Demi Lovato on Relapsing and Being "California Sober"

Taken from JRE #1625 w/Demi Lovato:


  • Gabrielle Olsavsky
    Gabrielle Olsavsky49 minuten geleden

    what she described with her vision is what happens to people with oras during migraine. google ora

  • Suzanne Etc
    Suzanne Etc50 minuten geleden


  • J E
    J EUur geleden

    Her recovery is "nobody's business" but she keeps doing interviews about her recovery🤣

  • Terese Pereira
    Terese Pereira7 uur geleden

    is no one going to talk about that adorable lil squeak she did at 7.08?

  • Maureen Galleymore
    Maureen Galleymore9 uur geleden

    Jesus man. It's sad to watch her like this. Using weed for relief is like doing heroine for relief. I want die from pot, but I sure as hell will drive myself there if I use it. I pray that one day she can be clean. Opium is a sacred plant man, and that kills. I'm sick of hearing how weed is just a plant. If you're an addict, you're an addict. It's fine for some people, but not for addicts. Shes playing herself. Not using the tools the program gives her. I pray for her.

  • Raymond Siddiqi
    Raymond Siddiqi11 uur geleden

    Take it from a former pothead, Joe 'Denial' Rogan, doing sober October doesn't mean you're not a functioning pothead the rest of the year.

  • Eric S
    Eric S14 uur geleden

    I really don’t understand why anyone would try hard drugs, i just can’t fathom that.

  • David South
    David South16 uur geleden

    I guarantee you if Joe Rogan did not smoke weed for a couple of weeks straight while still doing his podcast. You would notice the difference.

  • rose ren
    rose ren16 uur geleden

    I've been smoking weed for over 8 years now and am fully addicted to it. I'm functioning which is good but there are SO MANY withdrawals from it and I've developed an eating disorder. Let's stop this "weed is harmless, you can't get addicted, there are no physical withdrawals" everyone is different and it is likely your food and appetite will be affected if you use all the time. I'm not for "all abstinence" and I fucking love weed but the misconceptions are insane and must be stopped.

  • Kevin Verduci
    Kevin Verduci16 uur geleden

    Her voice can cut glass

  • J. Ørn
    J. Ørn17 uur geleden

    hearing her speak makes me want to overdose... foad

  • Ava V
    Ava V19 uur geleden

    why was this awkward to watch? maybe it's just me

  • Fantastic 1
    Fantastic 121 uur geleden

    Imagine being sober and living in L.A ? I couldnt think of anything worse

  • RudeBoy Rok
    RudeBoy Rok22 uur geleden

    Demi Lovato is a narcissist, she has been so successful and still pities herself.

  • Agnes
    Agnes23 uur geleden

    Her laughter seems like a coping mechanism - sames.

  • Muffin Top
    Muffin TopDag geleden

    Stop saying "green stuff", weed is not taboo. You can buy it at the store now, yeesh.

  • Butcher Boyy
    Butcher BoyyDag geleden

    11:13 joe laughing when Demi talking bout people being addicted to throwing up 😂😂😂

  • Lisa Vaughn
    Lisa VaughnDag geleden

    Demi is not sober because true sobriety is complete abstinence from all mind altering substances. She is misleading information of recovery and the ones who still suffer can see this and end up dying because of her negligence.

  • Christian Segura
    Christian SeguraDag geleden

    Weed is not bad for you but she’s had every other addiction. Meaning her doing this would just add to her addiction. She’s need to go cold turkey and not be on anything and clearly she’s not well and won’t. SMH

  • AZMarineSniper
    AZMarineSniperDag geleden

    This chick is lost

  • PeRuN the Riffmeister
    PeRuN the RiffmeisterDag geleden

    Still didn't get to watch it, but if Joe didn't ask her at least 1 question about Luke Rockhold, I'll be disappointed.

  • Lisa Steffler
    Lisa StefflerDag geleden

    She can heal her eyesight through energy work. Finding a legit energy healer is key. A lot are ego based. Do your research first and trust your instincts. There are many different healing modalities. For the skeptics and science based folks, you can turn to Quantum Physics for needed evidence.

  • Lisa Steffler
    Lisa StefflerDag geleden

    Marijuana does have significant withdrawal symptoms. I love her honesty, courage and bravery. She is an intuitive.

  • Ro Malone
    Ro MaloneDag geleden

    Demi: I saw ur mouth start to smile. Also demi: I can’t see your mouth.

  • Jacey McDonald

    Jacey McDonald

    14 uur geleden

    I think she meant she can't see a person's mouth if she's looking at their eyes while she's talking to them, she has to look down to see their mouth...

