Dan Crenshaw on the Political Polarization of COVID

Taken from JRE #1630 w/Dan Crenshaw:


  • Mason Bryant
    Mason Bryant2 minuten geleden

    Even watching this video, I'm getting an add from the UK government warning me about fake news and linking the government info page on Covid.

  • CptCrazyFingers
    CptCrazyFingers2 minuten geleden

    FMRI’s show that conservative typically have an enlarged right amygdala, compared to liberals. This part of the brain is responsible for fear. It indicates that conservative are more likely to be fearful and distrusting of everything. I think that kind of explains why conservatives tend to fill the more dangerous jobs. They are taking active roles in combating the things that they are fearful of. This also implies that liberals have less fear, generally. That may be why they tend to trust everyone and prefer to keep the peace or offer the benefit of the doubt when maybe they shouldn’t. To me, this highlights the problem with a 2-party system or any binary system for that matter. The truth is almost always somewhere in the middle, not on the left or right.

    ZVNDMVN2 minuten geleden

    Is Joe wearing two watches?

  • grant dandeneau
    grant dandeneau14 minuten geleden

    Dan Crenshaw is a Peice of shit. But I agree with his Covid takes in this. He's "people need to suffer more, but not CEOs or billionaires, they deserve zero taxes because suffering for them is magically bad" hell. Why not tax us poor working class people at 90%? Make us suffer! It's good for us!

  • Chickenhouse
    Chickenhouse17 minuten geleden

    I couldn't finish this podcast because Joe has just been a dick to his guest lately. He was really a dick to Weinstein.

  • Get to the point!
    Get to the point!25 minuten geleden

    Dan is literally one of the worst politician at politicizing topics. Joe Rogan has called him out on his crap before but Dan has been able to grift his way out because Joe isn't as informed as someone who really understands the nuance's. Joe is like just a regular dude interviewing people he wants which is great. But it's annoying is see him get grift as someone who watches him and is more informed about certain topics.

  • Lebron James
    Lebron James25 minuten geleden

    I’m 5 minutes in and I just realized this dude is rocking an eye patch

  • Mach1320
    Mach132030 minuten geleden

    crenshaw sucks. phony and supports more gun control

  • 113 Doctor
    113 Doctor33 minuten geleden

    Any American government that even tries to go backwards will get the gun!

  • IdG
    IdGUur geleden

    Crenshaw is a neocon tool

  • ChrCOLTChr
    ChrCOLTChrUur geleden

    That was from a time where Chris Rock was a free comedian. Now, he himself does that. He goes democrat even before thinking.

  • Justin Duggan
    Justin DugganUur geleden

    Dan Crenshaw needs to run for office 🤘🏻

  • Charles Abbott
    Charles AbbottUur geleden

    Dan come on, probability exists with KNOWN Parameters! A Novel Virus doesn't have enough data to make an educated decision on public policy. Now we have a year under our belts so we are getting better except we are still dealing with variants and all of their issues. I'm not saying we need to lock down but I'm not saying it's an intelligent informed decision to NOT wear a mask and NOT social distance when you can.

  • The Bitch is Back
    The Bitch is Back2 uur geleden

    Pisses me off Joe brings this a$$hole in to lie but doesn't bring a counter debate. Just because Lying Dan can say it with confidence doesn't make it not a lie. Dan is a liar spouting false number propaganda.

  • Quinn Haze
    Quinn Haze2 uur geleden

    Shitify Sellout!!!!

  • David Owen
    David Owen2 uur geleden

    -Preventable with ventilation -0,23 ifr (just higher than the flu) -Only dangerous for old folks Insane overblown 'pandemic'

