Lara Beitz' 40lb Weight Loss Transformation

Taken from JRE #1629 w/Lara Beitz:


  • NotMyRealName
    NotMyRealName9 minuten geleden

    according to huffingtonpost you're not supposed to compliment people who have lost weight any more

  • Can Lehr
    Can Lehr17 uur geleden

    I hope more gals start getting that booty

  • Daniel
    Daniel22 uur geleden

    Wow, what a great video. I've only been following Joe Rogan for a couple of weeks, what a smart, kind guy. And Lara B, well done! You did it! You were always funny and always you're healthy too. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Janice Morris
    Janice MorrisDag geleden

    Who is this lady?

  • JS
    JSDag geleden

    She's really cute for a plain looking girl.

  • 343Films
    343FilmsDag geleden

    Very inspirational for someone who's been trying to lose 45 pounds since September. More than halfway there and I feel so much better already! (23M, 6'2", 225 lb starting - 180 lb goal, 197 lb current)

  • This isn’t the wholesome future for Canadians-
    This isn’t the wholesome future for Canadians-2 dagen geleden

    People don't wanna believe just how being 40-60lbs overweight negatively impacts both your body and mental health. Props to anyone who take the steps to better their life through work and mental fortitude.

  • Natron Fa†u'MallaFalla
    Natron Fa†u'MallaFalla3 dagen geleden

    Now she needs to change her hairstyle that makes her look over weight...girls that wear bangs like that doesn't look good women. No hate, just saying that hairstyle isn't attractive 😗

  • Awol Jones
    Awol Jones3 dagen geleden

    Everyone always says eat the right things.... what the fuck are the right things ? Just tell me what combo meals are the best at each restaurant.

  • Charlie Dallachie
    Charlie Dallachie3 dagen geleden

    Time tends to fly once you get into a routine. Even 1-2lbs a week (the recommended) will be 30+lbs after 3-6 months. Don’t even pay attention to the scale for the first month because it’s common to step on and not see much the first month.

  • armin38822
    armin388223 dagen geleden

    Losing weight is not that hard. Staying in shape...that's the hard part. Speaking from expirence. I had a gut and got sick about it. Started working out untill I had a six pack. Broke myself in the gym and diet wise. But I got injured,took a break and everything went downhill. Lol Now I have to do it all over again. And I know I'll be able to get back to that point but the question is how long em I gonna be able to keep it. That's the real struggle. Just because you stay on point for 6 months,that doesn't mean you alraedy changed. You achive your goals and than reward yourself and that reward turns into 50 rewards. And boom you are back into your old patterns. People talk a lot about getting in shape while the real conversation should be about staying in shape.

  • Didier Peroni
    Didier Peroni3 dagen geleden

    This woman if fucking hilarious 😂

  • Lucero Garza
    Lucero Garza3 dagen geleden


  • One-Eye
    One-Eye3 dagen geleden

    The fat positivity movement is not just dangerous, I think it's downright evil. Especially since the main proponents of it are impressionable young women, who are being brainwashed into thinking that being obese in their early 20s is not only acceptable, but that it's some form of noble feminist statement.

  • Heimlich the Caterpillar
    Heimlich the Caterpillar3 dagen geleden

    The only chance I can lose 40 pounds is in a British casino.

  • Cynnx7
    Cynnx74 dagen geleden

    Shout out to everyone doing their thing and stuff like that.

  • Swag on 1000 Jameson
    Swag on 1000 Jameson4 dagen geleden


  • sikosis999
    sikosis9994 dagen geleden

    40lbs is not a weight loss transformation hahaha . . . that's loosing winter fat ffs . . . try going from 300lbs active, healthy & employed to disabled, near sedentary, choke'n down fists full of pills daily and 643lbs then back over an eight year struggle to the 350lbs neighborhood, no more prescription narcotics (marijuana saved my life) and a flicker of 'life' again . . . only to realize not only does absolutely no one give a single fuck but the system designed to protect and help you is actually a vindictive meat grinder that will have you one way or another . . . . these ra ra parties and the social circumstance around 'healthy living' and 'helping people' is bullshit and i say that with 150% faith in fact as someone who doesn't fit the narrative and gets told to fuck off essentially.

  • • • • LOADING
    • • • LOADING4 dagen geleden

    Anyone have the link to the over eaters support group? Asking for a friend

  • nick richard
    nick richard4 dagen geleden

    joe where is episode 331?

