The Joe Rogan Experience podcast


  • Nando LB
    Nando LB15 uur geleden

    I think RORY and MAL should return to the joe budden podcast asap

  • TheApollo2579
    TheApollo257915 uur geleden

    The red studio design was the reason I stopped watching, I’m glad he changed it.

  • Andy Fisher
    Andy Fisher15 uur geleden

    Wow. That was an incredible 12 minutes. As others have pointed out, imagine who else could have been inspired to pursue a career in physics if you had a teacher like Brian Greene when you were younger. Thank you Joe Rogan for connecting most of us to the mind of Brian Greene.

  • Shiny Heart
    Shiny Heart15 uur geleden

    That's it. Send Joe as representative of planet Earth if aliens invade earth someday.

  • TheFatStoner
    TheFatStoner15 uur geleden

    Ong the set is so much better then the spaceship

  • 55jemmz
    55jemmz15 uur geleden

    Lmao no way that was 9 feet

  • John Nichols
    John Nichols15 uur geleden

    WTF is a Hyundai Muff Mobile. Lol. Wow these guys are funny

  • Vincent Wolf
    Vincent Wolf15 uur geleden

    Just coming back to study this, that is all

  • Nitro Shortbus
    Nitro Shortbus15 uur geleden

    When tbere's almost a 100% recovery rate, I would rather get sick tben be injected with any DNA altering procedure, they have reclassified as a vaccinne.

  • Saddle421
    Saddle42115 uur geleden

    Cancel Social media FB, IG, Twit, Snap, Tik Tok accounts and your life will change for the positive exponentially. Cancel Culture will seize to exist

  • Mike Slinger
    Mike Slinger15 uur geleden

    Joe on politics is always painful to listen to

  • Goo Joo
    Goo Joo15 uur geleden

    Dula peep

  • Deeply Superficial
    Deeply Superficial15 uur geleden

    Wait, talking, and talking on a stage doesn’t keep an old body fit enough to dunk?! If only he took his physical health as seriously as he does with being able to jump higher than another heavy old dude, he’d be good to go!

  • oliver lloyd
    oliver lloyd15 uur geleden

    "Depends on the context" = your right but my lawyer advised me to say this

  • Derek Macinnis
    Derek Macinnis15 uur geleden


  • BUB 5
    BUB 515 uur geleden

    Brian: Einstein left out quantum mechanics, weirdly right? Me who needs a calculator for basic addition: pfff yeah totally what an idiot

  • Bill Lumbergh
    Bill Lumbergh15 uur geleden

    Ummm this virus is a joke thats being treated as the black plague, what has it done? Wrecked the economy, why? Not because of deaths. Because of politicians. Who's our president? A Chinese operative. The USA is collapsing. Its obvious.

  • kevin branson
    kevin branson15 uur geleden

    One minute and 30 seconds in I’m already scratching my head saying to my self wtf did this guy just say.

  • Peter Campbell
    Peter Campbell15 uur geleden

    Love this kidd

  • Johnson Peter
    Johnson Peter15 uur geleden

    The educated bolt synchronously strap because dress basally number onto a scrawny kettledrum. uttermost, impossible beet

  • Myles Locken
    Myles Locken15 uur geleden

    Hahaha if natives wanted to climb anything of ours we would just say give us money and it's cool.

  • Kelly Conroy
    Kelly Conroy15 uur geleden

    Whatever they are losing, it ain't enough.

  • newmanifest
    newmanifest15 uur geleden

    Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe...

  • Alex Hatfield
    Alex Hatfield15 uur geleden

    That was the least athletic thing I have seen in awhile. Lol

  • dus dus
    dus dus15 uur geleden

    52:22 - 52:55 Joe that was genius i must say...

  • Bardomatic 34
    Bardomatic 3415 uur geleden

    Joe copying Tim Dillon with the neon sign and dark curtain

  • DieCalmerThanASuicideBomber
    DieCalmerThanASuicideBomber15 uur geleden

    Where the fuck do I get this podcast now?

  • lollroll
    lollroll15 uur geleden

    Thank you neil and joe 4 educating people

  • Nick Jones
    Nick Jones15 uur geleden

    Joe should keep the more serious podcasts for spotify, and keep the cool/funny ones for youtoob

  • B Mc
    B Mc15 uur geleden

    I also want to add that I’m very surprised that this is a clip that Rogan wants promoted for his podcast. The pct of people who didn’t lose their jobs but got a stimulus check that listen to his podcast has to be around 90 pct.

  • grimcity
    grimcity15 uur geleden

    I absolutely LOVE it when Joe has scientists on the show (Brian Greene is always fantastic no matter the platform, fwiw). I just like how Joe gets super hyped up when he hears something amazing and/or mindblowing, and the astronomers, astrophysicists, archeologists, and scientists of other disciplines he gets on the program are always top notch. Special shout out to Graham Hancock as well, who isn't a scientist but a journalist who covers a ton of science in his writings. I'd love to see a show where Joe has Leonard Susskind on! Lenny is another gent who can make your head explode by discussing black holes and other ultra massive objects!