  • Myles Carrillo
    Myles Carrillo2 uur geleden

    Joes head lookin extra shiny today

  • Thump Er
    Thump Er3 uur geleden

    Dan is describing feminine vs masculine thinking in regards to risk aversion vs risk taking. Feminine thinking wants to stay safe and will gladly sacrifice liberty and self actualization to stay safe. Masculine thinking accepts risk and will eschew safety if the reward warrants taking the risk. Before you assume its based on sex, its not. Males can have feminine thought patterns and make feminine choices, and some females can think in the masculine, though due to how we are wired far more males will be feminine thinking than females being masculine thinking. The traits are in all of us, but which are emphasized and which are muted varies wildly among people. All you need to do to see which type of thinking people are employing is observing how risk averse they are. For instance, the people who are saying things like "Why are we spending money on space exploration when we have problems to solve here on earth?" are thinking feminine. When you realize that solving the problems of space travel will give us the insight and experience needed to solve the problems here on earth, then you're using masculine thinking. When you want everyone to have the same amount and its not based on merit or how much work you put in, everyone is equal and gets an equal share with no regard for the effort required to produce whatever it is that is being distributed, that is feminine thinking. When you understand that someone has to produce things, that everyone should be compensated commensurate with their input based on merit, competence, and capability, you're using masculine thinking. Both ways of thinking are valuable, both are required for society to function. Its when one is emphasized more than the other, and the balance is artificially tilted to one side that problems arise. Currently we have no balance, and the feminine thought is overrepresented in society and especially in government. Marxism and all its little abhorrent offspring like communism, socialism, feminism, progressivism etc. are feminine thinking running rampant. That is why it always fails, always causes death and poverty, because you cannot force people to work for nothing and remove all incentives to produce. There must be a balance. Feminine thinking is everyone has to wear a mask, and two or five masks are better than one, gotta be safe above all else. Masculine thinking is risks must be taken to keep society going and most people alive. When the risk is .0001%, its not even a risk worth considering. People still get married and the risk of a divorce is more than 40%. Would you cross the street at a busy intersection if 40% of people crossing there were hit by trucks? Yet people expect you to get married and risk getting hit by the divorce truck, but they want you to wear two masks and avoid everyone for a miniscule risk of getting a virus most people survive and never even know they have contracted.

  • David Barron
    David Barron3 uur geleden

    The Left is power hungry? Can Dan remind us who was trying to invalidate elections and riled up terrorists to storm the Capitol?

  • Patrick94
    Patrick943 uur geleden

    Correct me if I’m wrong but did Dan speak on this show about why we should stay in the Middle East?

  • Jason Brown
    Jason Brown3 uur geleden

    Joe Rogan proved himself to be very dumb in this one..

  • Jason Brown

    Jason Brown

    34 minuten geleden

    @PrezidentTrump maybe on dmt or aliens.

  • PrezidentTrump


    38 minuten geleden

    He's richer and smarter than you!

  • Creep from outerspace
    Creep from outerspace3 uur geleden

    Joe "create hysteria and bank" Rogan. This podcast is responsible for the softening of the minds of the weak. Keep talking in circles.

  • Travis Decker
    Travis Decker3 uur geleden

    No. People aren't afraid of being alone. Conservatives tend to be self sufficient and Liberals tend to want to be taken care of. That's the difference. It's ALWAYS a leftist yelling or attacking someone for not wearing a mask . The KAREN isn't the one not wearing a mask,. It's the people demanding others wear one as they say or they are going to call the cops.

  • XMoeiskingX
    XMoeiskingX3 uur geleden

    Lmao youtube flagged this? Communists in action.

  • Z
    Z3 uur geleden

    How many times can joe talk about this??

  • Isabella M
    Isabella M3 uur geleden

    Always been like what Chris R says. Thats why I almost never vote the same. All my friends also is wery diffrent than me in opinions witch is cool. Some stuff we agree aboute and thats freedom for ALL. I live in Norway

  • Mr Prez
    Mr Prez3 uur geleden

    I really appreciate Dan keeping his views mostly balanced in this clip. But let’s be honest, you would have to be insane to not see how power hungry the right wing in America is today as well.

  • Howitzer XO
    Howitzer XO4 uur geleden

    It's ok to call some things straight stupid. Flat earth people are stupid. I'm not gonna make room in my brain for them

  • Dustin Clark
    Dustin Clark4 uur geleden

    He's Right

  • Steff
    Steff4 uur geleden

    Social media plateforms create a ''bubble'' environment conducive to hate spewing. Similar phenomenon as being inside a car...lots of tough people behind the wheel or computer keyboard.

  • VeniVediVino
    VeniVediVino4 uur geleden

    Fuck Spotify. Never listening to JRE on that app again

  • Gun Smoke
    Gun Smoke4 uur geleden

    DAN CRENSHAW IS FOR RED FLAG GUN LAWS FUCK DAN CRENSHAW! Thank you for your service Dan! USN 89-95

  • Real Portfolio
    Real Portfolio5 uur geleden

    Since covid, nobody has died from the flu. Covid cured the flu.

  • PyroMan_FPV
    PyroMan_FPV5 uur geleden

    Ah, Dan Crenshaw, the rights new rising star RINO.