  • shaterdrosses
    shaterdrossesDag geleden

    Is it me or does she have an obnoxiously loud laugh 😂

  • Dinky Dot
    Dinky DotDag geleden

    She definitely beat bulimia... thicc is good

  • Fc channel
    Fc channelDag geleden

    why when celebs go on these sober tour they get strange haircuts and rock weird clothes.

  • Daniela Souza
    Daniela SouzaDag geleden

    I’m happy she’s fine now, but I just wish that one day she finds out that Jesus is better than any drugs.

  • Cason Bunch
    Cason BunchDag geleden


  • TheArcticTravels
    TheArcticTravelsDag geleden

    I was with her up until she said “my truth”

  • ashley
    ashleyDag geleden

    i really hope demi won't relapse again but she's a ticking timebombe and emotionally unstable but i wish her the best and that she'll be okay ♡

  • Rubester 1219
    Rubester 1219Dag geleden

    Deleted my initial comment. As the thought about it again and came back to abstinence is not for everyone. And people’s journeys can look different. Still not sure how I feel about the alcohol part being safe or not. But it is Demi’s journey. At the end of the day if alcohol and cannabis keep Demi from potential relapses on the hard stuff than maybe “California Sober” is right for Demi. At the end of the day I just wish Demi well on her Journey however that might look.

  • Urban Cowboy
    Urban CowboyDag geleden

    "portland sober" only doing H when it's dark outside.

  • travis powell
    travis powellDag geleden

    U only go through withdrawal if u have opiates in your system before vivatrol not after...just saying

  • Sidney Rausch
    Sidney RauschDag geleden

    I just want to give her a hug

  • Page Black
    Page BlackDag geleden

    Wtf is this joe lol

  • hdhsghsxdg sdzgsdf
    hdhsghsxdg sdzgsdf2 dagen geleden

    ngl i love her laugh

  • Liam Reynolds
    Liam Reynolds2 dagen geleden

    No withdrawals?? Are you mad 😂

  • Hayley Phoebe
    Hayley Phoebe2 dagen geleden

    As an ALANON kid I was always warned that alcohol was the getaway drug and found those that say pot is actually haven’t had to deal with addiction or have an addict directly in their lives. Some studies have also found that pot helps those with hardcore addictions stay off the bad stuff but at the end Of the day it’s one day at a time, one hour at a time or even one minute at a time cos pot won’t kill you but alcohol and other drugs will

  • paul christie
    paul christie2 dagen geleden

    I’m Boston sober I only shoot dope and coke on the weekends! California sober LOL.just take the word sober out of it and say I smoke a little weed. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Nikki Pascoe
    Nikki Pascoe2 dagen geleden

    Cannabis is medicine

  • Nikki Pascoe

    Nikki Pascoe

    2 dagen geleden

    spiritual, physical and mental-medicine

  • Jessi Granados
    Jessi Granados2 dagen geleden

    I’ve never seen these many dislikes in a Joe Rohan video ever lol

  • Baby Bonbon
    Baby Bonbon2 dagen geleden

    Never knew what Cali sober was until now

  • Wagner Rocha
    Wagner Rocha2 dagen geleden

    Yo, her laugh alone makes this the most uncomfortable and unbearable episode ever.

  • Kev
    Kev2 dagen geleden

    I'm more proud of her now actually , I was afraid she was gonna come back claiming to be perfect and healed . I was addicted to coke and crack and weed saved me! It fights the urges to touch harder stuff !!! It's been 5 years since I'm off the hard stuff , its not a one size fits all solution but it does work , especially in a case like hers when it doesn't affect your finances or day to day life cause you're functioning well!!

  • Kat O
    Kat O2 dagen geleden

    How about having 200 in your bank account and paying rent and having a kid! Let me know how unhappy you are gonna live.

  • Debbie Campana
    Debbie Campana2 dagen geleden

    Weed can be related to Psychotic episodes and schizophrenia sis.... also will fuck up your lungs. I’m honestly not buying that bs... Can someone be honest here and tell her: “Most of the population is unhappy... and so many have their shit together with 1% of the money you make” Ugh.... in my honest opinion, she’s still on the hard stuff.

