Doug Stanhope's Lucid Dreaming Experiences

Taken from JRE #1623 w/Doug Stanhope:


  • T Sparkman
    T Sparkman9 uur geleden

    Haven’t seen the movie but “ come true “ reminds me of the ads in your dreams from futurama

  • Justin Smith
    Justin Smith12 uur geleden

    Seroquel is linked heavily to developing diabetes when taken on a regular basis. I gained 20 lbs in a month when my dosage was increased when it stopped helping me with sleep. And I never got more than 4 hours on the stuff.

  • Ben Nguyen
    Ben NguyenDag geleden

    Does Seroquel disrupt deep-sleep, like Xanax? What about Zolpidem / Ambien? Dan Pardi suggests GHB / Xyrem may offer the best benefits! Scott Adams says prednisone / pseudoephedrine makes him feel like superman! Doug mentions he enjoyed the Sam Tallent book (Running the Light) on what being on the road as a comedian is really like. I wonder what he thinks of Adam Carolla's Road Hard. I'd also like to see Showtime's Comedy Store Documentary. BTW, they also mention the art by Lushsux!

  • Liv W
    Liv WDag geleden

    Rogans rant on SBC was ridiculous..his wife is Australian and he lives in Australia now.

  • Gino Ferrara
    Gino FerraraDag geleden

    I'll brave Joe's freaky spacecraft studio for once since Doug is on

  • Chris Tate
    Chris TateDag geleden

    Yup I have gotten better and lucid dreaming too I can full blown control dreams

  • John John
    John John2 dagen geleden

    Anyone listened to music in a lucid dream??? If you have then yeah it's something else not like listening to music here in the "real world".

  • Lonestar OneStar
    Lonestar OneStar2 dagen geleden

    I'm pretty sure this audience already knows for the most part but Anti psychotics aren't the sort of thing you want to be taking " every now and then".

  • deminybs
    deminybs2 dagen geleden

    I gotta say the best lucid dream I had was as a kid, able to fly on command. It was awesome, kinda want to work on it more now that I'm older, still have them sometimes but pretty hit and miss

  • Big Seeks
    Big Seeks2 dagen geleden

    I feel the same way with my dreams. Sooo vivid, detailed, reoccurring its like a different movie all the time. But seriously suckss not being able to share them visually.

  • Bad Panda Racing
    Bad Panda Racing3 dagen geleden

    Your real facts prison systems use the Seroquel pills to calm down mental patients or those who have become violent towards themselves or say that then going to hurt themselves as a result of them not being able to mentally compile what's going on around them

  • Optic shit scared
    Optic shit scared3 dagen geleden

    This is exactly what happens to me. We all get that falling we are falling during sleep. But some times my body doesn’t jolt awake. And it’s like I’m falling through the mattress and stepping out of bed at the same time. I wouldn’t call them lucid tho. Sometimes they are really clear. Sometimes it’s like I have a Veil over my face and sounds like I’m wearing ear defenders.

  • Sin D
    Sin D3 dagen geleden

    Carlos Castaneda, The Art of Dreaming. Try to see your hands in a dream.

  • Ron Swanson
    Ron Swanson3 dagen geleden

    i've been taking seroquel for about 2 years and my dreams are lucid as fuck

  • Mickey Woods
    Mickey Woods3 dagen geleden

    How much does a cockatiel actually cost vs how much does it cost to become a cockatiel yourself, Doug Stanhope?

  • Apotheosis
    Apotheosis4 dagen geleden

    The most frustrating parts of lucid dreams is wondering whether or not it’s real life and if it’s a terrible idea to fly over to the local store to ask the pretty cashier if she wants to bang.

  • Lonestar OneStar

    Lonestar OneStar

    2 dagen geleden

    Don't you know that your dreaming?

  • brittenofficial
    brittenofficial4 dagen geleden

    one time I lucid dreamt and blew up the moon with one of them tnt detonators 😂 I freaked myself out and woke up immediately

  • Rice n Beans
    Rice n Beans4 dagen geleden

    He just perfectly described what I experience almost every night

  • nick richard
    nick richard4 dagen geleden

    joe where is episode 331?