  • rajahSufiji
    rajahSufiji5 uur geleden

    According to right wingers Dan Crenshaw and Joe Rogan people only wear masks and socially distance because Trump was against those measures. You know instead of the obvious reality that they do those things because they work and Trump followers only refuse to do them because their idiot leader said they don't work.

  • Victor Chiappetta
    Victor Chiappetta5 uur geleden

    Summary- Chris Rock for President. I had a couple of exchanges recently that relate to this. I had a bit of back and forth on NLdron about vaccines. In summary, I told the young lady- well none of us really knows the reality here because there simply isn't any long-term data. Whichever path you choose, I wish you the best and I hope you have a long and happy life. That got no response, but she was happy to bicker and try to "own" me. The 2nd exchange was with my mom. I am a fierce lockdown opponent as they haven't made sense to me since day 1. We now have tons of empirical data supporting that position. Her "argument" was that "cases" are rising. I told her that was a meaningless measurement and used to create fear. Her response- "Do you believe in Science" I said yes and proceeded to send her information from some of the top scientific minds in the world supporting my position. I demanded that she return data supporting her position. I am still waiting. And I would bet a large sum that she hasn't even glanced at the information that I sent her. I openly acknowledge that I am an expert in roughly nothing except maybe drumming, and I am happy to gain new perspective on various topics. Unfortunately, that seems to be the minority position in the world. Everything has been boiled down to black and white, right and wrong. Zero nuance. A recipe for disaster as we can see with our own eyes. We have now gone from Trump to Biden as a result. How much more proof do people need?

  • LDJB
    LDJB5 uur geleden

    Trump didn't lose. The evidence of election fraud is overwhelming!

  • Roger Quinn
    Roger Quinn5 uur geleden

    Joe the hypocrite Rogan

  • aaron p
    aaron p5 uur geleden

    Snake? Snaaakeee?!?!?! sssssnnnaaaaaakkkkeeeeee!!!!!!!

  • Mervyn Calder
    Mervyn Calder6 uur geleden

    somehow America turns mask into a political thing . Jesus Christ grow up and put a mask on

  • Your Limbic System
    Your Limbic System6 uur geleden

    People are more insane about masks now. It’s like because we know it’s not effective, people are less willing to admit they were wrong

  • Whovianize
    Whovianize6 uur geleden

    You need to please have Dan Aykroyd on your podcast, Joe!! He posted some stuff about UFO’s and interesting stuff the other day. Would love to hear you pick his brain !!!

  • Doug Jones
    Doug Jones7 uur geleden

    ‘If Trump says something a lot of people say the opposite’.... why would Dan use this as evidence of political opportunism when we now see that Trump was full of shit and America has one of the worst outcomes from Covid...on the planet...because of poor leadership and half the population feeling ‘exceptional’ to the point of acting like entitled children. Dan has just provided evidence that going against what Trump says may have saved your life. Dan is either really stupid or a disingenuous partisan hack.

  • Dennis A
    Dennis A7 uur geleden

    As a Metal Gear Solid fan I am ashamed of this comment section.. too much scrolling to find it

  • Othello Ousay
    Othello Ousay8 uur geleden

    I'm neither a Democratic not Republican, I'm just here to support the real patriots in the country.

  • kawasaki whip two
    kawasaki whip two8 uur geleden

    "don't just give us the most dangerous truth"... That's exactly what they're doing/did Dan. They're called fear tactics...scare people into doing what you want them to do. The MSM was/is good for that. Every broadcast, they were sure to have the death toll on that sidebar. Fauchi is a fear monger.

  • Okie Bear
    Okie Bear9 uur geleden

    This man wants red flag laws.

  • Ryan Incera
    Ryan Incera9 uur geleden

    Just wait until someone gets a pre woke 6th grade science book. Probably why it went from Coronavirus to Covid. Seriously if people bothered to actually long form research anything instead of google it, they would get as enraged as I do when people bring this shit up.

  • LeFat
    LeFat9 uur geleden

    Covid crisis just proved how very many little intelligent people is out there and that they are very dangerous

  • Quanah Parker
    Quanah Parker10 uur geleden

    Where are the legitimate conservative leaders? Crenshaw’s a wind bag. His points aren’t usually very salient and he trails off mid thought so often. Kinda weird.

  • Michael
    Michael10 uur geleden

    This was the saddest part of COVID 19 was seeing how a crisis divided our country instead of uniting us

  • Justin Whittle
    Justin Whittle10 uur geleden

    If you truly believe Trump lost... They stole it and we all know it.

