Joe Rogan Experience #1507 - Bob Saget

Bob Saget is a stand-up comedian, actor, television host and director. His new podcast is "Bob Saget's Here For You" is available now on Apple Podcasts. @Bob Saget


  • Andrew Reagh
    Andrew Reagh4 uur geleden

    "Is a humanitarian someone that eats people?" I laughed way to hard at this

  • janina Kirk
    janina Kirk18 uur geleden

    I work in a truck stop and it's all good.

  • Ty South
    Ty South2 dagen geleden

    Why does Bob Sages sound like Peter Griffin

  • Darius Huang
    Darius Huang2 dagen geleden

    The jealous richard decisively rot because salad intraorally whistle after a testy bamboo. pretty, acceptable december

  • Singwhiledrunk PS4 and XBOX ONE
    Singwhiledrunk PS4 and XBOX ONE2 dagen geleden

    Look at Joe praising Obama and comparing him to Trump who gave you that script to read Joe?

  • TotalMeltdown78
    TotalMeltdown783 dagen geleden

    that was my unle Ed told me so lol

  • TotalMeltdown78
    TotalMeltdown783 dagen geleden

    Dirty bob was the shit when I was a kid. DUDE i was like 13 like 30 years ago and he was the best ting ever back then...

  • TotalMeltdown78
    TotalMeltdown783 dagen geleden

    Or wendy.. Or you just find a way to be human

  • TotalMeltdown78
    TotalMeltdown783 dagen geleden

    its not that funny to ED

  • TotalMeltdown78
    TotalMeltdown783 dagen geleden


  • TotalMeltdown78
    TotalMeltdown783 dagen geleden

    His cousins Jay and Ed Only One is alive lol. Kinda fucked up I know Grover Washington Jr cause of them but that man was AMAZING

  • TotalMeltdown78
    TotalMeltdown783 dagen geleden

    I was the hackler.. Cause his cousin told me to..

  • TotalMeltdown78
    TotalMeltdown783 dagen geleden

    ANDREWW DICE CLAY!!!!!! SAM KNISON!!! That is who you gotta contend with in my childhood other then carson BITCH PLEASE

  • TotalMeltdown78
    TotalMeltdown783 dagen geleden

    don rickes was the great Take after time's you bitches

  • TotalMeltdown78
    TotalMeltdown783 dagen geleden

    I Remember DIRTY BOB witch was the greatest thing ever. The man held a doll and????

  • Major Disaster
    Major Disaster3 dagen geleden

    omg lol "... people get freckled in the face.... [3 secs] there's a product called 'freckled' and they're taking it off the market " hahahaha

  • Phoenix Sky
    Phoenix Sky5 dagen geleden

    Around the 1:16 mark is weird to listen to. Are they saying the marches is what caused the spread? Might have made it worse but numbers were already out of control.

  • uminoah 31
    uminoah 315 dagen geleden

    Did Danny Tanner just cuss

  • CarlVonDanger
    CarlVonDanger5 dagen geleden

    the big lebowski !!!!!!!!

  • CarlVonDanger
    CarlVonDanger5 dagen geleden

    bob forces joe to think normal lol... go sub my page n listen to my music please :)

  • pancakes99
    pancakes995 dagen geleden

    Bob needs a bong hit, he sounds out of it.

  • Luke Helleksen
    Luke Helleksen6 dagen geleden

    Joe: Is that true? Saggett: yeahhh. (This rumor came from someone trying to say shit to sell a book Bob.

  • Jocelyn Wolf
    Jocelyn Wolf6 dagen geleden

    I thought Jaime must have called in sick until 3 hours in...what was he doing the whole time?!?

