Mark Sisson on Achieving Metabolic Flexibility Through Fasting

Taken from JRE #1624 w/Mark Sisson:


  • Omar Barre
    Omar BarreUur geleden

    Great reset conspiracy theory?? lol The world economic forum literally has it on their website lol

  • David Berger
    David Berger3 uur geleden

    Joe that's not the standard American diet.

  • H M
    H M3 uur geleden

    Right in time for Ramadan 👍🏽

  • c Dittmer
    c Dittmer10 uur geleden

    Working 2nd shift helps. I eat at around 7pm. Dont eat again till about 11am. Bowl of cereal and maybe yougurt and o.j. Drink a lot of water. work out in afternoon before work. I've done this for 35 years. People think they need a lot of food. You don't.

  • Cotivity
    Cotivity12 uur geleden

    Any person that has good genes: "I've unlocked the secrets of the universe".

  • John Jinkle
    John Jinkle12 uur geleden

    This guy looks like joe Biden’s cooler older brother

  • 39Thorns
    39Thorns13 uur geleden

    Cool to see Mark Sisson on JRE!!!!! Primal Blueprint literally changed my life.

  • Skrailing
    Skrailing14 uur geleden

    I wonder what his PED regimen is. He can not tell me he is clean.

  • WH2012
    WH201215 uur geleden

    Joe, the ‘great re-set’ is not a conspiracy theory.

  • Wave Rider
    Wave Rider18 uur geleden

    Joe is stupid if he doesn't believe in conspiracy aren't facts. Do your homework dude and you will know what is going on in the world instead of the bullshit saying must be a conspiracy theory.

  • John Dee
    John Dee20 uur geleden

    rofl... "Conspiracy". ahah Its in front of your eyes. They tell you on live tv. Why would be conspiracy when they are telling you straight in your dumb S face?

  • Igloo Zoo
    Igloo Zoo21 uur geleden

    You have to wonder if Joe is asking these questions for his audience or for himself considering how often he has Keto and Carnivore types on his show.

  • Sam Loomis
    Sam Loomis21 uur geleden

    Who is mark sissy?

  • Jura Rose
    Jura Rose23 uur geleden

    I have always fasted. I eat just enough when I am hungry. I sometimes eat once a day, or 5 times a day, whatever my body needs. I am slim and healthy.

  • Austin Littke
    Austin LittkeDag geleden

    Eh i think this guy is a bit full of crap. Bs u cant efficiently switch to fats when u fast if u never did keto, show me the science behind that garbage statement

  • nick lowder
    nick lowderDag geleden

    Whenever my buddy starts talking about Mark SIsson, he has to clarify to me that he's not talking about Marxism.



  • Carlos Montana
    Carlos MontanaDag geleden

    Elegant design, almost like a supreme being may have come up with it. Smart people crack me up.

  • Dilshod Umarov
    Dilshod UmarovDag geleden

    that's why Muslims do fasting once a year for 30 days in a row during the Ramazan

  • Taran Hase
    Taran HaseDag geleden

    What about the planet?? keto is litrally killing the planet, the grain that feeds the animals we eat can feed the entire human pop 2x over And fat makes you fat and tired (keto just looses the water weight), its harder to turn into an energy source, its like burning oil instead of petrol Wake the fuck up people, for your childrens sake

  • Chris Develing
    Chris DevelingDag geleden

    Did he just say "it was designed" ? Well, well, well.

  • Internet PhD
    Internet PhDDag geleden

    lol joe rogan saying you would die for a couple week fast. not at all

  • sup Bro
    sup BroDag geleden

    one whole summer i drank a scoop of whey with water and 2 clas a day and that was it. best shape of my life but i was absolutely miserable 😂😂

  • RP
    RPDag geleden

    OMAD also boosts immune system and testosterone

  • Gordon Ingram
    Gordon IngramDag geleden

    My secret to staying jacked is to eat 1.5 Lbs of Trout per day coupled with spinach and egg plant

  • John Jordan
    John JordanDag geleden

    Mark Sisson on taking testosterone and then telling us how to be healthy even though 99% of his health is because of the testosterone.

