How Much Money Does Disneyland Lose Everyday By Being Closed?

Taken from JRE #1629 w/Lara Beitz:


  • FractalPrism
    FractalPrism7 uur geleden

    spotify is TRASH

  • Spying Beast
    Spying Beast10 uur geleden

    COME ON JOE, Disney closed because of the liability to COVID lawsuits, everyone wants their brother’s would file nuisance suits if they stayed open...

  • Chase Nuuhiwa
    Chase Nuuhiwa10 uur geleden

    4:12 here you go

  • Kelly Conroy
    Kelly Conroy14 uur geleden

    Whatever they are losing, it ain't enough.

  • Mr.eastcoast Grow
    Mr.eastcoast Grow20 uur geleden

    About as much money as they are from the Bullshit they pulled on the new captain America falcon series. 2nd episode in pulled some BLM anti cop racist narrative and everyone turned it off and cancelled their subscriptions. Stop trying to push your BS woke narrative on our children Disney. Ppl have had enough of this crap. Especially when they have single handedly tied the cops hands and rapes and murder are up 95% now. Apparently no lives matter only political narratives do.

  • Karlis Kristapsons
    Karlis KristapsonsDag geleden

    how many? - one..... fffuuuuccckkk

  • Thimble Fire
    Thimble Fire2 dagen geleden

    One of the best JRE's in a long while.

  • TheArcticTravels
    TheArcticTravels2 dagen geleden

    This lady had little credibility. Self proclaimed poor or bad with money and makes huge assumptions about corporations and unemployment insurance etc.

  • Matt Finley
    Matt Finley2 dagen geleden

    Are we talking Opportunity cost (lost income) or actual losses(finance costs, unemployment,maintenance, etc.)?

  • 1zigget
    1zigget2 dagen geleden

    I hope Disney goes broke! They turned into a political machine for the left, I will never recommend to anybody to go there or take my grandchildren.

  • ralph ditka
    ralph ditka2 dagen geleden


  • ralph ditka
    ralph ditka2 dagen geleden


  • Gail Clough
    Gail Clough2 dagen geleden

    She's hilarious

  • h0tne0
    h0tne02 dagen geleden

    Disney really regretting killing off Tony Stark right now. They need to make a couple more Avengers movie and those things are not cheap. How are they not broke? That's 2 parks and no movie theaters open for a freaking year. You can do accounting "kung-fu" this disaster to a win.

  • h0tne0
    h0tne02 dagen geleden

    The CCP is coaching the Democrats on how much liberty can be stripped away from the American people: their guns, the free speech being censored online, their businesses shut down for a whole year, masks mandate, canceling Thanksgiving, going to church, and now not enjoying yourself at a amusement park. The stupid liberal lemmings, the "BAIZOU" or "brownshirts" just go along because oh how brainwashed they are by MSM. How does a few elite people control the vast majority? The liberals just act like citizen stormtroopers and push their insanity onto everyone else, first it was the masks and now it's the vaccine passports that is such a bullshit fascist move. "Papers, where's your papers?" does that ring a bell? Liberals are the gestapo.

  • KateLady13
    KateLady132 dagen geleden

    Screw Disney.

  • Trapped In a Stairwell
    Trapped In a Stairwell2 dagen geleden

    No chance it's that much. The company I work for rented out disneyland for our holiday party. Guarantee they didn't spend more than $250,000. Would guess under 100K

  • Nacho
    Nacho2 dagen geleden

    Disney is losing between 20-30 million a day crazy

    ALEXANDER MOORE2 dagen geleden

    You probably want see this but now you are becoming considered and over weight like elivis, and I read the shit out of folks . U stated 100 million that what u make and u made her unfonforabe, be kind man . Folks haven't made like u . We look up to you .aight

  • Brandon
    Brandon2 dagen geleden

    Yo alright already with the complaining.. people have died yo! A lot! Why be so hard nosed? I’m still a die hard JRE fan but I’m def sick of hearing this ignant droning.