  • Debbie Campana
    Debbie Campana2 dagen geleden

    Dude....humans are so F-ed up

  • Flash Gordon
    Flash Gordon2 dagen geleden

    Her laugh woke my dog up and he started barking like a demon attacked his soul

  • Molly Skywalker

    Molly Skywalker

    Dag geleden

    Ffs hahahahha

  • Phuck YouTube
    Phuck YouTube2 dagen geleden

    I'll never forgive this guy for having Demi lecunto before David Attenborough

  • Jasmin Castillo
    Jasmin Castillo2 dagen geleden

    That was really insensitive to joke about trying throwing up your food .. as someone who is recovering from bulimia, the choice is not so easy for us. And it’s a struggle. Please don’t joke about that

  • Indoor Cycling Bike Repair and Service
    Indoor Cycling Bike Repair and Service2 dagen geleden

    Demi "Where's the bong" Lovato. 😿😹

  • Alyssa M
    Alyssa M2 dagen geleden

    Demi I love you. BUT lets just say what weed is: AMAZING. Healing, medicine.

  • Dpol85
    Dpol852 dagen geleden

    That kamala harris style laugh is california sober.

  • jocoloco
    jocoloco2 dagen geleden

    Man, Joe you are struggling with empathy clearly with the many off the mark comments in this interview like how you might try bulimia.

  • Triggernometry
    Triggernometry2 dagen geleden

    She used "green" because marijuana is too strong of a word for her virgin ears. Meanwhile shes been smoking heroin for the past year.

  • Tobias Looser
    Tobias Looser2 dagen geleden

    Alot of artist are crazy, or at least i'am.....

  • Skyline Flyline
    Skyline Flyline3 dagen geleden

    Just stopping by to say joe sucks thanks

  • Amy Melton
    Amy Melton3 dagen geleden

    Love Demi but I'm so sick of this My truth, your truth crap. Just fucking live the way you want and do what works for you. Why must people use those terms so damn much? It's annoying and people us "their truth" as a way to get out of the actual truth of a situation. Not saying that's what Demi is doing. There are plenty of situations where people perceive things differently but this term My truth is getting used so much that now it's the answer to everything for some people. It's a way to explain what really happened away by just saying "oh well that's my truth" or "my truth is different". It's just becoming an easy out for people.

  • sbqntly awake
    sbqntly awake3 dagen geleden


  • M Miller
    M Miller3 dagen geleden

    Don't tell your mother

  • nicholas hamilton
    nicholas hamilton3 dagen geleden

    She just said she seen his smile

  • nicholas hamilton
    nicholas hamilton3 dagen geleden

    Who the fk has a team for sobriety

  • Vianna Taba
    Vianna Taba3 dagen geleden

    i love her more than anyone.

  • Amanda McGraw
    Amanda McGraw3 dagen geleden

    Yeah... um... I don’t feel good about this at all

  • RickiiTensee
    RickiiTensee3 dagen geleden

    “I could never be bulimic, I eat like a pig..” *awkward silence* Is he serious? You don’t have to understand EDs, but have the sense to NOT say stupid crap like that especially in front of a recovering bulimic.. smh

  • Jay Bojorquez
    Jay Bojorquez3 dagen geleden

    I like her more now. She really seems cool but her political views make her very leftist and now I understand why she is. She seems to not have developed a base character of herself. Many of us grow up developing that up until around 15. She seems a bit lost in that regard. Like she could be so badass if she wanted to be and she's gotten a taste for it too. She just needs a different crowd. One with greater resolve and conviction. Not like leftists.

  • Jaciel Torres
    Jaciel Torres3 dagen geleden

    You can't just say smoke weed? jesus.

  • Jon
    Jon3 dagen geleden

    Yeah, this girl needs Jesus

  • karmma101
    karmma1013 dagen geleden

    Life is hard ... So glad shes alive and thriving Life is sacred and we only get one 💕. Kindness is what matters 🥰

  • Micah B.
    Micah B.3 dagen geleden

    California sober • functioning addict

  • 2021
    20213 dagen geleden

    who cares

  • Norene Garza
    Norene Garza3 dagen geleden

    “when someone tells you not to look at the sun but you look any way I’m that kid “ me too ... 💀😂

  • Yaya Esqueda

    Yaya Esqueda

    2 dagen geleden

    I know I was like gurl I can relate to that as well😂

  • lukkymee
    lukkymee3 dagen geleden

    She appropriating a sister look? Sure looks like it. Where they at? They usually drag a girl for this... lol

  • Sean Connelly
    Sean Connelly3 dagen geleden

    Y’all need Jesus. Can I get an amen

  • Bobby Smith
    Bobby Smith3 dagen geleden

    She really seems like a great person and easy on the eyes too!

