Jim Breuer's Coronavirus Questions



  • Aaron Trades
    Aaron Trades9 minuten geleden

    This is the most intelligent bobble head I’ve ever seen!!

  • fullthrottlewrx
    fullthrottlewrx47 minuten geleden

    because of the lies - when something SERIOUSLY BAD does actually come along, we won't believe a word of it. thats the TRUE damage being done right now

  • lifestyle126
    lifestyle12649 minuten geleden

    Have you thought about future viruses and epidemics that can happen due to global warming and glaciers that are currently melting? Ice from past ages that can contain viruses that may be more aggressive than covid-19? Maybe it's clever to have a global test to prevent us from harm in the future. However, I think it's also clever to be aware of our human rights and privacy at times like these, and figure out what kind of systems and scientific facts that actually are legit.

  • Josh Gearhart
    Josh GearhartUur geleden

    Jim's got it ALL figured out, everybody! Next time there is an unprecedented global event, make sure to call the comedian and rock band singer...

  • Andrew Palmer
    Andrew PalmerUur geleden

    Love you Jim...

  • O Q
    O QUur geleden

    Can this guy not just talk normally?

  • Jason 420
    Jason 4202 uur geleden

    Joe spews a bit of bullshit. Sellout.

  • Luke Walker
    Luke Walker2 uur geleden

    1) Steroids need to be saved for critical cases 2) antibiotics are only going to prevent/treat secondary bacterial infections - they won't treat viruses 3) Overuse of antibiotics will contribute to antimicrobial resistance, in which we'd have a bigger problem than covid

  • Marco Loretto
    Marco Loretto3 uur geleden

    It’s obvious they are blaming absolutely everything they can on Covid. At one point they were blaming Kawasaki syndrome which has been around for decades on Covid. If you don’t see how you were being played by the pharmaceutically controlled media and our pharmaceutically controlled elected representatives, you’re not paying attention even a little bit.

  • Marco Loretto
    Marco Loretto3 uur geleden

    This is a pandemic among the sick and the elderly. Children cannot get sick from Covid because of a protein identified by the Italians. Latteferrina.

  • Marco Loretto
    Marco Loretto3 uur geleden

    Antibiotics do not work against the virus. Just like masks do not work for a virus given the size of the virus. And they can do a tremendous amount of hurt since they will blow out all of your good got bacteria that you will need as part of your immune response for the virus.

  • Marco Loretto
    Marco Loretto3 uur geleden

    Antibiotics do not work against the virus. All they do is destroy all of your gut flora and make it harder for you to recover and fight the virus. Americans are so clueless when it comes to medicine that they think antibiotics are the answer to everything and then insist on being given them. The fact is antibiotics can hurt you in many ways and they are probably the most failed medical practice this side of leaching.

  • Marco Loretto
    Marco Loretto3 uur geleden

    PCR test is NOT for DX !! It’s on the package insert! And if you cycle it 80 times it’s 100% positive results! Sheeple!

  • Marco Loretto
    Marco Loretto3 uur geleden

    I got sick on purpose since I was curing all my friends and family. Cured in a day. Clo2 works EVERY TIME!! Avoid the FRANKEN VAX!!

  • Marco Loretto
    Marco Loretto3 uur geleden

    Clo2 cures Covid every time! www.clo2cures.org. No sheeple allowed.

  • Gabriel M
    Gabriel M4 uur geleden

    Extremely weird guy

  • Third Shifter
    Third Shifter4 uur geleden

    Hate Spotify. Wish this was still on youtube fully.

  • Дмитрий Курилов
    Дмитрий Курилов8 uur geleden

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  • Leon B.E
    Leon B.E8 uur geleden

    They killed a lot of Americans to increase the COVID-19 numbers and push forward their narrative. They will pay for that with their souls.

  • Dazzling Cheek-buster
    Dazzling Cheek-buster9 uur geleden

    My brother Chris passed away on December 22, 2020 . I just feel what this man is saying. I wish we were able to be with him in his final moments of life.

  • Banjo Banjo
    Banjo Banjo9 uur geleden

    Please move all your accounts to Bitchute, Rumble or other services. We need to DEMONETIZE NLdron

  • G Zeronine
    G Zeronine10 uur geleden

    I used to look forward to watching Joe. I haven’t watched since he went to Spotify. Real bummer...

  • Paul Carter
    Paul Carter11 uur geleden

    He’s coked out right? I’m getting those vibes heavy

  • wayne5009
    wayne500914 uur geleden

    Sad how many ppl are falling for this look at the history and ingredients of these vaccines

  • T G
    T G16 uur geleden

    Not gonna lie definitely choked up when his family touches him and his heart rate goes up. I hate getting emotional. That’s honestly evil to separate people like that.