  • Jacob James
    Jacob James11 uur geleden

    Love Chris Rock

  • Andrei Mihai
    Andrei Mihai11 uur geleden

    It's not not a conspiracy theory when it turns out to be true. Which we live everything that was a conspiracy theory a few years ago, aren't we? Joe seems extremely inconsistent with his statements..maybe he needs to take a break from politics and do some extensive research because he seems idiotic trying to make some points seem important.

  • Group Thinkerton
    Group Thinkerton11 uur geleden

    The immortal Chris Rock.....words to live by

  • Nick Mann
    Nick Mann11 uur geleden


  • Austin millionaire
    Austin millionaire11 uur geleden

    Nailed it on the head with the “don’t give us the worst possibilities, give us the whole truth” politicians would build a ton more trust if they did that

  • ignignokt -

    ignignokt -

    Uur geleden

    He was talking about epidemiologists and public health officials not politicians. What eye patch guy fails to realize is It’s a public health officials job to give the worst case scenario. They would not be doing their job if they sugar coated the possible cases and deaths from covid.

  • Kenneth Lauer
    Kenneth Lauer12 uur geleden

    When's Crowder coming on?

  • Stevie Jackson
    Stevie Jackson12 uur geleden

    Joe Rogan sold out to big tech. Fake ass dude.

  • Ben
    Ben12 uur geleden

    I like Dan Crenshaw and agree with quite alot of his opinions, but I feel like Joe could of pushed him on some of these issues or Dan should of actually pointed to some of the issues with the Right. I dunno I just really felt like this was a missed opportunity and it ended up just turning into a left bashing epsiode and they didnt even touch on why Trump wasnt reelected, they never talked about the capital riots or the president calling for the capital to be stormed. They also forgot to mention the countless times Donald Trump and members of his clan used fear, scare tactics and threats to force companies, states and politicians into compliance yet Dan didnt seem to remember any of that. Really disappointed with how weak this episode is and hopefully Dan Crenshaw can hop off Donald Trumps dick for a moment to actually push a decent conservative agenda. Really disgusting the amount of polticians RIGHT and LEFT who swear an oath to our country and to those who elected them and they end up caring more about kissing ass to donors and higher polticians. I fear our democracy is broken and it wont be repaired by the same idiots who continue to work for lobbyists and the stock market and they should all be ashamed of themselves.

  • TheMadMattster
    TheMadMattster13 uur geleden

    Great Chris Rock clip

  • Chris Renaldo
    Chris Renaldo13 uur geleden

    no sarcasm here. so when POTUS admits it was known the virus was 'airborne' and he withheld this info because he he didn't want to cause a panic... how can I 'assess the risk'? seems to me HE 'panicked'. "Liberal Public Health Officials" is a perjorative. I'd rather know the "worst case" and plan my response individually, as opposed to have "intel" withheld for political reasons.

  • Salil Deshpande

    Salil Deshpande

    9 uur geleden

    Liberal press and politicians downplayed the risk during the early months while trump was working behind the scenes.

  • Connor L
    Connor L13 uur geleden

    Debate Nick Fuentes

  • MRI
    MRI13 uur geleden

    So many people in the comments are proving to be the exact people they're talking about in the video! Don't even realize it either... fucking hilarious lol.

  • Stephen Wishburne
    Stephen Wishburne13 uur geleden

    The Chris Rock bit is good, the only problem with his point is that this was impossible in the recent election. Chris Rock says “anyone who makes up their mind before hearing the issues is an idiot.” In the recent presidential election, Biden was rarely if ever asked about his policies or issues. Biden literally said he’s not going to tell you his policy or opinion on things bc if he did then his policy would be the issue in the news. Well duh, obviously that’s how running for office is supposed to work. Biden’s campaign was mostly to hide in the basement and avoid all press and just tell blacks they aren’t black if they don’t vote for him. When left wing journalists had an opportunity to ask a question it was about his favorite flavor of ice cream. A good question for Biden could have been: sir could you name your greatest political accomplishment in your 55 year political career since you have apologized for passing the 1994 crime bill.

  • Seth Roberts
    Seth Roberts13 uur geleden

    Jamie over there squirmin

  • ravemachin
    ravemachin13 uur geleden

    If you wanna know how "courageous" Crenshaw is type up on Google Dan Crenshaw 14th district map

  • Salil Deshpande

    Salil Deshpande

    9 uur geleden

    It's not his fault that it's drawn that way

  • Happy Magic Time
    Happy Magic Time14 uur geleden

    This guys is an idiot, thanks for dividing us and brainwashed people that everyone is born wither conservative or liberal. I guess I was born to love eating pizza and anyone who doesn’t love pizza are against me.