  • Null
    Null4 dagen geleden

    I've had lucid dreams before, they're called sleep paralysis :P

  • Shadøw


    3 dagen geleden

    Sleep paralysis isn't lucid dreaming

  • Bees1970
    Bees19704 dagen geleden


  • Kernel Mars
    Kernel Mars4 dagen geleden

    Lol Dough is so dnbumb

  • Leo Melendez
    Leo Melendez5 dagen geleden

    Lucid dreams happened to me couple of times unexpectedly. It was a weird experience and I wish I could’ve got the hang of it but I couldn’t.

  • Terrance Lee
    Terrance Lee5 dagen geleden

    I hate lucid dreaming. It's like being trapped. Awake when you're body is sleeping. Nightmare

  • criss_ddc
    criss_ddc5 dagen geleden

    I have tons of lucid dreams , it's crazy ! Some times i have more then 5 a night !

  • Marco Coelho
    Marco Coelho5 dagen geleden

    Why did Joe seem pissed off at Doug like half the episode

  • G
    G5 dagen geleden

    Why would you go on Xanax? You must love death.

  • maldo72
    maldo725 dagen geleden

    cant stand spotify does not have comments .......

  • Steve Sharp
    Steve Sharp5 dagen geleden

    I love dougs podcast. I actually created a spotify account to see the rest and it was good. Joe rogans overly precious "grab my own head, i want my mommy bullshit was transparent" Doug is persistently cool and not scared... a perfect 10... Rogan tried to do the Trump "YANK" hanshake and doug held up, these two knew they were on different teams from the start.. especially since rogan nicked dougs comedians away from LA idea..... This was a fascinating watch

  • smartygirl
    smartygirl5 dagen geleden

    Lucid dreaming is a real thing, but what I want to know is why is this man taking an antipsychotic? It sounds like it isn't a nightly thing, so it's like his brain is constantly on a drug induced rollercoaster. That can't promote sanity and mental health. I guess that explains the pink hair and punk cut... Hell of w way to ride out a midlife crisis.

  • Jayson Lavallee
    Jayson Lavallee6 dagen geleden

    Love lucid dreaming. “Dream, please pause”

  • Jay Powell
    Jay Powell6 dagen geleden

    You won’t lucid dream on Xanax , and the anti psychotic is for meeeeth addiction

  • Sam Schacht
    Sam Schacht6 dagen geleden

    Anybody ever get superpower dreams? I am always flying or super jumping, and doing flips in the air. It's probably one of the best experiences I have ever had, and it wasn't even real.

  • Riley stanley
    Riley stanley7 dagen geleden

    I don’t trust anything this clown says. Sorry joe dude seems fake af

  • ProfessorChernobyl
    ProfessorChernobyl7 dagen geleden

    "Flatliners" (1990)

  • 0 Seve
    0 Seve7 dagen geleden

    I had a crazy friend who has a sériquol scrip she gave me some for sleeping I took one and slept a whole day lmao so the next time I broke it in half and felt like a walking zombie 🧟‍♀️ all bad

  • 13th Evergreen
    13th Evergreen7 dagen geleden

    He looks like my washed up.older boyfriend, who thinks he's young but just has money that i spend on his bill's and living expenses... Fuck, I'm not having sex with him and he's my father? Shit I'm not fucking an old guy i take care of..... Fuck

  • Valley Jeff
    Valley Jeff7 dagen geleden

    Taking Unisom daily for 2 weeks started my lucid dreaming. I had full control of my dreams. Good stuff. The stuff Doug is talking about is no joke. I took that shit once, a very small amount, I had a horrible experience. Proceed with caution haha.

  • Ike De Winter
    Ike De Winter7 dagen geleden

    This f ing guy so desperate for atention its sad

  • Eric Stadsklev
    Eric Stadsklev8 dagen geleden

    Haha Rogan is so jealous right now. He wants nothing more then to be able to lucidly dream on demand while being awake. That's always been one of his lifelong dreams. Gotta give him credit though for continuously and politely bringing the convo back around while on the inside screaming "Instructions Stanhope! NOOOOOW BITCH!!!"

  • Kikk oman
    Kikk oman8 dagen geleden

    "you can't share dreams". That's what you think...

  • moon dancer
    moon dancer8 dagen geleden

    sounds like he's going to the astral plane. Seroquel = Coma zone. Don't do it. Stick with weed. I hv always lucid dreamed but it's more like astral travel, time travel, remote viewing. It's more than a dream, And I'm not uploading my dreams either, unless they pay me.