  • Amp One
    Amp One6 dagen geleden

    Love Full House so much, this podcast is all I wanted

  • MacKenzie DONALD
    MacKenzie DONALD6 dagen geleden

    CoVid is a mutation of THE SPANISH FLU from the time of The First World War

  • Dk Sees
    Dk Sees8 dagen geleden

    @mainlinedmuse ig

  • Dk Sees
    Dk Sees8 dagen geleden

    saget redirect

  • Dk Sees
    Dk Sees8 dagen geleden

    conmen are comics from the past

  • Dk Sees
    Dk Sees8 dagen geleden

    bob saget trying to recruit bill brr

  • Dk Sees
    Dk Sees8 dagen geleden

    joe rogan: the best fence sitter

  • Dk Sees
    Dk Sees8 dagen geleden

    all that baby blood

  • Paddy Mac
    Paddy Mac8 dagen geleden

    I love growing up seeing Bob Saget on FULL HOUSE thinking he was some conservative daaaahoooosh bag then finding out he was actually a fantastic comedian, vulgar and provocative.

  • Keith Segler
    Keith Segler8 dagen geleden

    I have a mask see? Jamie cuts away just in time to not show the mask

  • Darkfox Bill
    Darkfox Bill8 dagen geleden


  • Brice Cordova
    Brice Cordova8 dagen geleden


  • Natty Karaoke
    Natty Karaoke9 dagen geleden

    52:30 WUT

  • Natty Karaoke

    Natty Karaoke

    9 dagen geleden

    14:26 WUT

    GRANGEROUS DESIGNS9 dagen geleden

    Joe is either ignorant or he's purposely misleading people and I don't believe he's ignorant.

  • SlowLife47


    8 dagen geleden

    ?? You lost me

  • chad rocca
    chad rocca10 dagen geleden

    This is a genuine great interview. Bob has a swolen jaw like i do. . Maybe from pulling the molars out when we we a kid.. fucking dental association

  • NitemareAfterCrissmas
    NitemareAfterCrissmas10 dagen geleden

    Bob Saget as a gynecologist, now that’s a tv show that would be solid gold.

  • Nick Hallstrom
    Nick Hallstrom10 dagen geleden

    Richard Prior and I share the same home town, Peoria Illinois. R.I.P. RP

  • jhon paura
    jhon paura11 dagen geleden

    The guy from full house swears.

  • Halley Ramme
    Halley Ramme11 dagen geleden

    Wednesday Cruise Night Van Nuys Blvd. Roscoe Blvd. to the 134 Freeway.

  • Timothy Kappel
    Timothy Kappel11 dagen geleden

    Man you can't not look at the contrast from the white of his scalp to the red of his face

  • S Smith
    S Smith12 dagen geleden

    Oh god! Bunch of Covid pussies! 99.98% recovery bro, chill! Enjoy your life and stay home if you feel unsafe.

  • Firefly
    Firefly12 dagen geleden

    I can’t handle any more of this liberal bullshit

  • Marie-France Laport
    Marie-France Laport12 dagen geleden

    They were genocidal slavers

  • Svavar Ingi Ríkharðsson
    Svavar Ingi Ríkharðsson12 dagen geleden

    Joe needs a music guru to find his roots, no matter how mediocre it would "sell" :)

  • Lucy H
    Lucy H13 dagen geleden

    "then she'd be a Karen!" Wow, Bob. I never knew you were so edgy.

  • ATXviIIIe
    ATXviIIIe13 dagen geleden

    The Cops should look like and should be able to move like Joe Rogan.

  • Not your guy
    Not your guy13 dagen geleden

    I don’t know about the economy but I’m gonna talk shit about Trumps economic gains🤪

  • Brian Williams
    Brian Williams13 dagen geleden

    eh i think the "jokes" about biden requiring a deep fake to look functional are leaning into dangerous right wing conspiracies. literally joe biden came jogging down to the podium and trump is a sick, fat sack of shit. Biden sprained his ankle so that has stopped but Rogan talks a big game about basically being a liberal. This is all I need to know that right wing conspiracists have his ear. Not smart.

  • Robert Richie
    Robert Richie13 dagen geleden

    Outbreak is a comedy, ofcourse! The South shall rise again!! LOL just hoping Rogan actually reads this one comment for once.