  • Ale. G.
    Ale. G.Dag geleden

    Being "poor" is the best way to do what is being said here... Laugh my azz off.

  • Ironmurs
    Ironmurs2 dagen geleden

    For in shape people, I do feel light strength training while fasted not only helps get through the fast, but helps maintain strength and accelerates the conversion from glucose burning to keto burning.

  • Anamaria Gerea
    Anamaria Gerea2 dagen geleden

    I wonder how many people that understand the basic functions of the human body are rolling their eyes at this bollocks 😅

  • GE B
    GE B2 dagen geleden

    The Great Reset is not a conspiracy theory. They even have a podcast and talk about their aims.

  • Tony X
    Tony X2 dagen geleden

    Discrimination against carbs !

  • eric garnet
    eric garnet2 dagen geleden

    The Muslims knew this way back in the day. 30 days of pure fasting. Your body feels great

  • Dug FmJamul

    Dug FmJamul

    2 dagen geleden

    Jesus did it for 40 days, and BEAT Satan

  • Willie D
    Willie D2 dagen geleden

    I'm so unhealthy and I don't look it

  • Shaun M
    Shaun M2 dagen geleden

    Finally someone has explained my natural lifestyle, I was judged so much for eating like this

  • Kane Tesla
    Kane Tesla2 dagen geleden

    Fast, sunrise till sunset for 30days. Ramadan starts Tuesday. Get on it.

  • Swag Planet
    Swag Planet2 dagen geleden

    I do a 72 hrs zero calorie fast once every 6 months. Full body reboot. No, I do not feel amazing after 3 days, I feel normal and look forward to the SENSATION of eating. I work out lightly day 1 and 2. And all is good, mental challenge and . This dude wants it to be pleasure-able lol

  • Sohail Ashraf
    Sohail Ashraf2 dagen geleden

    Best way to loose weight is lock your self in a toilet and just fast and shit all day long and you’ll be good eventually

  • Lonni A.
    Lonni A.2 dagen geleden

    “I read the NYT to see what the other side is doing” definitely a Trumper👍

  • Brandon P
    Brandon P2 dagen geleden

    Mark looks awesome compared to the average 67 year old.

  • Lonni A.
    Lonni A.2 dagen geleden

    Get Cole Robinson on and stop spewing lies about fasting

  • Aye_ Eliii
    Aye_ Eliii2 dagen geleden

    Joe should really get cole from snake diet on here, that’s be dope

  • Cristela Jimenez
    Cristela Jimenez3 dagen geleden

    2 of my favorite people talking about one of my favorite subjects, very nice!

  • dereque kayacomesin
    dereque kayacomesin3 dagen geleden

    Good find.

  • Sara
    Sara3 dagen geleden

    Interesting that I eat WFPB rich in complex carbs and fiber, low in fat, which led to being able to easily fast 20 to 24 hours everyday. I've lost over 30 lbs, am 126 lbs, and at 46 I feel absolutely amazing, on zero medications and don't even keep Tylenol or ibuprofin in my home. I finally have the energy to strength train and long distance run and it just keeps getting better. I break my fast between 11 and noon and I stop eating between noon and 2pm. focusing on nutrient, fiber rich whole plant foods. Personally I feel my best not eating anything at night. I sleep so much better and I wake up easily. My focus and concentration at work is amazing, and my moods are such that I consistently feel joy and optimism.

  • Tony Iaconis
    Tony Iaconis3 dagen geleden

    I find it interesting that someone (Mark Sisson) who promotes primal eating, fasting, no sugar, no grains etc ...would sell his food company (Primal Kitchen) to Kraft-Heinz. Arguably one company that had the biggest impact to the obesity epidemic around the world. The only parallel I can make is 'selling your soul to the devil'

  • The Vinyl Reefer
    The Vinyl Reefer3 dagen geleden

    Hi Jamie Rogan!

