Dan Gable on Losing His Final Match "I Needed That Loss"

Taken from JRE #1627 w/Dan Gable:


  • Suzy Smith
    Suzy Smith13 uur geleden

    Bullshit, warm up caused him to lose GTFO

  • Etheric Synchronicity
    Etheric Synchronicity17 uur geleden

    Great profile shot of Joe's Palumboism..... he's been on TRT and HGH for about 10 years and it sure shows.... Mr All meat diet is heading to an early grave Palumboism occurs when the muscles on the sides of the abdomen, also known as your oblique muscles, thicken and make it difficult for a bodybuilder to hold in their stomach, or rectus abdominis muscles. Palumboism is also referred to as: steroid or roid gut. human growth hormone or HGH gut

  • Teddy Marquez
    Teddy Marquez21 uur geleden

    All it takes is once love this moral.!

  • TheLyonsKing 1
    TheLyonsKing 12 dagen geleden

    Ayyyy met this guy!

  • jacob apodaca
    jacob apodaca4 dagen geleden

    God damn that snippet of the interview was so good I might have to go to Spotify

  • JLEE 34
    JLEE 344 dagen geleden

    Damn even the toughest man ever couldn’t fight without a warm up.. makes me feel good about myself lol

  • nick richard
    nick richard4 dagen geleden

    joe where is episode 331?

  • Cody Martin
    Cody Martin5 dagen geleden

    Joe only has a 2 year deal with spotify. He'll be back on NLdron in the future

  • Brad
    Brad5 dagen geleden

    The GOAT DG just mentioned Dake as Jordan’s big challenge. Jordan Burroughs just lost to him. Amazing.

  • Joe Oleary
    Joe Oleary5 dagen geleden

    Dan Gable used to do wind sprints until he literally passed out. That gives you an idea of how hard he trained. Also, there's a story of how when he'd first gone to college he decided he'd earned a break and was drinking a beer in the student union. Somehow, his mother heard about it, when down there, and slapped him across the face.

  • P Kell
    P Kell5 dagen geleden

    Cael Sanderson head wrestling coach at Penn state 4 NCAA titles 159 - 0 and a Olympic gold medal

  • Delta Music
    Delta Music6 dagen geleden

    had to watch out for those kgb mind games back in the day....

  • Softball Slapping
    Softball Slapping6 dagen geleden

    Loved this interview but he did not carry 270 pounds of cement. Sorry...

  • Chris R
    Chris R6 dagen geleden

    My guy making excuses without making excuses hahaha what a guy

  • Michael McKinley
    Michael McKinley6 dagen geleden

    Don’t know much about wrestling but this guy is really genuine. Heard about Rulon Gardner as a great wrestler.

  • Alexander Clarke
    Alexander Clarke7 dagen geleden

    Joe leaving NLdron, is like having your president step down right after finally doing something great for the people. Is it just me or did NLdron become more and more censored after Joe left

  • BirdDawg
    BirdDawg7 dagen geleden

    Good ol' Joe, still calling bullshit when he smells it!

  • Solorunner13
    Solorunner137 dagen geleden

    Sounds like a of excuses

  • essiemeister
    essiemeister7 dagen geleden

    Also stop being on drugs alllll the time its eating away what u have left of your brain

  • essiemeister
    essiemeister7 dagen geleden

    Boring. JRE fell off. Lazy clips by Jamie. Boring guests and over paid and fraud (onnit)

  • Jeromy Barton
    Jeromy Barton7 dagen geleden

    Get Cael Sanderson on ASAP

  • Kyle J
    Kyle J7 dagen geleden

    He seems pretty bitter low-key. I re watched that match after watching this and everything he's describing is what you see on camera he's visibly winded after the first minute. So what he's saying is probably what happened to him which could of caused that but to say it was better that you lost and the other guy ended up getting a divorce or something is just a little salty. It also wasn't a coin toss ending either, he got single leg taken down and put on his back

  • BettaBeGood Jr
    BettaBeGood Jr8 dagen geleden

    Can you imagine the amounts of sweat that dan gable helped shed from himself and his teams he coached!! TALKING SWIMMING POOLS OF HARD WORK.

