Eric Weinstein on The Power Structure of Harvard Burying His Work

Taken from JRE #1629 w/Eric Weinstein:


  • J U
    J U7 minuten geleden

    Oh my god, that was so uncomfortable

  • Philip Zeller
    Philip Zeller17 minuten geleden

    Pro tip: set this to 1.25x speed so you can actually stay engaged

  • Reynan H. De Luna
    Reynan H. De Luna38 minuten geleden

    The deceiver and the liar will go to he'll

    IIISW ILIII39 minuten geleden

    One of the "good" small 🧢 s

  • Tom Janes
    Tom Janes42 minuten geleden

    Good stuff. Yet, here we listen and watch still hating the red industrialness of the room.

  • Jane Deaux
    Jane Deaux44 minuten geleden

    This guy is weird. He is paranoid.

  • Hmfirestormz
    Hmfirestormz58 minuten geleden

    Cornell West is a dummy

  • Thomas
    Thomas59 minuten geleden

    This is a conversation Joe is regretting. He has no idea what Eric is talking about.

  • Jonah Rodriguez
    Jonah RodriguezUur geleden

    crypto baby guck these people

  • Warren McBurney
    Warren McBurneyUur geleden

    Let's watch as these 2 avoid the Edison Tesla issues

  • Tucker Tuenge
    Tucker TuengeUur geleden

    Wait..... What?

  • Mom Cramer
    Mom Cramer2 uur geleden

    15:32 - 15:53 play this part @ 0.5 speed and it's so much funnier

  • Douglas Chandler
    Douglas Chandler2 uur geleden

    Is it me or was Joe Rogan more entertaining when he was just on YT?

  • Pa Si
    Pa Si2 uur geleden

    You gotta get back on youtube dude wtf

  • Jeff V
    Jeff V2 uur geleden

    The main takeaway from listening to folks like Weinstein is that a person pays a significant price by spending too much time and thought in the world of academia. It's a distorted reality, far removed from where humans have existed for countless generations. In that strange realm, minds become detached from the functions we were designed to accomplish and inevitably become engulfed in a world of mostly imagined battles with mostly imagined enemies. Not a place for healthy people to live.

  • Padre
    Padre2 uur geleden

    Eric Weinstein seems to like the smell of his own farts, I don’t know why

  • contrary girl
    contrary girl3 uur geleden

    Good on you Joe, for having Eric on the show

  • Steve D
    Steve D3 uur geleden

    Fucking Florida!

  • Gian-Luca Lanfranchi
    Gian-Luca Lanfranchi4 uur geleden

    The way Joe said "People are tuning out right now" got me... At this point it was 100% clear that he only cared about his numbers and not about his guest (who had worked so many years on this theory and gifted the first copy to him).

  • Pablo Vera
    Pablo Vera4 uur geleden

    Tim Dillon one of the most important comedians of our time? Ok Joe

  • F. Land
    F. Land4 uur geleden

    It is not clear what Eric is saying. Did they steal his work on economic theory?

  • TheGoldenCulture
    TheGoldenCulture4 uur geleden

    is this guy related to Harvey Weinstein?

  • Nick Fury
    Nick Fury5 uur geleden

    Eric is such a pleasure to listen too. True genius is always soothing the the senses.

  • DB Cooper
    DB Cooper5 uur geleden

    Don’t disrespect Tim Dillon again!

  • Corey Thomas
    Corey Thomas5 uur geleden

    Can you have Wallace Thornhill please : )

  • Michael Hayes
    Michael Hayes6 uur geleden

    This guy is so unbelievably full of it, so bitter and delusional. He could easily go to another uni and flesh out his ideas. If he thinks it’s right then he could put it to the test anytime he likes. Instead he thinks there’s a conspiracy theory? Absurd and embarrassing.

  • Freddie Dunning-Kruger Jr.
    Freddie Dunning-Kruger Jr.7 uur geleden

    When my girlfriend found out Tim Dillon was gay she started to pay attention. Joe is right, Tim Dillon is the greatest comedian ATM

  • Beppe
    Beppe7 uur geleden

    If Eric would start to cry he would've used all the conman tropes in the book.

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford7 uur geleden

    Joe “I’m just a comedian baby” Rogan

  • first last
    first last8 uur geleden

    the Weinsteins are superhuman. the way J.R. can bring the experience to the right frequency is a beautiful thing

  • The Recovering Liberal
    The Recovering Liberal8 uur geleden

    Sorry. Not going to go to Spotify. You should have stayed at you tube.

  • david jones
    david jones9 uur geleden

    "Obama should go home to Kenya"!!!!!!! Well there you have it..............