  • h0tne0
    h0tne03 dagen geleden

    Is there a place where you go for a few days or a week and you're under a professional supervision, but the place is geared towards getting you to ketosis and they use water fasting for the duration? I've read a writer volunteered for this for a week and by the 3rd day they were cranky and by the end of the week they enjoyed their first meal immensely.

  • JamesPlays
    JamesPlays3 dagen geleden

    A week!!!

  • mplslawnguy
    mplslawnguy3 dagen geleden

    My eyes must be going, I thought it said achieving metabolic flexibility through fisting. Diet stuff bores me, so I thought this might be a fresh take on diet advice.

  • Jessica LT
    Jessica LT3 dagen geleden

    What about the Blue Zone diet, those people living in those zones and eating that way live to their 100’s and no one on Keto has done this. Check it out.

    NUTRITIONAL DIVERSITY3 dagen geleden

    metabolic flexibility was first described in the Biodiverse food study in Panama.... and the key optimal physical fitness and performance is haveing a requisite ND diet as described in under that same search....

  • lilbluechev
    lilbluechev3 dagen geleden

    Fasting is much easier when your taking meth. Also gives you the energy to run long distance for a longer time, burn more calories than being consumed and so is forced to burn body fat for energy. Legalize all drugs.

  • Travel Ace
    Travel Ace3 dagen geleden

    as a cyclist if you feel bonk, dont stop keep going and your body will start burn fat that what I think is'nt it?

  • R B
    R B3 dagen geleden

    Uh Great Reset... pretty hard to refute when there is a website that explains it in detail. If not just read Klaus book lol. Joe sold out amazing what 100 million does to you.

  • ifoundthistoday
    ifoundthistoday3 dagen geleden

    this guy's knowledge is an accumulation of any google top 10 search, everything this guy said I've heard so many times... I prefer Rhonda ... at least she can say it's backed by research

  • Emilio Tamez
    Emilio Tamez3 dagen geleden

    Dr Jason Fung has very detailed information on fasting. He'd be a great guess.

  • Germo .S
    Germo .S3 dagen geleden

    Just eat and fast, what is so difficult about it?

  • Catcher Rye
    Catcher Rye3 dagen geleden

    fuck that! eat low carb high protein and train for 30 mins a day in sweat suit, you'll be ripped to fuck

  • Jeremy S.
    Jeremy S.4 dagen geleden

    This guy is still preaching the myth that fat and carbs have anything to do with each other even though fat loss is the same no matter what one eats in a calorie deficit.

  • D P
    D P4 dagen geleden

    Joe, invite Earthling Ed to your podcast!

  • SJ Cali
    SJ Cali4 dagen geleden

    Metabolic flexibility? Someone needs to go on Joe’s show that actually knows what they’re talking about. This guy is full of crap. Keto is not the way to anything unless you want to fast all day because of the high amounts of fat you eat and when you do eat it’s like a bird because of all the fat calories so you can’t eat volume. There are MUCH better ways then what this hack is talking about.

  • Money Making
    Money Making4 dagen geleden

    lol "I read the New York Times to see what the other side is doing"

  • Muamer Rastic
    Muamer Rastic4 dagen geleden

    There's just normal fasting that muslims do during Ramadan, 30 days of fasting will clean you for the whole year, physically, but to reap the phychological benefits you got to believe too...

  • Martin G
    Martin G4 dagen geleden

    this guy is clearly right

  • tsuba14
    tsuba144 dagen geleden

    hunters killed and ate megafauna for millions of years. we are wired to eat and use fat.

  • XfStef
    XfStef4 dagen geleden

    Come on Joe, how's the Great Reset a conspiracy theory when there were actual quotes from the UN, EU and other prolific global organizations about it?!?!

