Dan Crenshaw's Problem with Stimulus Checks

Taken from JRE #1630 w/Dan Crenshaw:


  • akashik rekords
    akashik rekordsMinuut geleden

    So these guys are further to the right than Trump? WHAT

  • akashik rekords
    akashik rekords3 minuten geleden

    Jesus.... Joe really doesn't know what's going on

  • akashik rekords
    akashik rekords4 minuten geleden

    Apparently 2k in over 8 months is bad for people in a once in a lifetime pandemic?

  • P Delta
    P Delta8 minuten geleden

    Joe "the hypocrite" Rogan

  • Judy Michaud
    Judy Michaud19 minuten geleden

    I have horrible disabilitys make 9600 dollars per year i put it away for food a little more than a 100 dollar's per month makes a big difference for me

  • Andrew M
    Andrew M28 minuten geleden

    dan cringeshaw

  • Reynan H. De Luna
    Reynan H. De Luna40 minuten geleden

    The deceiver and the liar will go to he'll

    DMT MEDIA BROTHERS48 minuten geleden

    Solid snake has turned into liquid snake

  • Ghassan Kraytem
    Ghassan Kraytem58 minuten geleden

    This guy is a complete idiot...and man I am super disappointed in Joe's lack of knowledge on stimulus checks or how he seems to agree with this guy....super out of touch

  • Josh A3
    Josh A359 minuten geleden

    Dan - "That isn't truth, we need to get back to truth." Here's one for you. Soldiers aren't heroes and politicians are all piece of shit crooks.

  • Todd Bogdaschewskyi
    Todd BogdaschewskyiUur geleden

    Wow joe lives under a rock apparently

  • Joe Madison
    Joe MadisonUur geleden

    I didn’t loose my job I’m a teacher but I had to buy a lap tops upgrade WiFi in my home and buy hella equipment to effectively teach from. Subscribe to several education platforms to effectively teach and keeps my students engaged

  • Luna Balam
    Luna BalamUur geleden


  • Chris Hammond
    Chris HammondUur geleden

    Haven't listened in over a year. Here we are 15 minutes in and joe "broken record" rogan is rambling on about simulation theory and black holes. Save that shit for your hippy California friends. You've got Dan Crenshaw on, maybe talk about something real

  • Aesthetic xX
    Aesthetic xXUur geleden

    Not gonna bring up the literal trillions of dollars big corps made off tax cuts and the CARES act. Couple of goofballs 🗣🗣🗣

  • Peter Lane
    Peter LaneUur geleden

    Joe... what happened to you?

  • Sean Clor
    Sean ClorUur geleden

    I made more in 2020 than 2019 and i got all 3 stimmys

  • Recruiter Dude
    Recruiter DudeUur geleden

    Why are people in the comments shitting on Crenshaw and Joe? They're for people getting checks who lost jobs/businesses due to Covid. If the government takes away your ability to earn money then you deserve compensation. Whats fucked up are people who never paid into anything are getting checks for having done nothing.

  • Sage Cruz Field
    Sage Cruz FieldUur geleden

    Nevermind don’t come back to NLdron

  • Sage Cruz Field
    Sage Cruz FieldUur geleden

    Joe Rohan mad people got 1400 🤦‍♂️😂😂

  • Lee FRank
    Lee FRankUur geleden

    This is why there needs to be a comment section on Spotify so any asshat rambling on the show can take a look if curious what the average person thinks of their bullshit

  • Jenai1987
    Jenai1987Uur geleden

    We paid into the system for years. Of COURSE we don't have a problem getting it back for free!!!

  • Tom Glod
    Tom GlodUur geleden

    another dumb dumb congressman!

  • Sam Chan
    Sam ChanUur geleden

    One need to listen to the ENTIRE podcast to get the full context of what they meant. This is more than about that $1.4k though it was an example.

  • justin mullady
    justin mulladyUur geleden

    Want to talk about the billions that went to corporations during the first stimulus bill, no? Just keep talking about how we are lazy and just want free money. Cool.

  • Dennis
    Dennis2 uur geleden

    No reason...its our fucking money

  • Giancarlo Albertini
    Giancarlo Albertini2 uur geleden

    What a trash take from two people who are extremely well off in comparison to other Americans

  • Dennis
    Dennis2 uur geleden

    Yeah corporations get free checks all the time. GTFO

  • Ray Luv
    Ray Luv2 uur geleden

    Trump was a Populist sir or shall I say IS a Populist

  • Jake Norman
    Jake Norman2 uur geleden

    Lol Dan Crenshaw lowkey arguing you should feel "a little shame" in asking for help

  • Jake Norman

    Jake Norman

    10 minuten geleden

    @Ꙭ Not quite sure needing help and "begging for money" are the same thing. But we can say they are for the sake of this. So you're saying that begging for money should make someone feel guilt and shame? And if so, why should I feel shame over needing help?