  • Greg Moore
    Greg Moore14 uur geleden

    I love Dan! Wish there were more politicians like him! People tend to scream louder now instead of thinking it through.

  • Blair Duddy
    Blair Duddy14 uur geleden

    Covid has a higher morbidity and mortality in 15 year olds. The mortality for both in a healthy 15 yo is very very low, but he is factually wrong

  • MengskGX
    MengskGX14 uur geleden

    I'm not going to Spotify Joe

  • youtube me
    youtube me14 uur geleden

    Dan in the Field I love, FUCK HIM in the house. Great motivator, terrible leader

  • Saddle421
    Saddle42115 uur geleden

    Cancel Social media FB, IG, Twit, Snap, Tik Tok accounts and your life will change for the positive exponentially. Cancel Culture will seize to exist

  • Matthew Whitman
    Matthew Whitman15 uur geleden

    Hard to trust anyone who aligns themselves politically with a group of people who believe cannabis is dangerous but alcohol isn't. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Two Left Shoes
    Two Left Shoes15 uur geleden

    Crenshaw is one of the biggest shill, fraud and grifter

    MAX B THAGR815 uur geleden

    Joe starting to sounds different nowadays I'm just saying

  • iforgotmine
    iforgotmine15 uur geleden

    Crenshaw is a one-eyed RINO.

  • G G
    G G16 uur geleden

    Crenshaw trying to figure out how to legislate our way out of the nations problems...... that's the problem.

  • Your Big Head Cousin
    Your Big Head Cousin16 uur geleden

    WTF are these two even talking about? Jesus Christ, there are no serious adults left in this country.

  • Your Big Head Cousin
    Your Big Head Cousin16 uur geleden

    Dan is just talking without saying anything. COVID doesn't only kill people Plenty of people have caught it and wound up with heart damage and diminished lung capacity. Just wear your fucking mask, get vaccinated and behave yourself. It's not that fucking difficult.

  • Your Big Head Cousin
    Your Big Head Cousin16 uur geleden

    "If Trump says something people reactively say the opposite." Bruh, he downplayed the severity for months, he pushed an unproven miracle drug and suggested that we ingest disinfectant and UV light to kill the virus. Trump personally and all on his own made mask wearing a political issue. Dan is playing stupid bec he knows MAGA people don't like anyone too smart.

  • Salil Deshpande

    Salil Deshpande

    19 minuten geleden

    @Your Big Head Cousin lol, imagine being this stupid. The only reason we have so many vaccines ready to go is because trump had the foresight to preorder millions of doses, so they could be deployed quickly. Biden had nothing to do with it. Even now republican states are far ahead in vaccinations than dems. So they're the real leaders.

  • Your Big Head Cousin

    Your Big Head Cousin

    50 minuten geleden

    @Salil Deshpande you're wrong, thats it. There is video of Fauci saying that a vaccine was 12-18 months away and it took 13. All Trump did was push a button and tell others to come up with a vaccine. When it came time for him to take over and distribute, he shit the bed. The admin wanted 100M doses of the vaccine by 2020 they only managed 3M. They wanted 20M vaccinations by the end of Dec 2020 they managed a little more than 2M. Biden took office in Jan of 2021 with less than 3M vaccinations. As of April 10th there have been 183M administered. Real leadership at work. No unhinged tweeting, no golf weekends at his private resort, no bullshit propaganda rallies.

  • Salil Deshpande

    Salil Deshpande

    7 uur geleden

    @Your Big Head Cousin lol, he beat every expert prediction inspite of the botched response by Democrat governors, and got the most expansive testing system on the planet and vaccines much earlier than any expert predicted. I'm sure hateful partisans will try to write a fake history like they're already trying to do, but it does not change reality.

  • Your Big Head Cousin

    Your Big Head Cousin

    8 uur geleden

    @Salil Deshpande ha ha ha what a goon. There's literally video of Trump claiming that 100k lost would be a great job and here we are at 550k. Keep moving those goalposts. Look, you support him, make excuses for his failure of leadership, why he lost the election etc etc and you can argue with the history books that refer to him as the worst US president ever.