  • Divine's Legacy
    Divine's Legacy4 dagen geleden

    I lost 45 pounds really quick and felt good about myself, but unfortunately the cravings were so strong that I messed up and got addicted again, and unfortunately gained a lot back it’s so hard to keep it off man.

  • Divine's Legacy

    Divine's Legacy

    3 dagen geleden

    @Ivana G. I lost about 15 pounds a month, due to lots of walking but barely any eating I ended up plateauing later on though which also demotivated me, I also lost a lot of muscle in the process.

  • Ivana G.

    Ivana G.

    3 dagen geleden

    how quick was it?

  • Brigitte MR
    Brigitte MR4 dagen geleden

    I remember when I was 19 and went from a fat pig to a tiny chick. It was a real trip just seeing how people treated me when I looked and felt better

  • M M
    M M4 dagen geleden

    Lol, he told her that she lost a ton of weight

  • Swich Rhymes
    Swich Rhymes4 dagen geleden

    Being to big or to small sucks. I cant gain weight, sure not a problem for most, but if you are like me no body fat, hyper active thyroid, ill never gain weight

  • Tara Johnson
    Tara Johnson4 dagen geleden

    the only weightloss pill that worked for me was adderall

  • Danimal Tomcat
    Danimal Tomcat4 dagen geleden

    I lost40lbs in one month going to the gym for 3hrs a day. I was at 160lbs and now I am fat again at 200 I want to lose weight again it felt great

  • morning star
    morning star4 dagen geleden

    I work 12 hours A day. I really wish my lifestyle could be healthy.

  • Mary Milo

    Mary Milo

    2 dagen geleden

    Yeah working long hours is a challenge but you can do little things and they add up and can make big differences Just start small and remember its all about mindset

  • Rob Berezowski
    Rob Berezowski4 dagen geleden

    7:57 "The action has to be the reward" - This makes so much sense to me. My workout is riding my bike because it's fun, not because I'm trying to lose weight (even though I am trying to lose weight)

  • Jasmine 4ever
    Jasmine 4ever4 dagen geleden

    She wasn't exactly My 600 lb Life though, was she?

  • toronto daddy
    toronto daddy4 dagen geleden

    She was and is a fox. Great personality also.

  • Kate Apple
    Kate Apple5 dagen geleden

    I lost 55! Even during the pando ✊🏾 good for you lady I don’t know!

  • Bearded Jagger
    Bearded Jagger5 dagen geleden

    Move more. Eat less. Follow me on Instagram.

  • Robert
    Robert5 dagen geleden

    I kept slowly gaining until it reached a point where I accepted I didn't like cardio or public gyms but still needed to make an effort to be healthy. I set up a small home gym two years ago and have lost over 35lbs. Feels great.

  • Spenser Tracy
    Spenser Tracy5 dagen geleden


  • heidi gee
    heidi gee5 dagen geleden

    Dude, try working out with a toddler around and NO nannies.... its not easy lol

  • Grimshaw Grummage
    Grimshaw Grummage5 dagen geleden

    She looks like a white chicks dude on the before photo.

  • James Mills
    James Mills5 dagen geleden

    Fuck im fat

  • skagganauk
    skagganauk5 dagen geleden

    seems like a cool chick, gotta check out her comedy

  • Coley
    Coley5 dagen geleden

    Good for her!!

  • BlackManSlim562
    BlackManSlim5625 dagen geleden

    no shade but people that are big and get thin always seem like they have a large head

  • Marcin Sztof
    Marcin Sztof5 dagen geleden

    so, what's that name of a comedian fitness trainer again? Cannot find her!

  • Jon Ram
    Jon Ram5 dagen geleden

    My journey starts tomorrow. I’m 29 at 208 pounds 5’6”, getting health issues but doctor says im in a stage where medication isn’t needed, I’m at the stage where everything is up to me. I WILL SUCCEED!

  • Top Hat
    Top Hat5 dagen geleden

    How do u lose weight?

  • Mike Row P.
    Mike Row P.5 dagen geleden

    health is wealth

  • Sarah McMillan
    Sarah McMillan5 dagen geleden

    Yeah it feels great until you start obsessing about every single thing you eat and dread social events due to temptation caused by restricting your diet for too long, and you’re obsessing about every inch of your body, and all you can think about is food till you cave in and binge for a year and gain back all the weight you lost. This is not healthy.

  • Jake Toffen
    Jake Toffen5 dagen geleden

    I quit drinking and got fking jacked since covid. You have the power to chang ! It aint easy, you just have to put in the work.