  • None None

    None None

    6 dagen geleden

    Eeeew lol

  • Dk loud TV
    Dk loud TV8 dagen geleden

    Spotify is great

  • BashaaratH I
    BashaaratH I8 dagen geleden

    whens the Micheal Jordon coming on

  • jacob wilson
    jacob wilson8 dagen geleden

    “You shoot you score, they shoot YOU SCORE!” -Dan Gable

  • Mike McPuff
    Mike McPuff8 dagen geleden

    I swear the abrupt ending ruin these clips for me a bit...

  • Da Indian
    Da Indian8 dagen geleden

    Thank you Joe. Dan Gable is the man. Talked to him once at ‘87 ncaa. He inspired a ton of us

  • Hillbilly Mods
    Hillbilly Mods9 dagen geleden

    I was the complete opposite. My brain got the best of me. I could and had to nap right up until I was up. If I didn't, I'd suffer a massive adrenaline dump, and gas in the first period.

  • Scott Simon
    Scott Simon9 dagen geleden

    LAST 🤬💩

  • Scott Finney
    Scott Finney9 dagen geleden

    Larry is a great man, he’s the man that spilled the ink. Met him several times here in Oregon, never met Dan Gable, but always been my all time hero. I wanted to wrestle for him so badly but unfortunately you have tremendous wrestling talent, I had tremendous dreams. I also know that Mr. Gable used to get man handled in practice by Bob Buzzard, and Bob was no joke as a coach here in Oregon. He had some amazing stories about Mr. Gable. Hopefully I will meet him one day.

  • User says
    User says9 dagen geleden


  • Jj881
    Jj8819 dagen geleden

    Waterloo Iowa stand up👏🏾

  • bidask123
    bidask1239 dagen geleden

    This has the same intensity as the Cowboy Cerrone podcast when Cowboy talked about cave diving.

  • Ishmael
    Ishmael9 dagen geleden

    Why 182? I thought he went 117 and 1 in college

  • matthewkitch1
    matthewkitch19 dagen geleden

    Dan Gable is the GOAT. Can’t change my kind.

  • Chris Broussard Is White
    Chris Broussard Is White9 dagen geleden

    @2:30 Rogan is looking HEAVY, and not good heavy.

  • M Ruiz
    M Ruiz9 dagen geleden

    That's funny how he has that white tape around his wrist like he's ready to go always lol

  • Joshua Barbour
    Joshua Barbour10 dagen geleden

    The man is correct,in my opinion. Everyone needs to lose sometimes. It builds character.

  • Andrew Lepselter
    Andrew Lepselter10 dagen geleden

    Get Michael Knowles on joe rogan

  • ColdMoonlight
    ColdMoonlight10 dagen geleden

    Something something Joe Rogan something something spotify something something youtube

  • Gof Uckyourself
    Gof Uckyourself10 dagen geleden

    An excuse is an excuse he lost take the L and move on and improve. Saying you lost because you didn’t warm up is a sorry excuse sorry not sorry

  • Charles Smith
    Charles Smith10 dagen geleden

    Where or did it bother you. Your number one.?

  • Charles Smith
    Charles Smith10 dagen geleden

    I think Dan good example of competivness.

  • Isaac Jarrett
    Isaac Jarrett10 dagen geleden

    Holy shit....

  • Justin Anderson
    Justin Anderson10 dagen geleden

    Kanye West bought out Spotify today. Does that make him Rogan's boss now?

  • Jason Ablah
    Jason Ablah10 dagen geleden

    Said he still trains 7 days a week lmao

  • EverettBurger
    EverettBurger10 dagen geleden

    Deontay Wilder should call Gable.