  • John Miller
    John Miller8 dagen geleden

    Too many comments referring to the great Doug Stanhope as “this guy.” You don’t know comedy if you don’t know Doug. He’s easily top 10 or top 5 over the past few decades.

  • Ike De Winter

    Ike De Winter

    7 dagen geleden

    We know doug but can you realy respect or want to say youknow a guy looking like this

  • Dilemma x Jr Fleezus
    Dilemma x Jr Fleezus8 dagen geleden

    To answer joes question, in order to stay in the state of a lucid dream you have to basically stay calm. if you get too excited and your heart starts racing your body will force you to wake up. Just relax and enjoy :)

  • Screwdriver Kelly
    Screwdriver Kelly8 dagen geleden

    Mohawks in any of it's variations is for kids 12 to 25.

  • HypnoAthletics: Exercising Your Mind
    HypnoAthletics: Exercising Your Mind8 dagen geleden

    Lucid dreaming remains one of my most favored experiences of my life. enjoy them more than almost everything else.

  • redrum41987
    redrum419878 dagen geleden

    Doug looks like he's turning into someone he would used to make fun of.

  • f.a.c.e OD
    f.a.c.e OD9 dagen geleden

    I love the that hairstyle

  • Matt Burns Gaming
    Matt Burns Gaming9 dagen geleden

    Someone please link me to the source for the technology he mentions at the end

  • Becky Quin
    Becky Quin9 dagen geleden

    So far, all I can do in my become aware I'm dreaming, then wake myself up whenever I want to. Can't really control everything in my dreams, it's just those things.

  • Michael Anderson
    Michael Anderson9 dagen geleden

    if your dreaming and you wake up go right back to sleep (repeat process at least 3 times) and you will have some crazy shit happen

  • Hiden Biden
    Hiden Biden9 dagen geleden

    1:43 I do the same thing . Matter of fact did it last night until I woke up at 2 pm

  • The Sqwizard
    The Sqwizard9 dagen geleden

    I've been lucid dreaming since 2010 and have dream journals dating all the way back. I have lucid dreams several times every week, and have pretty much mastered the ability to maintain control of my dreams.

  • TheLadder330
    TheLadder3309 dagen geleden

    As a PharmD with a mental health background, I hate when Rogan and guests talk about medications....I literally shiver and fast forward.

  • Jordan Drumb
    Jordan Drumb9 dagen geleden

    Jesus, Joe was punchy or just plain out of it on this episode. He was so short with Doug and Jamie. Really weird episode...

  • Eric S
    Eric S9 dagen geleden

    Where’s bingo?

  • Shane Quenzer
    Shane Quenzer10 dagen geleden

    I have a rough time going to sleep so I pop an ambien every now and then. The dreams are so fucking technicolor and cinematic but they’re 75% brutal, horrendous nightmares and 25% good dreams. Anyone else have experiences with this drug ?

  • Devin Moss
    Devin Moss10 dagen geleden

    This guy looks like cook cook.

  • SkateForLife304
    SkateForLife30410 dagen geleden

    This is a Man Show reunion.

  • Zach Richardson
    Zach Richardson10 dagen geleden

    Wow nobody cares

  • hrafn _G
    hrafn _G10 dagen geleden

    Stanhope is turning into dr Jacoby.

  • Emma H
    Emma H10 dagen geleden

    Joe was so bland in this episode.

  • Sidi
    Sidi10 dagen geleden

    i think the dude is clearly lying

  • Slibbs
    Slibbs10 dagen geleden

    I’ve gotten better at lucid dreaming over the years and I started taking seroquel about 1 year and a half and i think because it locks you into such a deep REM sleep your dreams can be longer and wilder

  • Jerimiah Madden
    Jerimiah Madden11 dagen geleden

    Stanhope lookin like a red rocket 🐕

  • Andres Lares
    Andres Lares11 dagen geleden

    Joe invite to your Podcast somebody who is an expert in Lucid dreams. I have no idea who this old dude acting like a teenager is lol ...