  • skeetuschrist
    skeetuschrist5 dagen geleden

    feminists probably haaaate her for self improvement

  • cameron pain
    cameron pain5 dagen geleden

    Her potato comparison was better than Joe's weight plate comparison.

  • BeefPapa
    BeefPapa5 dagen geleden

    Good for Juliette Lewis

  • Connor Shidler
    Connor Shidler5 dagen geleden

    65Ibs down and counting in about 7 months.

  • KarmaKahn
    KarmaKahn5 dagen geleden

    I read it as 400lbs at first. That would have been an amazing transformation.

  • dawgyv72
    dawgyv725 dagen geleden

    I still don't understand why people are so offended by being called fat, or admitting to be fat. Its no one else' fault but their own that they gained wait and got fat. It's like a wealthy person losing all their money to drugs and alcohol but their friends have to tell them "No dude, you're fine the way you're living, you don't need any money or stability!"

  • - JustMaxPirk
    - JustMaxPirk5 dagen geleden

    That spotify shit is a lie. The app sucks and does not work in the background like the NLdron app. It also loses its place and restarts all the time. I only watch the clips now because of this BS with the spotify app.

  • john doe
    john doe5 dagen geleden

    Yes! Sustainable lifestyle changes, that is the key to getting off industrial faux food, and transition into a healthy happy life.

  • men with ven
    men with ven5 dagen geleden

    I've lost 40 pounds in the last 6 months and I feel great!

  • Chickengenius420
    Chickengenius4205 dagen geleden

    Is this the same lady that said all women should cheat, and she is still 46 and looking for the one? Yeah umm no

  • Marcus Hart - Try the God Pill
    Marcus Hart - Try the God Pill5 dagen geleden

    My God she looks great. I was just jabbing at her voice on LaughFactory last year wow 👏

  • MegaKootz
    MegaKootz5 dagen geleden

    I lost over two hundred pounds and documented it on my channel. Forgive me for not doing backflips if someone who loses 40 gets on joe rogan.

  • Austin Hall
    Austin Hall6 dagen geleden

    A little bit of something is a lot more than a lot of nothing. I will always applaud someone who tries

  • Twootys
    Twootys6 dagen geleden

    40lb? Lol

  • Guy py
    Guy py6 dagen geleden

    3:30 SO a cat can save your life if you have a bathtub

  • Reefer Ruben
    Reefer Ruben6 dagen geleden

    Saw this lady at the comedy store drive in, she had to be the worst one on stage...

  • Ez PiKenZ
    Ez PiKenZ6 dagen geleden

    40 lbs is nothing I lost 100 pounds in a year playing basketball

  • Larry Maloney
    Larry Maloney6 dagen geleden

    Two trash-mouthed idiots talking about weight loss. Spend some time talking about healthy eating. "Healthy weight France" isn't the same as healthy. No, Joe, weight loss isn't about "eating the right foods." And your guest is ignorant for counting/measuring "protein" intake. Joe, you try to legitimize meat consumption every way you can.

  • Larry Maloney
    Larry Maloney6 dagen geleden

    Joe keeps talking about "eating healthy" but doesn't understand what it is. You are wrong, again, Joe - weight loss is quick and easy -providing the person doesn't listen to Joe Rogan. A plant-based diet drops a few pounds each week, EZ. As a bonus to normalizing weight, health is truly gained.

  • KRONOStvx
    KRONOStvx6 dagen geleden

    still looking for the "transformation" 40 fucking pounds isnt shit....

  • inhalefarts
    inhalefarts6 dagen geleden

    That's crazy it was even effecting her joints. Like how fat do you have to be that you can't even roll up joints anymore smdh

  • Cole Wilson
    Cole Wilson6 dagen geleden

    I use to weigh 225 when I was in the 9th grade, I started fasting everyday and only eating dinner while going to lacrosse practice, lost 40 pounds in 2 months. Doctors told me I lost it to fast but now I’m sitting around 180 4 years later. Many people use to call me big not fat but just big, I knew what that really meant so I lost the weight.

  • Caleb Hobbs
    Caleb Hobbs6 dagen geleden

    I love this story.

  • neel j
    neel j6 dagen geleden

    I'm 101kgs, I want to be a healthy 80kg person. I have started gym and have little idea about Food management. I'm happy for any ideas and I'm vegetarian.