  • Ꙭ

    41 minuut geleden

    nobody likes begging for money. or maybe you do?

  • therocksho
    therocksho2 uur geleden

    Can we please have a Yang - Crenshaw debate with a truly clueless moderator, like Joe Rogan?

  • Sensei Black
    Sensei Black2 uur geleden

    "How much money does it take to lose your soul/humanity???"

  • The Bitch is Back
    The Bitch is Back2 uur geleden

    Pisses me off Joe brings this a$$hole in to lie but doesn't bring a counter debate. Just because Lying Dan can say it with confidence doesn't make it not a lie. Dan is a liar.

  • James Williams
    James Williams2 uur geleden

    Here's joe playing down to he's guests lvl, he does the same thing when he has that CIA 🤡 Mike baker on. I would love Crenshaws philosophy if I was a friggin feudal lord!

  • Edland4
    Edland42 uur geleden

    Joe said “I didn’t vote for him”. What a puss!

  • Wad Jay
    Wad Jay2 uur geleden

    I’m one of those peeps Joe as well a good portion of my friends who never lost their job got checks.

  • Do Not Lie
    Do Not Lie2 uur geleden

    Neocon pos.

    HEARD2 uur geleden

    There’s a lot of truth to this. My mom has brothers who are millionaires and they received the first stimulus check. It’s kind of absurd.

  • Bob Dobbs
    Bob Dobbs2 uur geleden

    Lot of “victims” in here.

  • azumaninjay
    azumaninjay2 uur geleden

    I used my checks to pay off debts and start a business. I thought it was nice to finally have a little weight lifted off my back. Now I have a chance to try to make things better for myself and my family. Is that not the American way. I may not succeed but at least I have the opportunity to try. My total stimulus was 6k with all three rounds. Half of what yang proposed for ubi. A lot of people could really turn things around with just a little help.

  • Payne Puckett
    Payne Puckett3 uur geleden

    I’m still waiting on my check this be sum bullshit frl

  • jack rodgers
    jack rodgers3 uur geleden

    Joe had a good run, its natural to get complacent no more drive

  • Adam Mcdaniel
    Adam Mcdaniel3 uur geleden

    Proof that money can change ones psyche. Idk even know this show anymore.

  • Kevin Regalado
    Kevin Regalado3 uur geleden

    Imagine ever liking Joe Rogan Pathetic

  • Choco TACO
    Choco TACO3 uur geleden


  • John McMahan
    John McMahan3 uur geleden

    It’s fascinating to hear two multi-millionaires discuss why working class people don’t need $1400.

  • John McMahan

    John McMahan

    23 minuten geleden

    @Ꙭ They do. It’s their tax dollars they are getting back. You know, like how corporations got billion dollar tax breaks that Crenshaw was for.

  • Ꙭ

    36 minuten geleden

    working class should work for their money.

  • Arthur brown
    Arthur brown3 uur geleden

    This guy made his name "defending our freedom" by invading and occupying a country, killing poor people, and now is telling the American people we need to suffer for our own good. What a cliche warlord this ball bag is.

  • Drew Hampton
    Drew Hampton3 uur geleden

    These two suck each other off on a bed of money while ordinary Americans struggle to pay for things like electricity and formula

  • Irnes Velic
    Irnes Velic3 uur geleden

    Jesus Christ is this America?? And the bitching that people who got the money that did not loose the job, don't think they know why that was done?? It was done to boost up the economy and make people use money. If people stop using money bad things happens. That is the sad truth of the economic systems.

  • howtoshotjuggalos
    howtoshotjuggalos3 uur geleden

    Next Week's Guest for Rogan to agree with: Niccolò Machiavelli.

  • Richard Willette
    Richard Willette3 uur geleden

    I call upon my fellow Republicans to send their stimulus checks back to the government in protest and solidarity with Danny

  • Robert J
    Robert J4 uur geleden

    First sentence and Crenshaw is deep into the stupid.

  • carlos alcantar2
    carlos alcantar24 uur geleden

    You said yourself this is tax payers money , we can decide what tf we do with it . This is only podcast iv actually been disappointed with how out of touch joe is

  • chris stark
    chris stark5 uur geleden

    Just to add fuel to the fire on this topic, the elderly who are on SS receive a stimulus check as well. Help me understand how this specific group of people need a stimulus check.