  • Nick Blake
    Nick Blake4 dagen geleden

    Joe needs more vids about health/diet and about prevenative medicine

  • Bkay
    Bkay4 dagen geleden

    Hes on TRT lol

  • CodiTheJedi
    CodiTheJedi4 dagen geleden

    Joe "if youre a carbohydrate" Rogan

  • MrBseif
    MrBseif4 dagen geleden

    Are you telling me that my eating disorder is not one ??? The past 5 years Ive found myself only eating once a day. I feel fine, mind and body i truly enjoy it. the only problem is to get others to understand, im tired of having to say again and again that im simply not hungry and that im fine.

  • Krystal Robinson
    Krystal Robinson4 dagen geleden

    The Great Reset was openly discussed by the world economic forum. Shame on Joe for dismissing

  • JamesScottGuitar
    JamesScottGuitar4 dagen geleden

    I just now noticed the Diaz etching on the left tree in the opening of each segment. Brilliant.😂

  • Zeb Brown
    Zeb Brown4 dagen geleden

    The idea that fasting for more than 36 hours is bad for you and that doing keto is a better solution for people trying to get their body to burn fat is fundamentally wrong. Fasting for more than 36 hours is where you start to get real benefits and it will get you burning fat faster and more efficiently and it won't fill you up with garbage.

  • nick richard
    nick richard4 dagen geleden

    joe where is episode 331?

  • The Wede Show
    The Wede Show4 dagen geleden

    I do everything he says but I like to drink on weekends 😞

  • faith allen
    faith allen4 dagen geleden

    I picked up 20 lbs with Covid. I walk 5 to 10 miles a day and eat every other day. I'm old, 66..came right off.

  • Saad Shatila
    Saad Shatila4 dagen geleden

    No Joe it's not a conspiracy theory !!!!when they all verbally say the same phrase" great reset" don't act like that Joe

  • Ross Rubio
    Ross Rubio4 dagen geleden

    Both these guys are wrong about lots of things. 🤦‍♂️

  • gmer16
    gmer164 dagen geleden

    Agree with what you say, but if you are an office worker like myself one meal a day is going to be barely enough to keep your weight steady, and I’ve been on low carb for years. If you are overweight, the only way to shed excess fat is to do some extended fasting (4/5 days, coffee and tea only) a couple of times per year

  • Not Invented Here
    Not Invented Here4 dagen geleden

    "How long does it take before their body... to... convert to burning fat?" One Ramadan.

  • The Motivational Dude
    The Motivational Dude4 dagen geleden

    Joe is wrong! You will not die if you fast for two weeks. I'm alive. I have fasted many times from 5-14 days on water. I'm healthy. And I lost next to no muscle. In fact, most people can fast for 21-67 days (dependant on fast stores) before starvation sets in. There was a man who fasted in my homeland, Scotland, for over a year (380 days) and did not die. Caution, anyone who fast beyond 2 days should seek advice from an expert.

  • John Kennedy
    John Kennedy4 dagen geleden

    67 years old this guy is!

  • Philos Johnson
    Philos Johnson5 dagen geleden

    The great reset is a conspiracy theory?! Why I don’t listen to his podcast regularly... he’s just not that intellectually curious... it’s always amazing to me how obtuse he is, like how little he knows about ketosis...

  • Bryan Morris
    Bryan Morris5 dagen geleden

    Dr Jason Fung is who you want to talk to about fasting. This guy does not know the science very well. You burn old junk protein when you fast. It's called autophagy. Get Jason on the podcast.

  • Henrique Noronha
    Henrique Noronha5 dagen geleden

    Would be cool to see Dr. Eric Berg come on the podcast to talk more about fasting and keto.

  • Dale Clontz

    Dale Clontz

    2 dagen geleden

    Dr Berry more than Dr Berg. Dr Berry is legit af.