  • Moy Aicrag
    Moy Aicrag15 uur geleden

    What's up with the new studio? Love it but what's the story? Did he actually listen to people complain about the previous one?

  • Wild Flower
    Wild Flower15 uur geleden

    3x's....still. Laughing 👏👏👏🌸

  • Matt
    Matt15 uur geleden

    Dustin is up there as one of the nicest guys in MMA along with Whittaker and Wonderboy.

  • Matthew Whitman
    Matthew Whitman15 uur geleden

    Hard to trust anyone who aligns themselves politically with a group of people who believe cannabis is dangerous but alcohol isn't. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Jonathan Adams
    Jonathan Adams15 uur geleden

    Skin tones return....

  • Rewild Be Free
    Rewild Be Free15 uur geleden

    the warm vibe of the red studio will be missed

  • Joyelle’s Journeys
    Joyelle’s Journeys15 uur geleden

    Joe looks like he’s aged a lot since switching to Spotify

  • vietphilly
    vietphilly15 uur geleden

    My son shared with me this podcast knowing full well that I am not one of the young male geek followers of Naval Ravikant. I was a refugee when the US opened its arms to take us in in 1975. As a single adult and alone in this country, all I ever wished for was a blue-colored type of job, let alone getting rich by Naval's standard. So his advice for wealth is not relatable. However, I find that his philosophy on achieving happiness and getting physical health is on the same page with me. Naval Ravikant is great, alright. This is my impression about his podcast that the majority of comments are adulations such as..he's a legend, enlightenment, etc... without wondering where his success came from. From the very beginning of the podcast in Joe Rogan's studio, there is a statue of the Buddha - The Enlightened One among all others, and at the end of his podcast, Naval Ravikan talked about his single mother who came to America with two children when Naval was only 9 years old. They lived in Jamaican Queens, New York - a rough neighborhood. She had to work day and night and told Naval to go straight to the library after school and ordered him not to come out until she picked him up at night. Naval listened to his mother and stayed in the library and read all the magazines, books there were to satisfy his curiosity for knowledge. Naval did not have two cents to rub together; he had to work at the age of 11 mowing lawns, washing dishes, had to borrow money for college, got rejected for a job at the Dunkin Donuts, etc... I believe all of this hardship in his young age had cemented his desire to be rich at the very tender age of 13-14 by any chance. Lucky for him that the sewage trucking business did not materialize, and he found technology to be his niche, and the rest was history. After becoming a multimillionaire, he secured his financial independence and having the luxury to pursue his search for true happiness in life through Buddhist wisdom and physical health.

  • B Mc
    B Mc15 uur geleden

    Good lord, Rogan is so out of touch with reality. Buddy, people like you are the problem with the amount of money you make. Don’t worry about those of us who make just enough to get by. The purpose of the checks is in the name, to stimulate the economy. Go shut up and enjoy your 100s of millions of fuck you money as you would say with not a care in the world.

  • R DiRe
    R DiRe15 uur geleden

    The left can’t let go of Covid? I wasn’t aware it would leave without the left holding onto it. Idiots in both sides of the aisle for sure but the right trying to ignore Covid doesn’t help either.

  • sm1ty
    sm1ty15 uur geleden

    Broken arm, busted leg.. First thought outta his mind is "Shit hole hospital"... God it must be nice to have money and choice.

  • jesse s
    jesse s15 uur geleden

    Miss this background the new one is way too red!!!!

  • Grapthar Croatoan
    Grapthar Croatoan15 uur geleden

    I like this studio so much more. But, I give the designer of the first one props for trying something new. Granted, it failed, but gotta be ready to fail if you wanna be out on that cutting edge of bunker-studio-design

  • Owl Night
    Owl Night15 uur geleden

    We’re slowly but surely losing Joe. Sad to see

  • adrian28576
    adrian2857615 uur geleden

    Tom Doesn’t look like he can Squat 255?

  • Two Left Shoes
    Two Left Shoes15 uur geleden

    Crenshaw is one of the biggest shill, fraud and grifter

  • James Brooks
    James Brooks15 uur geleden

    The money was never for people who lost their jobs. It was t stimulate the economy. Before I get attacked. I don’t qualify for it, and I worked through Covid.

  • Robert Luengas
    Robert Luengas15 uur geleden

    Since Joey Diaz is in New Jersey, and Joe is in Texas, I don't think he'll be appearing soon, but hopefully he does.

  • MV D
    MV D15 uur geleden

    I feel nostalgic. I want to stay in this feeling, I feel safe.

  • Vito Caligiuri
    Vito Caligiuri15 uur geleden

    Nice studio change Joe, but goddammit.. that neon sign behind you..it’s too bright. Can’t even read it because, well..Joe you’re in the way.