  • Bryan Crimmins
    Bryan Crimmins11 dagen geleden

    Not much of an experience! Joe get me on there i could talk for 3 hours about how to Lucid Dream

  • Ozzy Doop
    Ozzy Doop11 dagen geleden

    I can relate to this guy : I have these lucid dreams at times but I can’t wake up & piss & go back to bed & continue onto the same dream : I get close but it turns into another dream which is usually so vivid it is like being in another reality : I love it when I fly & attempt to control it but Im not very good at looking where to land ... even flying way high is an overwhelming feeling .... it’s magic in A way & I think on some level we are experiencing astral planes ...

  • Tim Roll
    Tim Roll11 dagen geleden

    Almost looks like Hunter S. Thompson with a pink mohawk. The glasses, bald head, and cigarette sell it.

  • MaxiMixeM Vibes
    MaxiMixeM Vibes11 dagen geleden

    Stanhope is King of the ring awake or when sleeping. 🌍❤☘

  • .Exe
    .Exe11 dagen geleden

    Taking control of my dreams is the best thing I've ever learned! No more nightmares.

  • Trundle The Great
    Trundle The Great11 dagen geleden

    Damn the years have been cruel to Doug

  • PS4 Masada
    PS4 Masada11 dagen geleden

    ya i lucid dream like crazy exactly how this guy does

  • Beatyour Kids
    Beatyour Kids11 dagen geleden

    JOE why wont you talk with sam hyde?

  • Heiko Westermann
    Heiko Westermann11 dagen geleden

    What's the Comedian Grove? Bohemian Grove for certain comedians who "spread the truth"?

  • Marc Shannon
    Marc Shannon11 dagen geleden

    wow, butters dressed like him in a SP episode

  • Tank God
    Tank God11 dagen geleden

    "It was all a dream" Biggie Smalls

  • Nick


    9 dagen geleden

    Life is a Dream - Pedro Calderon de la Barca, 1635

  • DannyMasonKeener
    DannyMasonKeener11 dagen geleden

    One of the most profoundly stupid things ever to tumble out of Rogan's mouth @ 36:40 in the full ep: "You're a moderate to regular drinker, I would say." As Doug describes a lifetime of alcohol dependence, daily drinking by the afternoon, "booze shakes," alcohol hallucinations, memory loss, anxiety, self-isolation, and every hallmark symptom of profound and terminal alcohol use illness. A person he's known for decades. Can anyone answer why??

  • DannyMasonKeener


    6 dagen geleden

    @Trech Bucket The larger point is that a 10-year-old could know or just know of Stanhope for 20 minutes and confidently assess his drinking is neither moderate nor regular. Rogan says these bizarro land things off the cuff, and everybody just nods their heads.

  • Trech Bucket

    Trech Bucket

    7 dagen geleden

    DannyMasonKeener you’re right. I didn’t listen to it at all.

  • DannyMasonKeener


    7 dagen geleden

    @Trech Bucket Yes. His story(ies) of the past two hours before the podcast. Obviously you didn't listen or pay very close attention

  • Trech Bucket

    Trech Bucket

    7 dagen geleden

    DannyMasonKeener well joe knows him better than me. All you and I can do is judge by his stories of the past.

  • DannyMasonKeener


    7 dagen geleden

    @Trech Bucket Safe to say this is the present state

  • CeeBarrio1
    CeeBarrio111 dagen geleden

    Wtf happen to this dude? He came out the closet? The indian in the cupboard Life's crazy bro "Men on film" two snaps up! 🤣🤣😭☠️ Dude got on a girdleneck.

  • Andrew Finnerty
    Andrew Finnerty11 dagen geleden

    seroquel depletes so many vitamins/nutrients which lead to panic attacks which usually is due to Bvit/Magnesium deficiency... reading “Don Juan: Journey to Ixtlan” will guide you towards being proficient in lucid dreaming.

  • David Anton Savage
    David Anton Savage12 dagen geleden

    What is so strange is about Doug's lucid dreaming is that alcohol is notorious for supposedly inhibiting dream sleep.

  • JoJo
    JoJo12 dagen geleden

    Hahaha omg seroqel is hardcore. I get insane sleep paralysis on that shit....