  • FractalPrism
    FractalPrism9 uur geleden

    spotify is trash and their User Agreement is oppressive "we fully take I.P. ownership any content you post, across the known universe and any known or unknown dimensions yet to be discovered, until the end of time"

  • G N
    G N10 uur geleden

    Dude.. just spit out the freakin' story. I feel like I know all the "meta data" surrounding the story but none of the meat and potatoes!

  • Moroj Killer
    Moroj Killer10 uur geleden

    This kind of stuff is why I decided to take a stand and drop out of Harvard.. in my dreams

  • chris burrows
    chris burrows10 uur geleden

    I couldn't listen to this whole podcast. Combination of Weinstein not going to first principles and Rogan not being a deep thinker. Painful, despite liking both guys a lot.

  • M0rvidus M0rvidus
    M0rvidus M0rvidus11 uur geleden

    His own tribe controls Harvard via massive money donation, so quit complaining.

  • Malcolm Wong
    Malcolm Wong12 uur geleden

    I prefer Brett

  • Bruno Faetten
    Bruno Faetten12 uur geleden

    Power and Achievement, huh? Guess which one of those power structures just denounced the other as a bastion of white supremacy.

  • 7seednew
    7seednew12 uur geleden

    Goodness, there seems to be a lot of sneaking and lying in the upper echelons of our grand meritocracy.

  • Eric Murdock
    Eric Murdock13 uur geleden

    Eric sounds like the guy that's right on the edge of being drunk. Getting all up in his feels and wanting answers to the meaning of his life. At the same time, Joe's the slightly less drunk friend who wants to support but doesn't want to get bogged down in the potential life crisis about to unfold. I feel like the guy who unwittingly walked into this conversation and is immediately uncomfortable and looking for a graceful exit.

  • Rich Campus
    Rich Campus13 uur geleden

    6:55 "power wants to explain just how powerful it is" 10:01 "The Physics Of Wallstreet"

  • John Goodell
    John Goodell13 uur geleden

    hmm both brothers have a history of drama, conflict and proclaimed self - importance ...

  • Doorsofprcptn
    Doorsofprcptn14 uur geleden

    Really! Joe 'my soul is up for sale at 100 mill even though I'm set for generations' Rogan still have the podcast? Didn't know that. Edit. Well most episodes going back are there, for the time being. Just a matter of time and excuses from JRE.

  • Jonathan S
    Jonathan S14 uur geleden

    Eric Weinstein is a crank.

  • Goo Joo
    Goo Joo14 uur geleden

    Dula peep

  • Brian Morris
    Brian Morris15 uur geleden

    they remove you so there is no trail to prove your discovery was yours so that the school can take all credit for a massive shift in an agenda.... you are not cool play with the bigboyz .....Eric, you gave them a tool.... that they could weaponize!

  • kg
    kg15 uur geleden

    What "big brain" Weinstein's analogy about musicians misses is this: "technically underpowered" but "cognitively gifted" musicians don't play in the symphony, they write the symphony. Tim Dillon's point was, so what have you written for us? Weinstein is sensitive about this because he knows at the end of the day all he does is move money around.

  • Rawdiswar
    Rawdiswar15 uur geleden

    Weinstein has academic PTSD.

  • Wayne Chiang Poker
    Wayne Chiang Poker15 uur geleden

    Shout out to 5 Guys.

  • matrixist
    matrixist16 uur geleden

    Only the worst comedian in the World would steal a JR joke.

  • Toby Bartlett
    Toby Bartlett16 uur geleden

    This was a pretty good pity party.

  • donadthegonad
    donadthegonad16 uur geleden

    Somebody needs therapy.

  • David Dreyer
    David Dreyer16 uur geleden

    Fool me once, then t hen you will definitely tried it twice, thrice, and they of four times lovers of Amerka!

  • reekforce one
    reekforce one17 uur geleden

    The most annoying lame ever

  • Winters Mill
    Winters Mill17 uur geleden

    The ego on display from Weinstein AND Harvard is astonishing. Class of 97.

  • Joao Klein
    Joao Klein17 uur geleden

    I don’t remember seeing this guy saying please or thank you. Ever.