  • Gary Becker
    Gary Becker2 dagen geleden

    I'm more concerned about Mr. Jones and Mrs. Jones corner store being systematically removed by big corporation. Disney will survive

  • Shawn Colarusso
    Shawn Colarusso2 dagen geleden

    Joes boomer comes out when he tells Jamie to google in full sentences

  • Shawn Colarusso
    Shawn Colarusso2 dagen geleden

    God he’s turned into such a whiny baby

  • Quinn Meyer
    Quinn Meyer3 dagen geleden

    A good friend of mine passed away a little bit over a year ago today and basically he died with Covid nothing to do with his death but yet his death certificate stated it was from Covid

  • JeZeus Mexica
    JeZeus Mexica3 dagen geleden

    Fuck them corporations, moms and pops buisness lost everything

  • Jaime Sacristán Rivas
    Jaime Sacristán Rivas3 dagen geleden

    California: theme parks closed for over a year. Florida: theme parks opened for months. Covid deaths: California > Florida. That’s all you need to know about lockdowns.

  • Nee Eee
    Nee Eee3 dagen geleden

    Mickey sells shit mane

  • timr617
    timr6173 dagen geleden

    No worries Joe China will bail them out remember they're buddy buddy's.

  • J Hutch
    J Hutch3 dagen geleden

    Disney World alone earns $20 million a day and have been for decades. Their covid-19 hits are minuscule in the grand scheme of things.

  • Carl Weezer
    Carl Weezer3 dagen geleden

    In Vietnam you could 100% survive on 100 bucks a week

  • D.R.P. Charbonneau
    D.R.P. Charbonneau3 dagen geleden

    Is it that they're losing money, or just not bringing in revenue?

  • Adrian
    Adrian3 dagen geleden

    They are not loosing money, they are not making it....

  • Anvy Music
    Anvy Music3 dagen geleden

    Then how much does Disney World lose a day??

  • Anvy Music

    Anvy Music

    3 dagen geleden

    4:40 answered my question lol

  • Crystal Zinn
    Crystal Zinn3 dagen geleden

    Why would you not be allowed to scream? I need a reason or I call bull shit

  • Pohujwamto Niepodajski
    Pohujwamto Niepodajski3 dagen geleden

    WHOSE SHE!? :O

  • Kevin, The Cardigan
    Kevin, The Cardigan3 dagen geleden

    That churro joke did not land with me

  • Sonny Darko
    Sonny Darko3 dagen geleden

    The question should be: how many pedophiles does disney lose everyday they are closed?

  • BronzeAgeBryon
    BronzeAgeBryon3 dagen geleden

    Which is why they thought it was a good idea to charge $30 to watch Mulan on Disney+ I guess.

  • thatboy dre
    thatboy dre4 dagen geleden

    If you cant scream at a park why woudl you open it

  • Becca Leigh
    Becca Leigh4 dagen geleden

    Spotify completely broke Joe's concept of money lmao

  • Anthony Polsfut
    Anthony Polsfut4 dagen geleden

    14 million a day and then Jamie says that "250 million a week" Guy cant add

  • Anthony Crisci
    Anthony Crisci4 dagen geleden

    Joe Andy dick will never stop! You gotta watch out for him

  • Anthony Crisci
    Anthony Crisci4 dagen geleden

    Nobody cares update Epcot in Orlando

  • Genius1107
    Genius11074 dagen geleden

    Open up Disneyland!!!!

  • dbtwiztid
    dbtwiztid4 dagen geleden

    Joe when Jamie gives you results accept them as what's available instead of trying to refine the search lol.

  • G C
    G C4 dagen geleden

    Boring. Not funny.

  • Riff Dagg
    Riff Dagg4 dagen geleden

    Joe rocks

  • Still I Rise4485
    Still I Rise44854 dagen geleden

    Don’t cry for them Disney Plus is racking in a Fortune

  • ladiesman0124
    ladiesman01244 dagen geleden

    Let's remember the difference between money "lost", and projected money "not earned".

  • Michael Owens
    Michael Owens4 dagen geleden

    Not enough.

