believe it ! GSP: look kid dah the odds are unlikely you should hang up your shuriken's

    SLIP NORRISDag geleden

    One of the sharpest minds in mma

  • Justin Wiseman
    Justin WisemanDag geleden

    What can you say. Great advices from the great gsp.

  • Sunny Kay
    Sunny KayDag geleden

    Bald Rogan: I thought you were one of us 😞 BoyBand GSP: 🧑🏻‍🦳

  • xWoRz1
    xWoRz1Dag geleden


  • Ambitionz
    AmbitionzDag geleden

    You know it's time to hang them up when you fake an injury to win a fight.

  • E Lambey
    E LambeyDag geleden

    The last section made so much sense bro you need an award for that GSP.

  • Emma Kotone
    Emma KotoneDag geleden

    2:53 "The Stars got to align", I believe that, but I feel that sometimes the stars want to align for you. GSP is an example of that.

  • Silas Ringo
    Silas RingoDag geleden

    Gsp got Stockton slapped we all know he was just a hug an hope fighter .... NICK DIAZ ARMY!! 🇺🇸

  • William Breeze
    William Breeze2 dagen geleden

    GSP had Chad looks and Wise old man wisdom!

  • alcott devalte
    alcott devalte2 dagen geleden

    It would have been so awesome just to meet GSP and train with him for some minutes...

  • Lucky Charms
    Lucky Charms2 dagen geleden

    Gsp makes me proud to be Canadian 🇨🇦 👇

  • Ctyler93
    Ctyler932 dagen geleden

    Frenchest finger snap ever

  • Cory Farmer
    Cory Farmer2 dagen geleden

    What about Timing in life and focus....gsp was very lucky and very good....if you think somebody should stop and you see bad things for them just close your mouth that's a terrible elitist way of thinking.

  • Cory Farmer
    Cory Farmer2 dagen geleden

    Wtf? No.

  • ralph ditka
    ralph ditka2 dagen geleden


  • ArtOfWaveTv
    ArtOfWaveTv2 dagen geleden

    GSP can’t punch

  • Cat I
    Cat I2 dagen geleden

    GSP is so legit.

  • gwh21375
    gwh213752 dagen geleden

    Khabib is the exception to this. He was finishing more guys at the end of his career. Maybe that's just a function of his early departure tho

  • F1 77
    F1 772 dagen geleden

    6:35 GSP lettin' out some Gas 😏