  • XAnihilator
    XAnihilator17 uur geleden

    Harvard took money from Epstein just like MIT did iirc

  • Justin J
    Justin J18 uur geleden

    This is what I've been railing about for five years. Inflation. It's a rigged information game that consumer price index is a scam. It's far more sinister then Wienstien says. Because consumer goods always FALL in price because capitalism works that way. TVs and technology always get cheaper and also improve at the same time. The high end gets better and also stays the same price, or declines. Old tech falls very very far in value. Think about cheap microwaves or basic 1080p flat screens. They are usually cheeper now than they were in the early 2000s. And that's even after inflation! But the Government claims inflation based on consumer price index. It doesn't include Houses! like, WTF! They claim 1-2% per year devaluation of money value, when houses are actually doubling in price every ten to fifteen years. That's way more then 2% inflation! Yes, they are getting a little larger every year on average, but the cost per square foot is also going up and the quality and size is not keeping pace with the price hikes. This is TRUE inflation because the cost to buy a house remains the same in terms of Gold since the Roman empire. But it goes up 200-300% every twenty years in USD$$ terms. That's the true inflation rate. The consumer price index would show NEGATIVE inflation, to the tune of -3% up to -5% every single year assuming the US dollar held it's value, commercial produced goods should fall in price indefinitely until it's almost free to buy anything you want, assuming the technology is well established. So the Government intentially provides false information, while creating new money that's effectively counterfiet wealth for themselves at the cost of everyone else. Poor people should be able to buy anything they want for -30% up to -50% off by simply waiting ten years. Instead the cost for them to ever get their own home goes up by another +50% or +100% every decade. Like WTF. What is going on is the Government is gaining that much wealth at great cost of all of their constituents. And they lie to get it.

  • MFJoneser
    MFJoneser18 uur geleden

    Life is dramatic and worthy of sensing, and Eric is dramatic and sensitive. Joe is too, but less comfortable being honest about his own nature. Edit: humans who cannot cry are busted and worthy of fixing

  • Ramkumar Ramsarat
    Ramkumar Ramsarat18 uur geleden

    This goofball is mad at tim Dillon the American treasure

  • Crypto Mafia
    Crypto Mafia19 uur geleden

    Is anyone on spotify

  • ed Hickey
    ed Hickey19 uur geleden

    Where does Joe get these guys lol

  • Sterling Cooper
    Sterling Cooper19 uur geleden

    Eric Weinstein is in love with himself

  • Burt Wice
    Burt Wice19 uur geleden

    Big accusation

  • Ciridan
    Ciridan19 uur geleden

    I hope this is the last time he's on. This is sad

  • David Bristow
    David Bristow19 uur geleden

    Eric Weinstein is a perfect example of the Dunning-Kreuger effect for people that are actually somewhat intelligent. Technically underpowered but cognitively advanced is the exact reason why his "theory of everything" is hack science. No one takes him seriously because he bypassed peer review, and he did that because his theory has no legs to stand on.

  • Mike Sass
    Mike Sass20 uur geleden

    Weinstein is arrogant and flawed. A truly brilliant and ordered mind understands that reputation isn't something they can trick listeners into believing, but a natural outcome of providing value. I think he has alot to offer but should ditch the introspection. Every podcast he is on is largely an exercise in legend-building.

  • hollyh1969
    hollyh196920 uur geleden

    I worked for a Harvard man with 3 papers ....the BIGGEST CUSSING CUSSING CUSS CUSS. A HORRIBLE HUMAN BEING.

  • Heath D
    Heath D20 uur geleden

    Joe is a coward sellout.

  • Hey There
    Hey There20 uur geleden

    I like how joe undervalues a solid important life changing point but then gets heated with the Whole Foods guy over what he eats or if people like to smoke what he smokes.

  • purpleslog
    purpleslog21 uur geleden

    Perhaps Harvard tried to get him to leave Massachusetts because just like now he came across as a major dick back then too.

  • Shawn Marshall
    Shawn Marshall21 uur geleden

    Eric just dropped a 💣!!

  • Matthew Douglas
    Matthew Douglas22 uur geleden

    Lol Eric just thinks he's an underappreciated genius... such a damaged ego yikes. He just toots his horn saying he was supposed to revolutionize math and economics but other people didn't let him... ok where are the other academics who will vouch for his brilliance outside of maybe his wife or Bret Weinstein?

  • jonavuka
    jonavuka22 uur geleden

    eric getting so comfortable he just casually commands jaime to bring up something lol

  • Jesse S
    Jesse S23 uur geleden

    This is the equivalent of Newton drowning his associate because he was smarter... Unfortunately, those with power almost never want to give it up.

  • Brogan Josh
    Brogan Josh23 uur geleden

    Eric is so full of himself that Neil Degrasse Tyson calls him pompous.

  • Elliot - Hopewell
    Elliot - Hopewell23 uur geleden

    eric needs to get over himself and stop following pornstars on instagram.

  • Jack off
    Jack off23 uur geleden

    What the fuck is this guy talking about

  • A Mishel
    A Mishel23 uur geleden

    Eric, You are NOT learning disabled.