  • Jake Ross
    Jake Ross4 dagen geleden


  • Taras Strypko
    Taras Strypko4 dagen geleden

    Spotify is absolutely free - yes. But, I'm not able to listen your podcasts from Ukraine, that's really disappointing, that's why I'm starting to hate spotify

  • Jamie Fitz
    Jamie Fitz4 dagen geleden

    Thanks to Joe, I’m using Spotify.

  • goalie2998
    goalie29984 dagen geleden

    Disney can suck a pee nis. They support California's insanity. Glad they are reaping the rewards

  • Swag on 1000 Jameson
    Swag on 1000 Jameson4 dagen geleden


  • Regolith
    Regolith4 dagen geleden

    $300 million per day??!!! That would be $2 billion a week!! Math and economics are NOT Joe’s strengths 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Cultivation Cinema
    Cultivation Cinema4 dagen geleden

    Down with Disney!

  • Caleb Burks
    Caleb Burks4 dagen geleden

    Love ya Joe, but F Spotify my dude

  • John Spence
    John Spence4 dagen geleden

    The problem is not the 1% mortality rate. There are two major problems. When you let a virus run rampant, it’s chances of mutating exponentially increase. Some mutations may be harmless but more likely the mutation that survives is either more contagious (as we are seeing) and more deadly (as we are also seeing younger people getting ill). If it gets really deadly, you might have to develop an entirely new vaccine. Back to square one. The second problem is hospitals are equipped (like any business) to handle x patients based on y diseases. When the beds fill up you get more people dying than should be dying. So in Italy the Fatality rate was dramatically higher (like 5%). You also lose people who would die from simple things simply because they would avoid the hospitals. In addition if you let it run rampant a huge portion of the population will still NOT GO OUT to restaurants etc and you will still see a huge decline in the economy. The other misconception is that it would just wash through the population and we’d be done in a month. It would take 2 years or more for the disease to go through 450 million people. In a normal year you only lose 0.001% to drunk driving (1/1000 of percent). We don’t say “fuck it drink and drive”. We only lose about 1.6% to death from cancer. We don’t stop cancer research. People’s inability to understand the numbers is mind boggling and sad. And what we are seeing is a failure in the education system. Not in science and medicines. All retards will not be responded to

  • Nick
    Nick4 dagen geleden

    Uneven hoodie strings 🤢

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay4 dagen geleden

    I just googled it and it gave me what Jaime was looking 😂😂😂😂

  • ten4
    ten44 dagen geleden

    Joe you just showed how easily you lie, only thing is you for some reason back tracked because you checked yourself, forgot where you where and just ate a shit load of WTF did I say

  • SuRF
    SuRF4 dagen geleden

    Estimated Disneyland Daily (1 day) Operating Cost: $5.49 Million

  • Nick Barcheck
    Nick Barcheck4 dagen geleden

    Joe Rogan is so corny.

  • Nick Barcheck

    Nick Barcheck

    4 dagen geleden

    @john doe He's a grown man doing a grown up show and he's talking about a child's theme park. That's corny and stupid.

  • john doe

    john doe

    4 dagen geleden

    How?..his older podcasts are more funny if u ask me

  • Nick Barcheck
    Nick Barcheck4 dagen geleden

    I would love if Disney World and Disney Land burned to the ground.

  • Roman
    Roman4 dagen geleden

    We don't even shake women's hands where I'm from, it's wierd, we give a kiss on a cheek lol

  • john doe

    john doe

    4 dagen geleden

    You're gonna shake my daughter hand sir

  • Will Chill
    Will Chill4 dagen geleden

    The $250 million loss per week at Disney’s six U.S. theme parks is staggering. That works out to a $36.6 million loss per day for Disney’s U.S. parks. On average, that’s a $6.1 million loss per park per day.

  • Jack Kovach
    Jack Kovach4 dagen geleden

    Joe’s guess was kinda close

  • Code
    Code4 dagen geleden

    I guessed ten mil

  • Shirt Agency
    Shirt Agency4 dagen geleden

    Does she not know that unemployment has been padded by the federal government all year? No one got $100 a week.