  • EverettBurger
    EverettBurger10 dagen geleden

    Cael Sanderson or Kyle Dake next month?

  • A James
    A James10 dagen geleden

    guests boring af lately? or just me?

  • Matt Perry

    Matt Perry

    9 dagen geleden

    just u

  • Gavrilo Princip
    Gavrilo Princip10 dagen geleden

    Who the f could dislike this?

  • Kendrick Burgos
    Kendrick Burgos10 dagen geleden

    One is the MAN Mentality is the X factor

  • James Mayle
    James Mayle10 dagen geleden

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  • Hoggar Krababbel
    Hoggar Krababbel10 dagen geleden

    Jordan Burroughs isn't on Dan Gable's level. Gable loved strong opponents more than himself (especially the Russians!). Todays "Olympians" are self-absorbed instagram stars and Russiagaters. Fuck them!

  • Yellow Snowman
    Yellow Snowman10 dagen geleden

    Dan Gable will never be half the man of Chael Sonnen. Chael never needed a loss so he never took one. Never lost a fight or round. Undefeated.

  • Jason Professional
    Jason Professional10 dagen geleden

    Yeah wrestlers are hardcore.

  • Jefe Moreno
    Jefe Moreno10 dagen geleden

    Dan Gable , holy shit he’s a wrestling legend

  • S Diddy
    S Diddy10 dagen geleden

    Legend. He’s one of the greatest athletes ever. His match vs Larry Owings was a tutorial. Any of you guys remember the movie “Vision Quest” No particular order : Jim Brown Bo Jackson Michael Jordan Dan Gable Jim Thorpe Gordy Howe Bobby Orr Muhammad Ali Pele Usain Bolt Michael Phelps

  • Mark Haynie
    Mark Haynie10 dagen geleden

    Bobby Douglas.....

  • Ty Gosketch
    Ty Gosketch10 dagen geleden

    Now here's the Real GOAT!

  • Adam B
    Adam B10 dagen geleden

    DOGECOINS to the 🌝 🐕 🚀 🌝 gable that

  • Noahsusong
    Noahsusong10 dagen geleden

    Waterloo West High alumni baby, gable representing the 319 baby!

  • R D
    R D10 dagen geleden

    nldron.info/work/video/n3dtfq2nZIm8mYE any constructive criticism

  • Mark Bland
    Mark Bland10 dagen geleden


  • Erick AR
    Erick AR10 dagen geleden

    Joe Rogan should bring in someone in the podcast that talks about sleep paralysis. I think it would be interesting to hear what experts gotta say about.

  • Tim Sherman
    Tim Sherman10 dagen geleden


  • paxster76
    paxster7610 dagen geleden

    How about Tank Abbot as a guest?

  • Claude
    Claude10 dagen geleden

    I can see why he was tired. He was thrown off his routine and he focused all his mental preparation on the interview as opposed to his warm up.

  • Joshua Brant

    Joshua Brant

    7 dagen geleden

    Fuck man anytime you have a big thing coming up and you get caught up in something else and don't have a good 30 minutes to go over it in your mind it will throw you off your game. It doesn't have to be physical it can be a math test or a job interview. Anything you have built up in your head those last couple of moments before it are huge.

  • juan pena
    juan pena10 dagen geleden

    Finally the Man !!!

  • Juan
    Juan10 dagen geleden

    My coach back in high school modeled our training after Mr. Gable’s philosophy. I still remember him telling us about the brands brothers and doing pulls ups and beating the hell out of each other next to the Brands Brothers poster. I miss getting my ass kicked.

  • scope this
    scope this10 dagen geleden

    theres another level of breaking points and that is dealing with the hype of winning greatness.

  • Gunbound Rev
    Gunbound Rev10 dagen geleden

    As they say, the most dangerous fights are the ones you’re supposed to win.