  • Angie Carpenter
    Angie Carpenter16 uur geleden

    The fact you are still refusing to have Del Bigtree on your show proves you’re a sell out @Joe Rogan.

  • Life Mastery
    Life Mastery17 uur geleden

    It's not that we don't question it the media just makes us think we do. I wear a mask but know it's bullshit.

  • A Mishel
    A Mishel18 uur geleden

    That guy if filled with anger.

  • Adrian Foca
    Adrian Foca18 uur geleden

    Give you “this” steroids is not as available as u 🤔

  • jcnba28
    jcnba2818 uur geleden

    We should all be questioning authority, why are so many people blindly listening to the politicians and media? Do you actually think they have your best interest at heart? They don't give a flying fuck about you.

  • Tennessee Kid
    Tennessee Kid18 uur geleden

    I love how Rogans just really a deep state shill

  • Endangered Dangerous
    Endangered Dangerous19 uur geleden

    No one can ever have, what was considered a normal cold anymore. As it will be covid related. Governments and media have messed up the world. I've had a cold for 2 weeks now, runny nose sneazing. And I've told absolutely no one.

  • Joshua Clow
    Joshua Clow19 uur geleden

    My voice hurts just after listening to Jim haha

  • Kyle Lawns
    Kyle Lawns19 uur geleden

    The government ..worldwide is fucking all of us.lying.

  • IV Evade
    IV Evade20 uur geleden

    Jim knows what's up!!!

  • El Barto
    El Barto20 uur geleden

    The best medicine in the world is to relax. Stress makes it 10X harder to fight anything you're infected with. Just let go!

  • Andrew Pham
    Andrew Pham21 uur geleden

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  • irishbear76
    irishbear7622 uur geleden

    Jim Breuer knows a helluva lot about the virus, and he is awake to the predation of children. I applaud him telling the gov. Ppl to go fuck themselves.

  • Awakening Svea
    Awakening Svea22 uur geleden

    Antibiotics does not kill virus, it only kills bacteria.

  • JBOM9000
    JBOM900022 uur geleden

    Jim would be almost impossible to be around in person. He’s like a child with downs amped up on Mountain Dew that hasn’t slept in days. Except he’s like 50... unbearable

  • LitlRRanman34
    LitlRRanman3422 uur geleden

    You MUST Question EVERYTHING!!! Otherwise you will Lose Your Freedom!! and be Susceptible to Tyranny of All Sorts.

  • Chris Triptow
    Chris TriptowDag geleden

    It’s a Psy Op

  • Drewko
    DrewkoDag geleden

    2.8k zombie brained people are upset that the narrative they adore so much, is easily fractured.

  • Anade 1
    Anade 1Dag geleden

    I love these covid videos. Keep em coming. Keep talking All we need to do is make sure we keep talking Division Bell Pinkfloyd

  • Scott Morgan
    Scott MorganDag geleden

    I want to love this.

  • Hawk Fpv
    Hawk FpvDag geleden

    Because bugs evolve to be stronger and over time these bugs will evolve to be stronger than the antibiotics.

  • Jonathon Brough
    Jonathon BroughDag geleden

    Damm Jim got old! Guess I did too...

  • moe perry
    moe perryDag geleden

    Be glad he doesnt live in Canada. Fuck around and get covid there, the gov is calling you constantly. I just have to cross the border (without stopping in canada) I get on average 20-30 calls every 24 hours from the Canadian gov. Can't imagine what living there is like, but if you dont follow their rules, you can go to prison for up to 3 years, and 750k to 1 million (Canadian) in fines.

  • John Willman
    John WillmanDag geleden

    Antibiotics don’t work on viruses

  • T U
    T UDag geleden

    My God, what is the point this guy is making? 18 min of saying practically nothing

  • Arky Garcia
    Arky GarciaDag geleden

    get this ish on the algorithm

  • Civic TypeR
    Civic TypeRDag geleden

    Hello guys , my mother and father had covid before it was mainstream maybe around month of march 2020, the doctor gave them antibiotics and they healer within 1 week.My parent around 50 of ages and they never do exercise but also dont eat junk food outside.They are not obese or anything.My mother had a more severe symptom than my father but it was just like a bad fewer.

    3RD-EYE-NEENJA!Dag geleden

    Jim's 💯 correct 👍

  • Renee Santiago
    Renee SantiagoDag geleden

    I need PRAYERS! 🙏 If I dont get the covid vaccine then I cant work in my field anymore. With 2 kids in the military with their own families. .....I had planned to relocate to their transfer to the states from overseas. I can work anywhere within an hour of a decent size city. I want to be with my grandkids but how can I support myself if I'm not working? So its take a vaccine I'm 100% against at this time OR lose my career.