  • Ant C
    Ant C4 dagen geleden

    Not that funny

  • nick richard
    nick richard4 dagen geleden

    joe where is episode 331?

  • Christian Grey
    Christian Grey4 dagen geleden

    I knew u were way off Rogan, goddamnit goeez brrrrooo

  • Republicans are terrorists
    Republicans are terrorists4 dagen geleden

    Also Fuck Joe Rogan for playing it down. The deaths in the United States are MORE THAN THE POPULATION OF SAINT LOUIS. It’s FUCKING SERIOUS

  • Republicans are terrorists
    Republicans are terrorists4 dagen geleden

    Joe trying to question Jamie ok how is searching google. Wtf?

  • metaloutlander
    metaloutlander4 dagen geleden

    Disneyland 4-6 million per day. On average, that would be a profit of 1 million dollars a day.

  • Richard P
    Richard P4 dagen geleden

    I got a paid subscription to spotify so I can listen to music ad free. Why do I have to listen to 5min of ads when listening to the podcast??? Am I the only person who feels something I wrong there .

  • weavergrad
    weavergrad4 dagen geleden

    Joe, get some different guests like my mom, ok?

  • Murker 187
    Murker 1874 dagen geleden

    Fuk spotify

  • John 316
    John 3164 dagen geleden

    No one gets $100 a week with unemployment. Most will get around $1,000.00 a month. In California it’s likely higher.

  • Matthew Tx
    Matthew Tx4 dagen geleden


  • #Truthhurts
    #Truthhurts4 dagen geleden

    U dont lose shit when ur backed by the Illuminati.

  • Action Basil
    Action Basil4 dagen geleden

    Owners R still making $ on the name Disney but the losers are the workers ....

  • Mark Villano
    Mark Villano4 dagen geleden

    They were counting motorcycle and gunshot deaths as "co-morbities" and putting them in the *Killed By Covid* column if the deceased tested positive for the antibodies.

  • Tommy Cochran
    Tommy Cochran4 dagen geleden

    Dat thumbnail tho

  • Zod of Heaven
    Zod of Heaven4 dagen geleden

    I dream of a world where Disneyland has gone out of business. It will never happen.

  • Roberto Salvatore
    Roberto Salvatore4 dagen geleden

    Please come back to NLdron 😫😂

  • Jack Felts
    Jack Felts4 dagen geleden

    She sounds absolutely awful to hang out with

  • Quinn
    Quinn4 dagen geleden

    Operating costs for disney are also extremely high for fireworks, rides, power water etc

  • Vinny Holiday
    Vinny Holiday4 dagen geleden

    Disneyland doesn't have a no scream policy. This guy is such a fucking headline reader

  • Puffs
    Puffs4 dagen geleden

    Aint nobody kissed her on her mouth. STOP THE CAP

  • Will Sham
    Will Sham4 dagen geleden

    Joe fucking upload more

    STEELERTHUG4 dagen geleden

    Joe has no concept of fkn money, he’s so rich that he might think everyone makes 100k a year lol

  • Alonzo Cervantez
    Alonzo Cervantez4 dagen geleden

    New Mexico you could live for 100 bucks a week

  • mike p
    mike p4 dagen geleden

    Why would you want to he’s getting 100 million for on Spotify

  • Moor
    Moor4 dagen geleden

    $0.00 because you can’t lose money you didn’t make. Stop letting business lie to you.

  • bitcoin mining
    bitcoin mining4 dagen geleden

    Maybe the conspiracy is...The World governments have shut us all down - to stop Disney attracting kids to their adults in comment...Lolz

  • Volker H
    Volker H4 dagen geleden

    sorry Joe, letting people do what ever they want, is the reason this corona shit show won't end, sutdies show that most of those superspreaders are peopole not comitting to the rules, breaking the rules and doing what they want

  • bitcoin mining
    bitcoin mining4 dagen geleden

    Roll the Circus music :)

  • James D
    James D4 dagen geleden

    I hate how Joe minimizes Covid now when just a few months ago every show was "Its serious my friend Michael Yo got it"