  • MS 37
    MS 3723 uur geleden

    I sincerely have know idea what Eric is talking about lol. That’s funny af that he brought up Tim Dillon calling him out😂

  • jeremiahwasabullfrog
    jeremiahwasabullfrog23 uur geleden

    "Cornell West is this loved intellectual" - JR Unsubscribed.

  • Luis Silva
    Luis SilvaDag geleden

    Man this guy... He was caught on his own manipulating bullshit trying to escape the fact his tiny winy ego was hurt by Tim, it's too obvious 🤣 Get over your own asshole Eric. You know he is right, that's why you felt obligated to show Joe, like a schoolboy to his friends, some random thing you've done.

  • Amir
    AmirDag geleden

    Oh shut up Joe let him talk

  • Belinda Sunshine
    Belinda SunshineDag geleden

    So did they edit this video? Clearly what I’m seeing how isn’t the whole thing?

  • Jon Jones
    Jon JonesDag geleden

    This guy is crying about not being able to be comfortable in a monopoly within the greater Monopoly of the world. misery is calculated by taking that which is produced by a monopoly over economy and monetary unit to give us the formal misery index. Although and despite the fact that it is actually calculated based on unemployment rate and rate of inflation the fact remains that the true route components are Monopoly of economy and monetary system that are used to ultimately achieve the misery index. Therefore we have the formula from which to understand the true root cause of all human generated misery on the planet. So in essence we see how this gentleman is actually complaining but not being able to have a comfortable position within the Monopoly of the academia to be able to reap the rewards of that Monopoly as well as the greater Monopoly that operates outside of the academia which makes up the greater world Monopoly. The arrogance of this man and or naivete I don't know which one the characterize them with. But people never cease to amaze me. At the end of the day the academia operates as a monopoly which bids up prices and reduces the quality of education. This is what all monopolies do, ultimately monopolies lead to economic boom bust cycles, which has the effect of transferring wealth from the many to the few.when you have a genuine free market prices tend to go down and quality of service or product goes up. When you have monopolies prices tend to go up and the quality tends to go down. And the academia is no different and is subject to the same fundamental economic principles and formulas. Have a nice day

  • bumperxx1
    bumperxx1Dag geleden

    Nobody cares Eric 😴😒🙄 you think you found the meaning to life and 99,000 other colleges say no..

  • James Leadley
    James LeadleyDag geleden

    I like how Eric weaves the shitty way they refused him graduation into the likely criminal activities Harvard conducted to alter the consumer price index and gouge Americans a Trillion every year. I could feel his pain when talking about it, how his defenses elevated and he was vibrating in his chair. Start an independant way to confirm knowledge Eric! Smash the old system that is holding society down!

  • Rhett Reisman - Level Up Your Brain
    Rhett Reisman - Level Up Your BrainDag geleden

    Eric: I’ve never told this to anyone *Said the same thing on the last 4 podcasts*

  • Muratib Mike Fatah
    Muratib Mike FatahDag geleden

    Academic malpractice at its best!

  • cchriss
    cchrissDag geleden

    This episode seemed like Weinstein was just there to launch his book and talk shit. Painful to listen to

  • Paul Seager
    Paul SeagerDag geleden

    Meh, Eric Weinstein couldn't even condense his theory down into an explainable form. That's the sign of a man who doesn't even understand his own theory.

  • Albatross
    AlbatrossDag geleden

    The difference between Eric and Joe is that Mencia didn't steal Joe's work, Harvard stole Eric's work. That is why Joe doesn't mind being connected with Mencia, and Eric struggles with dealing with Harvard. For Joe it is professional, for Eric it is personal.

  • Albatross
    AlbatrossDag geleden

    Joe, Shut up and let the smart guy talk.

  • Fallencomrade182
    Fallencomrade182Dag geleden

    Joe made this whole podcast extremely awkward and weird. I don't know was it the Spotify money or the new studio or the move or what, but Joe's changing. You can even see it in how biased he is commentating UFC now. It's a real shame, we're losing a great thing.

  • E Jenkins
    E JenkinsDag geleden

    I wonder when they tried to turn Eric into their world, and Eric just didn't realise

  • Scarred Fan
    Scarred FanDag geleden

    Tim Dillon the CEO of bitcoin out there killing intellectual darknet members with their insecurities!

  • Kristina Rico
    Kristina RicoDag geleden

    It seems like Joe wasn't understanding everything. But he understood the Tim Dillon part and started defending him.

  • Evermitch
    EvermitchDag geleden

    The guy published a draft of his theory that says I'm not a physicist, but an entertainer. I was however entertained at watching other physicists point out the problems with his theory.

  • Lewis T
    Lewis TDag geleden

    Now I have to watch the whole thing.