  • Salil Deshpande

    Salil Deshpande

    9 uur geleden

    @Your Big Head Cousin yes, that number is much lower than the 2 million that was initially projected by the experts. And its that high because democrat governors pushed the infection into old age homes, remove their botched and we're the best in the world. Trump's response was incredible.

  • albie baggins
    albie baggins17 uur geleden

    Think about how dumb the average person is, and then realise that half of them come dumber than that

  • 1Life
    1Life17 uur geleden

    The "weak" were the people that went out and spread the virus. They couldn't sit at home, so that others could live. 560,000+ Americans dead. I'm very proud of my friends and family that were strong enough to sit it out. Unfortunately a lot of them acted like there was no virus, and a few of their family members died.

  • Jay A O
    Jay A O17 uur geleden

    Yes both of you are millionaires, otherwise people ARE fragile

  • Goomba999
    Goomba99917 uur geleden

    Chris rock is exactly right... we got sport team mentality when it comes to everything including politics now. Just like the Yankees don’t care what you think, dems and republicans don’t either!!

  • Goomba999
    Goomba99917 uur geleden

    Seems like conservatives want to protect themselves and help others when they need it and liberals are more selfish, everyone needs to do what I need and want and do it now.

  • jmacsss
    jmacsss17 uur geleden

    The real issue is that they think they aren't the one that conforms to their party, much like everyone saying "I hate drama" but then feed into it.

  • Craig
    Craig17 uur geleden

    Dan made a good point in this discussion. If the mask mandates were so effective anyone should be able to point out on a graph when the mandates were put in place. It should be immediately followed by a steep and easily identifiable decline. Of course that isn't actually what the data shows

  • Grendle81
    Grendle8118 uur geleden

    Wait a minute, does anybody know if Spotify is free?

  • Kenzo Poe
    Kenzo Poe19 uur geleden

    Is ANYONE else having a problem watching the JRE on Spotify? Since yesterday I can watch anything But the JRE on that app.

  • Vertabreaker
    Vertabreaker19 uur geleden

    Funny how Joe attacks anybody who's seen a Sasquatch. Even our veterans. Coward.

  • Kevin Ouellette
    Kevin Ouellette19 uur geleden

    I think Joe's dwindling fan base cares more about his missing episodes on spotify than he does. He signed on the dotted line, cashed the check and wipes his ass with his fan's feelings.

  • Josh Eastwold

    Josh Eastwold

    14 uur geleden

    There was some comedy gold on some of the removed podcasts, especially the marathon Alex/Eddie episode, but it’s free shit that Joe is giving you anyway. I wouldn’t stress it.

  • Alexander Davis
    Alexander Davis20 uur geleden


  • BoogiePete Photography
    BoogiePete Photography20 uur geleden

    It comes down to Republicans only care about themselves, and Democrats care about others.

  • Salil Deshpande

    Salil Deshpande

    3 uur geleden

    @BoogiePete Photography how could you not?

  • BoogiePete Photography

    BoogiePete Photography

    4 uur geleden

    @Salil Deshpande how can you possibly see it that way?

  • Salil Deshpande

    Salil Deshpande

    9 uur geleden


  • Chris Christakis
    Chris Christakis20 uur geleden

    Covid lockdowns and are attitudes towards mitigation were not just about our own personal risk assessment, Dan, it also had to do with how we want to treat others in our society. I know as a young healthy person my risk is low, and I know that school children were low risk, but though we might not die we would still spread the virus to other people. The more people infected the more those people will go out(without their fascist masks) and infect other people, regardless of their own outcome, which will lead to more high risk people getting sick and them dying. Plus, dying isn't the only downside to a Covid Infection, more and more we are learning that even people who survived are having long-lasting effects on their lungs that could have been avoided with a little societal risk assessment. Forgive me for being a fascist, but I don't trust people in general to make the right risk assessment when their own decisions don't just affect themselves and can get hundreds of thousands killed.

  • Angry it's a gift
    Angry it's a gift20 uur geleden

    People forever trying to get freedom from their king... we are the slaves of the new virtual king now.

  • Üthvar Dol guldur
    Üthvar Dol guldur20 uur geleden

    Mick Maynard is the most fucked name ever hahahaha

  • Scott Simon
    Scott Simon20 uur geleden

    LAST 🤬💩

  • A.D.I. Music
    A.D.I. Music20 uur geleden

    There’s a difference between losing fair & square and getting cheated..

  • A.D.I. Music
    A.D.I. Music20 uur geleden

    Goofid-1984 🤦‍♂️