  • Quillow D.
    Quillow D.5 uur geleden

    How many homeless people got a check...none

  • Cat Dooley
    Cat Dooley5 uur geleden

    lol, returning peoples money in a stimulus check is being bought off what an idiot.

  • Emanuel Reyes
    Emanuel Reyes5 uur geleden

    Wait till you see the military’s budget ..

  • HOOD BOSS5000
    HOOD BOSS50005 uur geleden

    Joe “let them eat cake” Rogan

  • Michael Gleason
    Michael Gleason5 uur geleden

    Direct cash payments is nuts? I wonder if he thought that for corporations and Banks that crash the market in 2009 too?

  • J W
    J W5 uur geleden

    I take it Joe didn't get a stimulus check ? Hope you note that in ur taxes Joe,..lol

  • Ruben Loza
    Ruben Loza6 uur geleden

    I got a check for everyone of them and never lost my job. But they were only like 35 bucks.

  • SteelCity1981
    SteelCity19817 uur geleden

    Yeah but it wasn't about people still reciving stimulus while still being able to work. I knew many people who still worked during the pandemic and got their hours cut as a result.

  • Lindsay Gray
    Lindsay Gray7 uur geleden

    There's a lot of criticism of Crenshaw here for his apparent lack of concern about people in need. Didn't he say the opposite? He said something to effect that welfare needs to be there, and is there, for those who fall on hard times, but we shouldn't give money to people who weren't financially affected by Covid.

  • Chain5'9s
    Chain5'9s7 uur geleden

    A celebrity guest on SNL and a Comedian who isn't funny enough to open on SNL... discuss what the working people should get

  • Ꙭ

    30 minuten geleden

    working people don't deserve shit.

  • Matt Lockington
    Matt Lockington7 uur geleden

    They will suffer until they want the other eye.

  • cody holder
    cody holder7 uur geleden

    Wonder how much money Israel revives from the US government ?

  • Keith Deal
    Keith Deal8 uur geleden

    This fucking talking eyeball loves the word woke. It’s funny cause I’ve probably heard that word in terms like woke cancel culture 1000x more from conservative politicians trying to use those all important keywords to keep the base or possible voters nice and riled up about the wrong fucking shit. What has my world come to that I have to disrespect a guy who lost his eye in war for my country. It gives me zero pleasure I promise.

  • lizzyzig
    lizzyzig9 uur geleden

    He was so shocked that yes middle class and poor people got that measly stimulus check.

  • Brennan Villines
    Brennan Villines9 uur geleden

    I think you've lost sight on the middle class.

  • Brennan Villines

    Brennan Villines

    9 uur geleden

    pun intended

  • Hunter W
    Hunter W9 uur geleden

    Free money, this is literally what we pay taxes for. I hate both sides with a passion.

  • Spying Beast
    Spying Beast10 uur geleden

    COME ON JOE, like you didn’t know about the checks to people who didn’t lose their jobs... Academy award territory there with your acting job... Bravo!!!

  • The Village Ruse
    The Village Ruse10 uur geleden

    On a more grand scale, it's to "stimulate" economies as a whole. Companies that suffered and continue to do so need the extra flow into the system to keep them afloat. This isn't just some form of unemployment...

  • Leroy Sebastian
    Leroy Sebastian10 uur geleden

    Stimulus: imagine spending it; every time a stimulus dollar gets spent it’s taxed, 100M folks get a stimulus and it’s taxed over and over...money still goes back to the government. It’s not the worst idea to do the stimulus checks. It only sucks if you make a lot of money to begin with...hence the duo who talk shit because it’s a waste...

  • Damian
    Damian10 uur geleden

    Would love to see Crenshaw give up his salary, healthcare, and insider trading benefits. Maybe he wouldn't feel the same way if he was paying for his eye, rent, 3 kids, and a car on minimum wage for a couple years.

  • Chris Helmes
    Chris Helmes11 uur geleden

    Yup. My mom and I never lost our jobs and we got that stimmy money!! All times!

  • Baker McBrad
    Baker McBrad12 uur geleden

    Na joe everyone gets the free money but if someone lost their job they could also draw the beefed up unemployment for an equivalent of a $27/hr 40 hour week job. I had a friend making more then ever 3 grand a month but she waited to return to work because she could stay at home and draw 3500 doing nothing. I mean shit I can't blame her take advantage some dumbass policy morally wrong but technically the smarter move.