  • Chris H.
    Chris H.12 dagen geleden

    Wish I could talk with this guy as I also experience the same type of dreams where I can come back to them. I’ve gone as far as waking up, making breakfast, eating, watching tv for an hour, then going back to sleep picking back up where I left off before I woke up like it was a movie I paused or something. I can also manipulate my dreams to where if something I don’t like happens I can rewind and “take it from the top” and make it more to my liking. I’ve also had terrifying dreams where I see things or beings that scare me to the point where I can feel my actual body freezing up. But my last dream I had, I was able to transfer this fear onto another character in my dream (in this case it was my step dad) so that I myself in the real world didn’t feel fear. Here’s my dream and how I controlled it. Setting: my house I don’t quite remember how I arrived at this point in the dream but for some reason there’s a scary entity in the basement. I knew it was down there however I didn’t go investigate I controlled my step dad in my dream to go down as I stayed in the kitchen. I, however, could see what he was seeing as he went down to the basement. I encounter this thing in the basement. Then the dream jumps to me looking in the basement bathroom mirror and in the mirror I can see that behind me there’s another version of me but this version isn’t really me it’s the weird evil entity. I can feel my real life body freezing up because I’m scared. I then rewind my dream to the part where my step dad is the one going down the stairs and I feel relieved. My step dad encounters the being/entity and he runs back upstairs (at this point I can feel my body tensing up again in fear) As he reaches the kitchen, when I see myself through his eyes my consciousness then transfers itself back to my dream body and I can see him panicking with visible fear. But I myself was no longer afraid. I’ve only been able to achieve this once and it was very recent. I haven’t had any dreams since then. The more I have these dreams the more I believe that our dreams are an alternate reality.

  • Michael Covel
    Michael Covel12 dagen geleden

    Oh shit! Doug... Seroquel?! I mistakenly ate one of those once, awful drug!

  • Susette Santiago
    Susette Santiago12 dagen geleden

    Mine started as flying dreams.......once you learn how to control them it’s different......but I never took any medications.......

  • michael cook
    michael cook12 dagen geleden

    ive been subscribed to JRE for years, but he let SPOTIFY CENSOR him and then LIED to us about it to protect spotify and himself.. such a TRASH MOVE.... im UNSUBSCRIBING now. ....wheres the american flag joe? your masters didnt like it?

  • DannyMasonKeener


    11 dagen geleden

    I have no problem with whatever he sold to make 100 million dollars, it's just how bad the app sucks. I get a free premium subscription and it's still garbage. Commercials on his show with a paid service, glitches out all the time, starts over from the beginning and hour in... ridiculous.

  • William Winn
    William Winn12 dagen geleden

    Doug is Awesome loved watching him on Howard Stern back in the day. funny dude

  • Jason
    Jason12 dagen geleden

    Joe “I want to lucid dream” Rogan

    KNIGHT T WHITE T12 dagen geleden

    Joe's comment about science being able to read your dreams was done in the movie Dumb and Dumber To when Loyd was thinking about his childhood dog licking peanut butter off of his balls and it appeared on the big screen!! 🤣😂🤣

  • Paul Thomas
    Paul Thomas12 dagen geleden

    Joe just has stand-ups on to not laugh at their jokes

  • Joey Herman
    Joey Herman12 dagen geleden

    Nice pink mohawk

  • Joey Herman
    Joey Herman12 dagen geleden

    Doug is the man.

  • Chris T
    Chris T12 dagen geleden

    You can so see when Joe gets irritated - same as when he had Jeremy Corbell

  • David Harvey
    David Harvey12 dagen geleden

    It’s called borderline personality disorder

  • Dirty Red
    Dirty Red12 dagen geleden

    I’ve been able to have lucid dreams that I can continue at later times since I was a teen. Fuckin awesome shit!

  • Dmitry Google
    Dmitry Google12 dagen geleden

    Look at Joe))) just F tosted)))

  • Craig Mac
    Craig Mac12 dagen geleden

    I love Doug and hope he is doing good. But what tf am I watching? This dude looks like a Chris angel fanatic. I’m honestly confused as to what happened to him.

  • DannyMasonKeener


    11 dagen geleden

    Late stage alcohol use disorder?

  • Interest and Fun
    Interest and Fun12 dagen geleden

    I literally thought this dude was dead? Wtf?


    U can smoke darts on JRE ? - NiCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCeee !

  • Elyas Yusuf
    Elyas Yusuf12 dagen geleden

    My lucid dream experience is: Me and two other people walking on the street, looking on the sunset orange sky, its after a rain, we laughing and chit chat together. I dont know who they are but they looks real and i remember it