  • Rhett
    Rhett10 dagen geleden

    Sure seems like extreme cope

  • Руслан Шералиев
    Руслан Шералиев10 dagen geleden

    Hello on the Tajikistan🇹🇯

  • Sevenspine III
    Sevenspine III10 dagen geleden

    Go Hawks!

  • Paul
    Paul10 dagen geleden

    Was he in wcw or wwf?

  • 1212goose
    1212goose10 dagen geleden

    This guy changed his warm up time 3 times in 6 minutes. Lieing much?

  • Yisroel Ackerman
    Yisroel Ackerman10 dagen geleden

    Nervousness from his speaking-anxiety for all that time could also have been draining.

  • MarVill TX
    MarVill TX10 dagen geleden

    No Joe. I’m not going to Spotify.

    ALL DAE10 dagen geleden

    Tattooed chef is 🔥 TTCF!!! Get in now !

  • Bigdawg Game
    Bigdawg Game10 dagen geleden

    Make your own money

  • Luis Perez

    Luis Perez

    10 dagen geleden

    He makes more money than u.

  • AJM
    AJM10 dagen geleden

    I've always been told to get your second wind before the match starts, it does make a big difference.

  • Jeremy Ruckman
    Jeremy Ruckman11 dagen geleden

    I know this feeling all to well. Was touted to break the state track meet mile record. It was a guarantee in everyone’s minds because I had done posted the time in multiple meets leading up to it. I didn’t practice or warm up like I usually did. Was talking to parents coaches the news. As soon as the race start it was the first time ever I felt weak tired like I didn’t have it, two minutes later I’m having a panic induced asthma attack and collapsed on the track... HUGE learning experience.

  • Jeff B
    Jeff B11 dagen geleden

    Dan fucking Gable

  • The Xquisit1
    The Xquisit111 dagen geleden

    Dude what a cast.

  • Jenny Anydots
    Jenny Anydots11 dagen geleden

    Sounds like Gable is making excuses. I didn't peg him for an excuse maker.

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt11 dagen geleden

    Iowa strong!

  • Wise Guy
    Wise Guy11 dagen geleden

    What a shame , can’t admit the lost to some one better

  • Ancient Chi
    Ancient Chi11 dagen geleden

    Rogan is a sellout. What a two face

  • Polo Popolo
    Polo Popolo11 dagen geleden


  • J Michael Ewan
    J Michael Ewan11 dagen geleden

    He’s talking about his second wind. When you get to that place, you’re moving through your heart. Before that, everything is through the head. Heart beats head every time.

  • TheMako990 Mako
    TheMako990 Mako11 dagen geleden

    About time.

  • Jay Gerlach
    Jay Gerlach11 dagen geleden

    Dan Gable is a genuinely good human being!!

  • Shipra Dutta
    Shipra Dutta11 dagen geleden

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  • Jeff s
    Jeff s11 dagen geleden

    He comes off as a bitch to me. He may be a great. But his mind isn't

  • schabalaba dingdong
    schabalaba dingdong11 dagen geleden

    hey Joe, please get Charles Hoskinson onto the podcast!!!!!!! Upvote is u agree❤️

  • Mohamed Dafalla
    Mohamed Dafalla11 dagen geleden

    any FATHERS fighting the fight gotta check out how I set this judge up..

  • Michael Ross
    Michael Ross11 dagen geleden

    I know exactly what he's talking about. I was a competitive runner. You knew if you could hear the spectators halfway through the race you weren't in it properly and probably wouldn't finish well. You never heard them or noticed them if you were in it body and mind, running your best. You can only hear/notice them if something is wrong with your focus or body preventing you from competing fully.

  • Sage Sarabia
    Sage Sarabia11 dagen geleden

    Sounds like he’s in denial. Warm up this and wasn’t ready that. Why not just say my opponent was better than me that night.

  • Travis Kotelnicki
    Travis Kotelnicki11 dagen geleden

    Great guest