  • Marcus Hendon
    Marcus Hendon3 dagen geleden

    I always enjoyed watching joe rogan and respected demi lovato until now. Talking about weed like it's nothing. Marijuana is an extremely toxic drug. It seems ok at first but eventually u becoming paranoid and eventually crazy. You won't even realize it, you just think everyone else is mad. Please no drugs is the best option

  • Lilly Hooper
    Lilly Hooper3 dagen geleden

    Did he really just make a joke about trying bulimia...?

  • 8D Records

    8D Records

    3 dagen geleden

    Right and the way she got so upset thinking she might have convinced someone else to go through what she did was so awkward the second hand embarrassment on his end I could feel the energy

  • Glenn Ferguson
    Glenn Ferguson3 dagen geleden

    Addiction is escapism from reality

  • Jimmy Smith
    Jimmy Smith3 dagen geleden

    I had to stop the podcast and Google who she was. I enjoyed this interview very much. I listen to every episode at work, I'm probably a week behind and it's shocking I guess the ones that I want to skip through and the ones I want to hear everything and this was a good one.

  • LittleLAM
    LittleLAM3 dagen geleden

    Joe: I’ll never be bulimic. I eat like a pig. Bulimics everywhere: Ummmm...

  • Jasmin Castillo

    Jasmin Castillo

    2 dagen geleden

    He clearly knows nothing about eating disorders 😒

  • Kay’s Life
    Kay’s Life3 dagen geleden

    She consistently dresses like a 15 y/o Spanish boy these days and I’m ngl it’s working for me 😭

  • Camila Parra
    Camila Parra3 dagen geleden

    .... he asked about weed like 3 or 4x I don’t get it .

  • Laiman Tukumoeatu
    Laiman Tukumoeatu3 dagen geleden

    Alcohol, if any drug, is the gateway drug.

  • gvidalq
    gvidalq3 dagen geleden

    I didn't expect Demi and joe to get along so well

  • Alejandra Silva
    Alejandra Silva3 dagen geleden

    We all have demons to fight. I wanna see this girl conquer hers! This world lacks empathy. She needs to surround herself with good people. I can tell she gots a good ❤️. Go Demi !!

  • Alejandra Silva

    Alejandra Silva

    3 dagen geleden

    Also, the interviewer has a sarcastic sense of humor and lacks empathy. She needs to surround herself with good vibes.

  • Pugagluglug glug
    Pugagluglug glug3 dagen geleden

    i totally support the use of weed and everything but it’s hard to watch them say it’s compelty harmless when i know 4 people who went into psychosis from it or become delusional

  • Noah Schurman
    Noah Schurman3 dagen geleden

    Joe is weak for not addressing Poot Lovato

  • Ginger Snaps
    Ginger Snaps3 dagen geleden

    Honk if you love weed and Demi Lovato

  • Ryan McMahon
    Ryan McMahon3 dagen geleden

    Lol is easy to tell she is leaning on that "California Sober" comment. Girl can't handle being out of the spotlight because narcicistis always need attention. You're milking this Demi.

  • Alissa Anne
    Alissa Anne3 dagen geleden

    I always assumed she was one of those “addicts” who have no idea what the fuck they are actually saying and just want attention or the pat on the back but “I overdosed on heroin laced with fetanyl and crack” is some real junkie shit! Round of applause for Demi and welcome to the team!

  • JDK K
    JDK K3 dagen geleden

    So many of these SJW’s are so effed up that they think they’re normal...

  • DoNNa DoNNa
    DoNNa DoNNa3 dagen geleden

    You should go to anti depression or a different medicine rather than weed

  • Nani SP
    Nani SP3 dagen geleden

    Her laugh is so powerful just like her voice is a powerhouse on its ownnn lol love it

  • Clovr May
    Clovr May3 dagen geleden

    I'm northern Virginia sober, I still get fucked up on wine and beer a lot.

  • Clovr May
    Clovr May3 dagen geleden

    Me thinking about Demis sobriety and my own personal hell with it, "geez how can she abstain from everything forever I'd uh killed myself or have more assault charges." Demi: " I smoke weed a lot Me: oh ok good for her.

  • Kim Barron
    Kim Barron3 dagen geleden

    i love their banter!!! they seem super comfy together!

  • North Philly 215
    North Philly 2153 dagen geleden

    That first laugh forced me to turn down my volume

  • L Z
    L Z3 dagen geleden

    Hi Demi, Jesus is the answer. In your last song live you where asking God that no one is listening to you. But he is listening to your cry, tears and pain. Hope you find Healing in your Recovery. Be Blessed

  • A Trusty
    A Trusty4 dagen geleden

    I think I like demi now....