  • Shane White aka BIGDADDYHUGZ
    Shane White aka BIGDADDYHUGZ5 dagen geleden

    I just finished a 30 day fast on March 24th and did a 26 day fast last May. No Joe, you won't die if you fast for a week or two lol

  • V K
    V K5 dagen geleden

    Attn admin-I heard your ad about watching video on spotify for free but when I sign in, hit play for JRE I just cycle thru ad after ad after ad and never get JRE to play. Anyone else know what I'm doing wrong here? Thanks

  • digitaldragondamnati
    digitaldragondamnati5 dagen geleden

    Wow, I had this idea a few years ago thanks for giving me some confirmation.

  • Ghostdeini Da Gr8
    Ghostdeini Da Gr85 dagen geleden

    Dude! 1:25:39 on the podcast for some reason joe didn’t wanna keep talking about soy lent. Is it because he didn’t wanna advertise soylent? It’s just really odd and I hope someone has a better idea than I do on why he didn’t want to talk about it. Lol

  • Ghostdeini Da Gr8

    Ghostdeini Da Gr8

    5 dagen geleden

    Soylent talk starts at 1:24:24

  • Chris Steele
    Chris Steele5 dagen geleden

    Also sometimes I share this, the Bible says that GOD loves us so much that he sent his son JESUS CHRIST to this earth and HE lived a perfect sinless life.And JESUS went to a cross and gave HIS life for us.And rose again in 3 days and who ever will receive JESUS AS THEIR SAVIOR AND ASK HIM TO COME INTO THEIR HEART AND FORGIVE THEIR SINS,HE WILL TAKE YOU TO HEAVEN.

  • Clutch Cargo
    Clutch Cargo5 dagen geleden

    I'm still amazed how great I feel after a couple of Big Macs. True no girls are attracted to my fat ass but my burgers have never made me cry or bitched.

  • Sean Michael
    Sean Michael5 dagen geleden

    Fasting is great is your BMI is over 25 but let me eat my lasanga real quick

  • Tony H. Anderson
    Tony H. Anderson5 dagen geleden

    If you’re eating complex carbs you are not taking in fat to burn ... so his information is not fully accurate... animal fat and oils kills you the fat you eat is the fat you wear.

  • Jose Gonzalez
    Jose Gonzalez5 dagen geleden

    That’s is exactly what I’ve been doing!

  • Sherald Hill
    Sherald Hill5 dagen geleden

    I’d believe this guys methods a lot more if he would admit to being on TRT and HGH.

  • Brian's Basic MTB
    Brian's Basic MTB5 dagen geleden

    I wish Joe's podcast was still on.

  • Pushap Raj
    Pushap Raj5 dagen geleden

    Fasting is very popular in Hindu culture from ancient times .. I am glad that West is also understanding its significance.

  • Bella Bijou
    Bella Bijou5 dagen geleden

    I eat one small meal a day. After 24 hours of not eating, I am amazed how little food fills me up.

  • Mike Smith

    Mike Smith

    Dag geleden

    @Aaron E that’s not true. Let’s assume OP is 5’11” 200lbs and takes in 1500 calories in one meal per day. Let’s say his body AT ITS CURRENT WEIGHT requires 2000 calories a day to sustain. He’s obviously going to loose weight with that deficit. As he looses pounds his body requires less and less calories to maintain. As long his activity level stays about the same, eventually he hits a point where his 1500 keeps him sustained at a particular weight. A 200 lb man requires more calories to maintain that 200 than the same man at 150lbs .

  • Aaron E

    Aaron E

    2 dagen geleden

    You still need a similar amount of calories. otherwise you are slowly losing weight and it is not sustainable forever. The goal of the video isn't to lose weight but to change how your body energizes itself.

  • Bill Martin
    Bill Martin5 dagen geleden

    I’m tired of Scissons. He thinks he knows everything. Here’s what it boils down to. Get into ketosis and do heavy weightlifting combined with long MAF runs.

  • romplin
    romplin5 dagen geleden