  • Chad Wismer
    Chad Wismer13 dagen geleden

    Florida’s numbers are lower

  • Roy Torr
    Roy Torr13 dagen geleden

    Dj Steph uncle jessie and joey looking at Danny tanner and wondering why the hell is he swearing so much and acting like a jokester

  • blake fontanini
    blake fontanini13 dagen geleden

    they didn't stop making corona, they just lost alot of sales, enough to try and sue the government for ruining there bussiness

  • Just Cats
    Just Cats14 dagen geleden

    6:55 love joes crazy eyes 👀

  • Some One
    Some One14 dagen geleden

    I have never seen so many jokes fall flat in my tf is this dude a comedian not one funny thing out of his mouth....

  • kevin murphy
    kevin murphy14 dagen geleden

    Bob Sagat calling actors phony........I'm sorry Full House ???? Your hair is no longer gray ?

  • Andrew Wolf
    Andrew Wolf14 dagen geleden

    i bet if someone made a beer and called it Covid Craft , it would sell

  • Wanderingadventure
    Wanderingadventure15 dagen geleden

    With Richard Prior when prior was prior, but after the fire

  • Melanie Jecker
    Melanie Jecker15 dagen geleden

    bob saget looks like he just dragged himself out of bed after crying himself to sleep

  • 19Burgandy
    19Burgandy15 dagen geleden

    This ONE is very weird from Joe to Bobby

  • iconik 2333
    iconik 233315 dagen geleden

    sagat is stupid man sorry joe...

  • Tiffany Cohen
    Tiffany Cohen16 dagen geleden

    The tense pail karunagappally suck because clipper secondly sound up a first consonant. cloudy, natural spider

  • Slippy
    Slippy16 dagen geleden


    TIME TRAVEL17 dagen geleden

    If guitar playing was like traveling through time then MATHEMATICALLY, it might look like what's on that napkin.

  • David Buchanan
    David Buchanan17 dagen geleden

    It's really crazy because everybody's getting fat, every single person is now getting fat. They all need to get on to a raw food plant-based diet, it's not really that hard.

  • thomas leonard
    thomas leonard18 dagen geleden

    On the other hand, McCain was not a war hero! Do your research! Political pressure helped him become a pilot, but never a liked soldier!

  • Palm Trees and Rum
    Palm Trees and Rum18 dagen geleden

    17:50 Mike McCrae does a great Biden on the Jimmy Dore show.

  • Da Joker Wild
    Da Joker Wild19 dagen geleden

    Holy shit... I live in High Point

  • Ian Rodriguez
    Ian Rodriguez19 dagen geleden

    Saget is a typical hard line liberal, with no wisdom to offer, but only criticism. I'm amazed that Joe indulged him, but I understand that he respects Saget as a colleague and semi contemporary. I really wish that Bob had posited a position that wasn't the same old doctrine from media and social media. He's smart enough to realize that people would love to hear the meaning and support behind his opinions. We would love to hear the rationale behind his concepts and opinions. I, for one, would really enjoy hearing or reading his bases for what he believes. I appreciate his comments on general hollywood work/history, because it is his first hand experience. However, he goes many bridges too far when he opines, and disparages the elected officials and certain other individuals with whom he disagrees. I wish he would explain himself. We would love to hear it. A general rebuke is not enough in this day and age. We deserve to hear a basis for certain viewpoints. Joe went EASY on Saget. He should have asked "Why?" at multiple points during this discourse. we would all have been better off for it. Saget is an American Icon in show business, no doubt, but he oversteps repeatedlly without being brought down to earth by Joe in the same manner Joe does so to so many others. Joe gave him a very long leash here. I would love to hear a brief cross examination on multiple topics. I'm sure Saget could explain his position, in any case, and we would have enjoyed this Pod more foor that.

  • Purusha Onezeroeight
    Purusha Onezeroeight19 dagen geleden

    Yes. Joe. Keep doin’. It. Please.