  • john b
    john bDag geleden

    Surrounded by co workers that got the Covid. Me: what a bunch of wimps...hold my beer.

  • Sixchuter Hatesgoogle
    Sixchuter HatesgoogleDag geleden

    The Spanish Flu is estimated to have killed between 3% and 6% of the world's population. If Covid 19 were as deadly as the Spanish Flu, we would have 9.75 million dead in the United States alone. A virus can either be super transmissible, like the common cold, or it can be super deadly, like Ebola, but not both.

  • JordanEsUnPutico
    JordanEsUnPuticoDag geleden

    So right, love this vid

  • Kris Escobar
    Kris EscobarDag geleden

    Only liberals get the covid.

  • St Ben
    St BenDag geleden

    antibiotics for a virus, uhhhhhh

  • CO9 Productions
    CO9 ProductionsDag geleden

    Rapid test is the only effective test. PCR is GARBAGE

  • AisforAtheist
    AisforAtheistDag geleden

    Poor Jim. He seems like a sweet guy but he's not very bright. 😂

  • BohemianKhichdi
    BohemianKhichdiDag geleden

    This guy is not getting that if everyone is getting prescribed steroids/antibiotics, the people that really need it will not get any. Have you even seen the toilet paper crisis? People will be hoarding stuff.


    Joe changes the subject subtly toward the end... Jim has always been awesome!! He's absolutely right.

  • Arghyadeep Chatterjee
    Arghyadeep ChatterjeeDag geleden

    Best medicine for sinus infection is Clarithromycin . People make the mistake of having azithromycin(which is great..but it sometimes gives you a queasy stomach) I have been having sinus infection atleast once a year since I was born..lol. It usually heals completely within two days.

  • sarah davis
    sarah davisDag geleden

    Joe quit playing devils advocate. You lost me way before you sold out

  • Klemen Markelj
    Klemen MarkeljDag geleden

    Is it just me or is it getting harder and harder to listen to Texas Rogan?

  • Dustin Lester
    Dustin LesterDag geleden

    Whelp, Jim questioned the status quo, countdown to Spotify removing the whole podcast begins

  • Otto von Wallace
    Otto von Wallace2 dagen geleden

    Good old common sense. A rare commodity these days. I'll be getting the jab........ in six years time. But only if I believe I need it, and if I believe its safe. Right now I don't believe either.

  • Rex Paul
    Rex Paul2 dagen geleden


  • Outta ur Mind
    Outta ur Mind2 dagen geleden

    joe not wanting to get into it

  • Power BaCKinBLaCK
    Power BaCKinBLaCK2 dagen geleden

    Omg Jim you are my freaking hero

  • Beth Pelley
    Beth Pelley2 dagen geleden

    I love Jim Breuer! I 100% agree with your response!!!

  • Jacob Harrington -CoCorKiller
    Jacob Harrington -CoCorKiller2 dagen geleden

    Censor it..

  • Ross Hissom
    Ross Hissom2 dagen geleden

    Great show as always!

  • Tater
    Tater2 dagen geleden

    The government gives money to hospitals for every covid-19 death. There is incentive to mark every death down as covid and unfortunately people were probably left to die for the financial gain of doctors.

  • Bongo Bongo
    Bongo Bongo2 dagen geleden

    Love how controlled Joe Rogan is now. He use to speak his mind.

  • Luke Lindsey
    Luke Lindsey2 dagen geleden

    I've never seen a person more fucked up live.

  • Mebs Still
    Mebs Still2 dagen geleden

    Seems like Joe steps lightly now.

  • Benjamin Leftwich
    Benjamin Leftwich2 dagen geleden


  • jdub isbest
    jdub isbest2 dagen geleden

    It's not Voodoo, it's Hoodoo... or Who-do you think you are trying to fool?

  • Laika D.
    Laika D.2 dagen geleden

    Thank you, Jim Breuer👏👏👏👏❤

  • Jorge Hernandez
    Jorge Hernandez2 dagen geleden

    Jim Brewer is the man! The truth will set you free!!! Don’t go to hospitals if you want to live.

  • GE B
    GE B2 dagen geleden

    It's a shame Spotify rips of artists. I would be into it if they paid their way.

  • Wiegand Betty
    Wiegand Betty2 dagen geleden

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  • Phumgwate Nagala

    Phumgwate Nagala

    Dag geleden

    Markov models work better than your shite algorithm

  • Cinnamon Girl
    Cinnamon Girl2 dagen geleden

    🇺🇸 Jim Bruer knows of what he speaks. And I agree 100% with him. So do millions of Americans STOP SOCIALISM & THEIR Taking Entire Control Over of AMERICA'S FREEDOM of Choice.