    BRADLEY ROBINSON6 dagen geleden

    Those hair bangs though

  • Denis Black
    Denis Black6 dagen geleden

    I miss joe rogan :( Fuck you spotify, at least release all over the world before you do shit like that, I don’t like it torrenting every episode

  • Jay Powell
    Jay Powell6 dagen geleden


  • Samuel Concha
    Samuel Concha6 dagen geleden

    She still looks like a jelly donut.

  • Agent Squiddy
    Agent Squiddy6 dagen geleden

    Today I go to the gym for the first time in a while 🙂 gotta start somewhere who cares if I look like that chubby guy at the gym 👍

  • Rob Davidson
    Rob Davidson6 dagen geleden

    American Girl lost weight

  • CrAsh CanuCk
    CrAsh CanuCk6 dagen geleden

    I wasn’t familiar with Lara’s comedy until I heard Joe’s interview. Checked out her work, now I’m a fan. Great job all !!

  • Roblox King boss
    Roblox King boss6 dagen geleden

    Lost 180lbs when my wife left. I feel Great.

  • Dave P

    Dave P

    5 dagen geleden

    Damn your wife weighed 180?

  • NedleyMandingo
    NedleyMandingo6 dagen geleden

    Shit.....I'm eating chips and drinking beer right now

  • thesoundpurist
    thesoundpurist6 dagen geleden

    I don't buy it. Try Greg Doucette low calorie stuff. Fun food and efficient

  • Kevorka
    Kevorka6 dagen geleden

    Caution : Wide Load

  • Kevorka


    6 dagen geleden

    @The Time is Now Hehe

  • The Time is Now

    The Time is Now

    6 dagen geleden

    Wow. You’re super witty. 🙄

  • Bry-Fi
    Bry-Fi6 dagen geleden

    I always heard the people of volume claim that losing weight is impossible and doesn't work but in the course of a month and a half I've lost 20 pounds.

  • Esther Batycki
    Esther Batycki6 dagen geleden

    I also lost around 50lbs and I think of the same thing when I left a 50lb weight like... yeah imagine carrying this useless weight around... the side effect is when you lean down you realize you have big ass legs from it haha

  • Nick
    Nick6 dagen geleden

    Not eating flour or sugar is so tough. It's in damn near everything!

  • bob Mob
    bob Mob6 dagen geleden

    20 pounds down since December with a genetics weightloss plan from INSIGHTGX let’s get it!!

  • Keahi Duarte
    Keahi Duarte6 dagen geleden

    Damn she was ugly

  • The Time is Now

    The Time is Now

    6 dagen geleden

    Your mom? I know.

  • Graff Jakobsen
    Graff Jakobsen6 dagen geleden

    What was the name of the Instagram training woman?

  • Guy's Picks
    Guy's Picks6 dagen geleden

    Rogan: "What did you think?" 😂😂

  • I am the One
    I am the One6 dagen geleden

    i’m 17 and i gained 60 pounds i went from 160 to 220 and i started my weight loss journey last october and lost 50 pounds sense then

  • Dave P

    Dave P

    5 dagen geleden

    Respect to you sir. Keep up the good work and make those lifestyle changes permanent!

  • Michael Huerta
    Michael Huerta6 dagen geleden

    she now looks like Tom Poppa.

  • ChopStickZero
    ChopStickZero6 dagen geleden

    Shes a cutiepie. With a sweet personality. And this t-shirt looks really cute on her, only thing I never get why girls like are those claws.

  • Michael Antonio
    Michael Antonio6 dagen geleden

    How much healthier could you get with the loss of 40 pounds lol

  • **
    **6 dagen geleden

    Still ugly

  • Nico D. Sun
    Nico D. Sun6 dagen geleden

    Flour is not processed food. It's just smashed grains.

  • Tess M
    Tess M6 dagen geleden

    I lost 50 pounds over 2020. I feel amazing. Feel like I have my life back.

  • Brandon
    Brandon6 dagen geleden

    That really is the trick and is exactly what worked for me. Learn how to season and cook healthy foods properly so you genuinely enjoy them. The diet must be sustainable in this way for it to work. If you are gagging your way through foods or shakes you dont enjoy it wont last.

  • Supeermarket
    Supeermarket6 dagen geleden

    very nice!... anyways, 8$ a pound

  • Jonathan Galindo
    Jonathan Galindo6 dagen geleden

    Love seeing funny empowering intelligent women. Health is wealth!

  • Pen Knight
    Pen Knight6 dagen geleden

    These guests haven't been very good lately.

    BREWER7 dagen geleden

    The thumbnail though 😄 what the fuck!?!