  • takl23
    takl2315 uur geleden

    What if -hear me out- none of this is true and they’re just making mistakes and they think it’s true.

  • Thomas Diaz
    Thomas Diaz15 uur geleden

    I was a huge Crenshaw fan but damn what an idiotic thing for him to say. I’m conservative on a lot of issues but his argument really goes to show how disconnected the wealthy are from the rest of us. It’s comments and thinking like this that will continue to be the downfall of the Republican Party. We need to get rid of these far right and far left thinkers and find some politicians that are in touch with reality.

  • Gary Kenvyn
    Gary Kenvyn15 uur geleden

    Neil dropped his phone outside the studio and broke the screen .. He went out and bought a phone case that day

  • Bonaventure Cemetery Journeys
    Bonaventure Cemetery Journeys15 uur geleden


  • Keaton
    Keaton15 uur geleden

    I like the old studio

  • Brian Morris
    Brian Morris15 uur geleden

    they remove you so there is no trail to prove your discovery was yours so that the school can take all credit for a massive shift in an agenda.... you are not cool enough....to play with the bigboyz .....Eric, you gave them a tool.... that they could weaponize!

  • specter1001
    specter100115 uur geleden

    One of my favorite guests

  • Timothy Mitchell
    Timothy Mitchell15 uur geleden

    What are y’all thoughts on which hospital Todd took off from? The closest hospital to Santa Monica, where they were playing, was the VA.

  • Richard Burton
    Richard Burton15 uur geleden

    Pink mist!

  • jeff
    jeff15 uur geleden

    kneesovertoes thank you 🙏

  • hevyspeed
    hevyspeed15 uur geleden

    give him red whiskers and he'd be Louie CK

  • Apphen Vkeo
    Apphen Vkeo15 uur geleden

    In many ways the way GSP talk, is like Bruce Lee but with a different accent.

  • FromNothingICome
    FromNothingICome15 uur geleden

    Regarding "debate over whether HBWR / MG seeds are truly psychedelic or merely a hypnotic deliriant or whatever..." If you're uncertain or on the fence in this "debate," I'll tell you right now-- you didn't dose high enough. Those seeds are fully psychedelic, and I've had some of the most intensely introspective trips of my life on MG seeds. And I know the reason he brings this up, is probably cuz Hoffmann tested pure "LSA" and found it inactive. However I was reading PIHKAL just earlier today, and Shulgin himself tested plain old PEA and also found that stuff to be "inactive" even at doses up to 1,600mg! But many people have repeated similar experiments by now, and found that this is untrue, even with lower doses! So maybe there was some issue with Hoffman's experiment... Whatever went wrong with Shulgin and PEA! lol But seeds containing ergot alkaloids are most definitely psychedelic. And I find it odd Hamilton would even question that... I would've figured him more knowledgeable on the matter...

  • Idania Arroyo
    Idania Arroyo15 uur geleden

    We want what is best for our families. ID2020

  • Jdogg Da Rula
    Jdogg Da Rula15 uur geleden

    Respect to all the men and women who risk their lives for this great country. May god be with you all. 🇺🇸

  • Arthur Brickner
    Arthur Brickner15 uur geleden

    Vegetables & meat.

  • scotturban54
    scotturban5415 uur geleden

    Dogface208 from Idaho, skateboard Fleetwood mack video

    JIMJAMSC15 uur geleden

    I call this the Ummmm..... interview.

  • scotturban54
    scotturban5415 uur geleden


  • Kramer Cosmo
    Kramer Cosmo15 uur geleden

    Tom lost weight everywhere but his head.

  • Flipping With Sean
    Flipping With Sean15 uur geleden

    He’s so weird

  • Phil
    Phil15 uur geleden

    love that thumbnail lol

  • Nic Connor
    Nic Connor15 uur geleden

    I wonder if Tom won?

  • dus dus
    dus dus15 uur geleden

    Where does human emotion go if we keep feeding the EA with information? The EA filters our human "errors"? And if this is the case: what is the added value for us as humanity? What is the end goal? efficiency? perfection? money? 1 thing i know for sure! It does not contribute to the survival of humanity or everything that makes us human: love, happiness, strength through unity, togetherness etc etc ... Why can we no longer choose for our humanity? Why do we think we can survive without our human qualities?

  • Konstantine Mitsel
    Konstantine Mitsel15 uur geleden

    Joe is a sellout

  • Vegas 1545
    Vegas 154515 uur geleden

    If white men can’t jump why should a Puerto Rican 😂

  • jack!
    jack!15 uur geleden

    16:30 !!!

  • ironshroom
    ironshroom15 uur geleden

    I love how serious Joe is taking all of this while I'm laughing my ass off.

  • Matt Dias
    Matt Dias15 uur geleden

    This is important.