  • Kylie L'Heureux
    Kylie L'Heureux2 dagen geleden

    It’s not a conspiracy that they wouldn’t give you antibiotics for a virus. The a amount of people here who eat up garbage like this interview, is shocking and defeating. Then you all go on about sheep...the irony is painful.

  • rascal 520

    rascal 520

    2 dagen geleden

    Exactly... it's crazy that this guy talking about vitamins and over the phone checkups (common as fuck with doctors lol ) makes all these tinfoil hat wearing sheep out of the woodworks

  • Kylie L'Heureux
    Kylie L'Heureux2 dagen geleden

    Rapid test only tests for the specific original strain. At this point with the variants, rapid tests can be misleading.

  • Harry Stamper
    Harry Stamper2 dagen geleden

    Imagine a disease so serious 99% of people have to get tested to find out if it's more than a commom cold. You're then told it's super deadly but we have a vaccine that can save your life aaand that is not enough incentive for most people to willing get the vaccine. If it was actually serious people would be killing to get that vaccine

  • J W
    J W2 dagen geleden

    Because antibiotics do no treat virus and the over prescribing of antibiotics lead to resistant bacterias which should be frightening to anyone.

  • rascal 520

    rascal 520

    Dag geleden

    @J W I see, obviously comedy is a subjective medium, I'm sure this guy is funny i just really got the "ranting about something I have no fucking clue about" vibe from about everything that came out of his mouth ... I get that everyone has an opinion but i dont form opinions off of complete bullshit I make up

  • J W

    J W

    Dag geleden

    @rascal 520 he is a comedian and that has been his stich but the idiot pothead act doesn't translate to real life when things get serious. Joe only pushes back a little bit that we see in this clip when they touch on the effects obesity plays in serious disease but no one wants to hear that their weight is a problem and more specifically the things that we do and eat are the problem. how do you get back to normal when our bodies and our immune systems have been wrecked by the food industry and our own choice to be inactive? with the warming climate insects live longer and breed more allowing virus to spread, they are finding zika is mosquitos in utah now while the news sensationalizes murder hornets and ignore the coming death wave of mosquitoes spreading new and old diseases the true murder insect that has killed more people than any other organism in our history. Normal is gone, we live in a nation with an estimated 43 million adults who are illiterate wasting everyone's time asking why antibiotics are not prescribed for viral infections. CONSPIRACY! George W. Bush in 2005: 'If we wait for a pandemic to appear, it will be too late to prepare' people just got a taste of what too late looks like.

  • rascal 520

    rascal 520

    2 dagen geleden

    This whole interview is like some drug fueled rant

  • rascal 520

    rascal 520

    2 dagen geleden


  • Bode Cary
    Bode Cary2 dagen geleden

    Taking antibiotics whenever you are sick is dangerous your body can develop antibiotic resistance.

  • DPB
    DPB2 dagen geleden

    Get back Dr Michael Osterholm on the show Rather than he said she said anecdotal stories about Covid from non experts.

    PUT UP, SHUT UP & STAND UP2 dagen geleden

    Jim rocks, but angry Jim F@#K'N ROCKS!

  • The Don Grown
    The Don Grown2 dagen geleden

    SOLD OUT!!!!!!!!!

  • Jason Evans
    Jason Evans2 dagen geleden

    LOVED THIS!!! I've felt like I'm in an asylum this last year, lemmings all conforming to crazy rules, I woke up one morning and It felt like I was in north Korea! My partners grandad was in hospital for 3 months, he was terminally ill but family had no contact, doctors were elusive and vague, it felt like torture, deprived of the one true medicine he needed...his family and their love. He came home to die with his family and I swear it was the love that willed him home. The cruelest part about the last year has been the lonliness inflicted by the stupid rules imposed. Lonliness is the real killer not this virus. Well said Jimbo ✊

  • D
    D2 dagen geleden

    Nothing is more helpful when present or devastating when absent than Hope.

  • Christian Meza
    Christian Meza2 dagen geleden

    It's all attributed to human error. Even doctors can be wrong. It's sad this probably happened to other families.

  • Shelltowee 86
    Shelltowee 862 dagen geleden

    America's obituary will read "Died from fear of the common cold"

  • TheDutch231
    TheDutch2313 dagen geleden

    Jim “roll up your short sleeves” Breuer

  • Adam
    Adam3 dagen geleden

    I think youtube is hoping people stop listening if they throw enough commercials and ads 🤦‍♂️