  • Feral Worker
    Feral Worker12 uur geleden

    Can we all take a moment to focus let sink in the importance of class consciousness. The rich always pushing us to fight each other in servitude, instead of eating them so everyone can live free.

  • Ashlie Gagnon
    Ashlie Gagnon12 uur geleden

    Only someone with a hundred million dollar Spotify deal would not know people got stimulus checks

  • Crack Betts
    Crack Betts12 uur geleden

    Free money for drugs and sex and crypto currency yea boi fuck yea dog

  • marco antonio
    marco antonio12 uur geleden

    what’s the point of you dan?? he’s literally telling people he can’t help them while he has a 170k salary paid by our taxes

  • Nicky Dee
    Nicky Dee13 uur geleden

    The comments below will show you what people really think about taxation (spoiler: it's theft)

  • PKMNtrainer
    PKMNtrainer13 uur geleden

    What a waste of tax payers money! The "good loyal" politicians need it more! Give it to the people. The people spend it give it back to the economy at least.

  • Kyran Johnson
    Kyran Johnson13 uur geleden

    Stimulus money comes from tax payers. If you pay taxes you Get a check. Simple

  • Perplexed Wolf
    Perplexed Wolf13 uur geleden

    If they gonna give me a stimmy then I'm taken it. Gimme stimmy But yea I never had any problems with covid and my job. I got all three stim checks. The 1200 the 600 and the 1400. I make around 50k a year. I make 26 an hour in an ammunition plant. Did I get to blow it on consoles and other stuff like many in my position? No. Every bit of mine went to credit debt and the feeling of having that stress gone

  • Chris Sanchez
    Chris Sanchez13 uur geleden


  • Chris Sanchez
    Chris Sanchez13 uur geleden

    “THEY GOT A BIG CHECK?!” Joe Rogan you sold your show for multimillions shut the fuck up. Long time listener though sad to hear.

  • Happy Magic Time
    Happy Magic Time13 uur geleden

    So we are getting our money back, what’s the problem.

  • xXBDawkinsXx
    xXBDawkinsXx14 uur geleden

    IT WAS A ONE TIME CHECK!! It's too hard to filter who deserves the stimulus check outside of basing it off of income

  • xXBDawkinsXx
    xXBDawkinsXx14 uur geleden

    Jesus Crist Rogan. How far right did moving to Texas turn you? It's no surprise Crenshaw believes this idiocy, but damn. You are so out of touch

  • Jack Xiao
    Jack Xiao14 uur geleden

    I agree with Ben, I got the stimulus check and I didn't need it. I also don't like Yang's policy either

  • King Stark
    King Stark14 uur geleden

    This douche votes for never ending war we can’t pay for an that’s a policy we cannot sustain.

  • Hunter Roberts
    Hunter Roberts14 uur geleden

    Hey joe didn’t you get a 100 million dollar check to keep doing your job?

  • newmanifest
    newmanifest14 uur geleden

    Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe...

  • B Mc
    B Mc14 uur geleden

    I also want to add that I’m very surprised that this is a clip that Rogan wants promoted for his podcast. The pct of people who didn’t lose their jobs but got a stimulus check that listen to his podcast has to be around 90 pct.

  • B Mc
    B Mc14 uur geleden

    Good lord, Rogan is so out of touch with reality. Buddy, people like you are the problem with the amount of money you make. Don’t worry about those of us who make just enough to get by. The purpose of the checks is in the name, to stimulate the economy. Go shut up and enjoy your 100s of millions of fuck you money as you would say with not a care in the world.

  • Owl Night
    Owl Night14 uur geleden

    We’re slowly but surely losing Joe. Sad to see

  • James Brooks
    James Brooks14 uur geleden

    The money was never for people who lost their jobs. It was t stimulate the economy. Before I get attacked. I don’t qualify for it, and I worked through Covid.

  • Thomas Diaz
    Thomas Diaz15 uur geleden

    I was a huge Crenshaw fan but damn what an idiotic thing for him to say. I’m conservative on a lot of issues but his argument really goes to show how disconnected the wealthy are from the rest of us. It’s comments and thinking like this that will continue to be the downfall of the Republican Party. We need to get rid of these far right and far left thinkers and find some politicians that are in touch with reality.

  • Bc D
    Bc D15 uur geleden

    A stimulus is supposed to stimulate the economy and you can't stimulate an economy that's shut down.

  • Steve Lambert
    Steve Lambert15 uur geleden

    I’m looking forward to another future payment while I’m scratching my head pondering how can we do this.