  • Jong Lee
    Jong Lee20 dagen geleden

    The "vitamins and shit talk" towards the end was particularly memorable and can't get it out my head now.👀

  • James Morton

    James Morton

    12 dagen geleden

    You are 💯 percent correct just watched this video again when your wrong come back and say so ..luv ya joe butt sometimes your wrong and it would be great for someone like you to recap the non cence please bro still watching take care

  • Brandon Ray
    Brandon Ray21 dag geleden

    Who knew Danny Tanner dropped F bombs.

  • رجب أسامة
    رجب أسامة23 dagen geleden

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  • Joshua Rodriguez
    Joshua Rodriguez23 dagen geleden

    Feels like these comedians are the longer podcast but growing up in the 90s I could listen to these conversations all day

  • Molly Young
    Molly Young24 dagen geleden

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  • bdsaints1986
    bdsaints198624 dagen geleden

    My aunt got covid from Disney. Then got pneumonia.

  • David Oz Oswald
    David Oz Oswald24 dagen geleden

    I can't believe how blind you were

  • makastone
    makastone25 dagen geleden

    I realy enjoy this, i didnt think i would ever say this but Bob is a sweet nice guy realy 👌

  • snoop dawg
    snoop dawg25 dagen geleden

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  • Lord Lord Orochimaru
    Lord Lord Orochimaru26 dagen geleden

    Bob looks good

  • Allison M Mackie
    Allison M Mackie26 dagen geleden

    I live in New Zealand...I am still able to buy Corona beer.

  • Leary 20
    Leary 2026 dagen geleden

    Support LEARY20.ORG, Election integrity, the Fifth amendment & federal cannabis deregulation WITHOUT the M.O.R.E. (restrictions & taxes) ACT!!! End Pharmafias grip over the legislature, & control of our lives for greed & power, For more:

  • Game Thogic
    Game Thogic26 dagen geleden

    laughing at terrible things is a human comping mechanism

  • Richard Brown
    Richard Brown27 dagen geleden

    Goddamn Rogan. Keeps cutting off guests when they're trying to tell THEIR story. Now I have to hear Rogan's Van Nuy's story? TFOH. Now I remember why I stopped listening to this guy.

  • Robrecht saski
    Robrecht saski28 dagen geleden

    Update: Lin Wood Puts Evidence Against Justice Roberts In Protective Custody Of Third Parties' NLdron ..

  • Robrecht saski
    Robrecht saski28 dagen geleden

    Traitor Roberts !! Update: Lin Wood Puts Evidence Against Justice Roberts In Protective Custody Of Third Parties' NLdron ....

  • tim skolnik
    tim skolnik28 dagen geleden

    I think Saget thinks if he name drops enough A level celebrities it will catapult him from B to A level, but it actually has the opposite effect. Makes him look a desperate

  • Nicc Nite
    Nicc Nite29 dagen geleden

    Is it just me or was Joe kind of being a douche bag towards Bob?

    TIME TRAVELMaand geleden

    "my dick spits at racism." lol... Thank you Bob Sagat.

  • Roar Man
    Roar ManMaand geleden

    The jester is the only one that can insult the king and get away with it

  • Tyler Conley
    Tyler ConleyMaand geleden

    I really want to crop Steven Colbert into this

  • David Blackwell
    David BlackwellMaand geleden

    Corona beer is still sold here in China.

  • Божий мир
    Божий мирMaand geleden

    its called COVID19

  • Божий мир

    Божий мир

    Maand geleden

    Trump''s China Virus

  • kaleb vera
    kaleb veraMaand geleden

    mencia hasnt learned his lesson

  • Anthony Williamson
    Anthony WilliamsonMaand geleden

    Your definatly not funny.. You like Chevy Chase but worse..

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last NameMaand geleden

    You can get your facts on murders in any part of the country on your fuckin device with internet access without the medias bullshit numbers, percentages, or the other shit they tell to scare and brainwash people

  • Jimmy Metal
    Jimmy MetalMaand geleden

    Love Joe's eye role at sagets bomb of a joke nut squeeze...

  • M Merritt
    M MerrittMaand geleden

    There was also the old nut squeeze. Was that effective? ...well you could meet people. Lol